Schools that offer Courses on LL.M in USA | Applications, Requirements, and Eligibility

The Schools that offer Courses on LL.M in the USA are the ultimate goal of many law students and in acquiring such a reputable pedigree you’ll still need to consider the best Schools that offer courses on LL.M. in the USA and their Application/ Eligibility Requirements to finesse your legal certification.

LL.M. in the USA is, however, offered in diverse fields like commercial law, environmental law, human rights, criminology, social justice, e.t.c.

LL.M. provides an entrance into new areas as much as opportunities to further specialize their current aspect of practice and it is oftentimes still, restricted to those who have achieved honor status in their former legal studies.

Also, Universities in the USA exert the supreme influence in the World today, as almost all universities in the USA dominates the world ranking system.

One good thing about doing your LL.M. in the United States is because there are also various other specialized programs students can do in different fields, such as International law, Tax law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and many more.

Similarly, graduates from LL.M. programs in the United States have a wide range of career options.

Some graduates, however, take the advantage of the States OPT (Optional Practical Training) visa program.

What is LL.M.?

LL.M generally known as Masters of Laws or Latin Legum Magister, is an international postgraduate academic degree, for those individuals who are passionate about obtaining a professional law degree, or an undergraduate degree in a related field.

There is no universal definition of the term LL.M, it is used in different ways by different institutions around the World and it is still dynamic.

For instance, in the United States or Germany, the LL.M. program is designed to teach foreign lawyers the fundamental legal principles of the host country.

In this regard, the LL.M will help lawyers who want to relocate and practice legal functions in another country and also expand their aspect of the study to multinational issues.

There is a tremendous range of Masters Programs that are available worldwide, and they still allow students to focus on almost any area of law.

Some LL.M schools also, allow their students to freely design their program of study from the school’s many upper-level courses and seminars, including corporate and constitutional law respectively.

However, some programs are carried out in more than one language they sometimes adopt the indigenous language and allow students to undertake classes in differing languages.

The LL.M. Programs are only open to students who have completed and still obtained their first law degree (LL.B or J.D).

However, there are exceptions to this, but an undergraduate degree or extensive experience in a related is required for successful acceptance into LL.M schools

Most Full-time LL.M programs last one year although they vary in their graduation requirements, some schools allow students to write a thesis, while some are research-oriented with little classroom time.

Although, others require students to take a set number of classes.

Furthermore, LL.M. degrees are earned by those students who wish to develop concentrated expertise in a specific area of law to build a professional network.

Why study L.L.M in the USA?

There are a lot of reasons that’ll attract you to pursuing your Masters of law career in the United States albeit so.

The USA has some of the biggest and best law schools around the world, and still, most of these schools offer LL.M programs.

Also, some law professionals use the degree to learn about American law, which is valuable to the States and also to other foreign professionals working in firms that do business with US companies.

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An LL.M graduate in the United States nonetheless learns how to negotiate treaties and maintain international relations, with career opportunities like Diplomat or Policy advisor.

The USA legal studies also focus on the Socratic method of teaching to enhance the argumentative dialogue amidst the students which is an important skill for lawyers.

While in school sessions, the students get opportunities to work on pro bono cases as a result of the high requirements in legal clinics of the USA, to assist him or her in while in school.

However, International graduates can still freely practice law without any form of discrimination in these law firms, in like manner, law firms in the USA celebrate diversity.

Additionally, In 2018 the number of associates’ lawyers working in the United States was 24%. Meanwhile, in 2009 only 20% of minorities were working, that’s to tell you that Legal studies in the USA are lucrative.

Admission Process for LL.M. in the USA

Students in the USA law schools get the opportunity to work as pro bono and also get familiar with the legal issues of the State. 

How to Apply: All the LL.M program schools listed in this article have their portal for accepting students’ applications and still their tuition fees relatively.

Students must send their transcripts for evaluation to LSAC’s LLM CAS for a minimum of 3 to 5 weeks before applying so that the agency can carry out an evaluation on time and forward it to the University.

Additionally, Every other document or information must be directly submitted to the university’s portal or mail. 

Eligibility for LL.M Admission in the USA

There are certain requirements you need to obtain before venturing into applying for LL.M Admission, which includes:

  • Juris Doctor (J.D) Certificate from an American Bar Association (ABA) approved US Law School or first legal degree from a foreign school
  • Also, the minimum G.P.A is 3.0 on a scale of 4.0 or 83% at the bachelor level 
  • You must also have Minimum of 2-3 years of work experience depending on the university’s criteria.
  • Proof of English proficiency

Course Curriculum of LL.M in the USA

LL.M. students in the United States are required to complete at least 24 units while studying in the United States.

Comparatively, 18 units consist of academic courses and the rest can be completed by attending seminars or better still submitting a specific project.

Common courses taught in LLM in the USA:

  • Fundamentals of US law
  • Legal Research and writing 
  • Constitutional Law, regulations and also public policy
  • Criminal justice
  • Legal History and also Legal theory
  • Litigation and also Dispute Freedom
  • Social justice and Human Rights

Top Schools that offer Courses on LLM in the USA 

1. New York University (NYU) 

New York University offers students a wide choice of academic specialties with courses initiated by faculty who are leaders in their fields and with also an impeccable legal standard.

The University is at the forefront of interdisciplinary research and teaching, with special energy in law and philosophy, economics, politics, history, and also social theory. 

NYU law school at the same time offers a terrific array of courses, seminars, and council in international, comparative, and foreign law.

There are also relatively 60 courses taught in these fields each year.

Programs at NYU include:

  • Traditional LL.M.
  • LL.M. Competition, innovation and also Information Law
  • LL.M. Environmental and Energy Law
  • Also, LL.M. International Business Regulation, Litigation, and also Arbitration

Additionally, New York University also offers a Part-time study in LL.M. Taxation

Tuition: $68,934

Visit the Official WebsiteNew York University Law School

2. Columbia University- Columbia Law School (CLS)

Columbia Law School is known for the intellectual rigor of the school’s curriculum and also, the flexibility scholarship of its faculty.

Deriving strength from the vast interdisciplinary resources of the prominent and prestigious university regardless.

Columbia University Law School also, offers the J.D program., The LL.M. in Global Business Law, and the J.S.D.

Additonally, CLS offers accelerated hybrid learning programs that are designed for high-achieving, experienced lawyers ready to advance their professional career to building a global network, programsm such as , the LL.M Program of spring 2019,

Programs at Columbia Law School include:

  • Master of Laws (LL.M.)
  • Executive Master of Laws (LL.M) in Global Business Law

With still a part-time specialization in Executive Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Global Business Law

Tuition: $ 55, 916

Visit the Official WebsiteColumbia University Law School

3. Harvard University- Harvard Law School (HLS)

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Harvard University School of Law in Cambridge Massachusetts is one of the major prestigious and imperial law schools in the world, that is still hoping the radar of Legal Studies

Harvard Law School collectively encapsulates distinct excellence and diversity on a scale that can rarely be matched nonetheless.

Programs in Harvard Include:

  • LL.M Program
  • Harvard law school also offers a research admission of S.J.D (Doctor of Juridical Science) program that lasts for 48 months unlike the LL.M program

Tuition: $67,081

Visit the Official WebsiteHarvard University Law School

4. Georgetown University Law Center (GULC)

In Georgetown however, legal students learn the law of the place where laws are made. Georgetown law center is still a superb faculty, offering hundreds of courses. 

Georgetown’s Legal School is also an exceptional institution in an evitable location and the reputation of the faculty has been recognized globally.

From the record of the school’s first graduating legal class who helped in establishing a firm foundation that would see it through the coming century and still beyond.

Additionally, Georgetown offers a unique Two-year LL.M. with a certificate in Legal English

Programs include:

  • General Studies LL.M.
  • Environmental and Energy Law LL.M.
  • Global Health Law LL.M
  • International Business and also Economic Law LL.M.
  • International Legal Studies LL.M.

Part-Time Programs

  • General Studies LL.M
  • Environmental and also Energy Law LL.M.
  • Global Health Law LL.M.
  • Global Health Law and also International Institution LL.M. 
  • International Business and also Economic Law LL.M. 

Tuition: $53, 130 

Visit the Official WebsiteGeorgetown University Law Center

5. University of California, Berkeley Law

Berkeley Law is consistently ranked on the list of top universities and also one of the nation’s premier law schools which are located at one of the world’s prestigious universities and in one of the most vibrant places on the planet.

Berkeley Law School has produced world figures and prominent individuals in the United States of America regardless.

The school’s LL.M. is nevertheless, designed to provide a strong standard in the fundamentals of U.S. law.

Comparatively, this law school allows customization based on individual interests and goals, the school allows students the option to earn certificates of specialization in several aspects of the law.

Programs at Berkeley Law School

  • LL.M. Traditional Track
  • LL.M. Professional Track
  • LL.M Hybrid Option
  • LL.M. Thesis Track
  • Also a J.S.D program

Additionally, Berkley Law School also offer Distance Learning Program in LL.M. Hybrid Option

Tuition: $44,244

Visit the Official WebsiteUniversity of California, Berkeley Law

6. Stanford University – Stanford Law School (SLS)

Stanford law school offers tremendous opportunities nonetheless. The school’s approach to education is distinctly student-centric and it is also defined by the needs and ambitions of future graduates and customized to every student.

Correspondingly, SLS is driven by an intense passion that focuses on experimentation and exploration in guiding their academic program to address emerging opportunities in the profession.

In Stanford University School of Law, they champion law education as a tool of positive reform on scales local, regional, national and also global 

Programs at Stanford University Law School

  • Stanford LL.M. in Corporate Governance and also Practice
  • An LL.M in Environmental Law and also Policy
  • Also, LL.M. in Law, Science & Technology
  • LL.M. in International Economic Law, Business and also Policy
  • Stanford Program in International Legal Studies (SPILS)

Tuition: $47, 460    

Visit the Official WebsiteStanford University-Law School

7. Fordham University School of Law

Fordham Law School has provided a complete format for education in the law field and also has a way of shaping Legal education for its students.

The legal professional structure has changed in Fordham nevertheless, the law school values academic excellence and the pursuit of justice, and also the ethical practice of the lawyers’ craft and skills.

However, Fordham is dedicated and committed to its students, Lawyers in Fordham are also committed to the highest standards of the legal profession and using the law in the service of others

Programs in Fordham School of Law

  • An LL.M. in Banking, Corporate, and Finance Law
  • Fordham LL.M. in Corporate Compliance
  • Also an LL.M. program in Fashion Law
  • LL.M. in Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law
  • Also, LL.M. in International Business and Trade Law

Part-time programs

  • LL.M. in Banking, Corporate, and Financial Law
  • LL.M. program in Corporate Compliance
  • Also, the LL.M. program in Fashion Law
  • LL.M. in Intellectual Property and Information Technology
  • Also, LL.M. in International Business and Trade Law

Tuition: $47,360

Visit the Official WebsitesFordham University School of Law

8. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Law 

The University of California, Los Angeles School of Law is the fastest growing law school and also the youngest of the top-ranked law schools in the United States.

The law school offers students a strong basis in the law and practical training in a collaborative, intellectually rich environment regardless.

UCLA Law School uses an interdisciplinary approach when it comes to Legal studies, with also a dynamic and flexible curriculum that appeals to a wide range of interests.

Programs offered at UCLA School of Law

  • General L.L.M.
  • and also, Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D)

Tuition: $52,500

Visit the Official WebsiteUCLA School of Law

9. University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) Law School – Penn Law

Penn Law School lives today through the creativity, entrepreneurship, and also engagement of the law faculty.

Penn law school is a great school and a degree from this reputable institution guarantees a job notwithstanding.

Additionally, Penn law school is fully involved in the students’ education and professional development.

Programs at Penn Law School

  • LL.M
  • LL.C.M. (Masters in Comparative Law)
  • Also, a Masters in Law

Part-time Programs Include

  • U.S. Corporate Law and also Strategy Certificate Program (summer program)
  • Regulatory Analysis and also Decision-Making Certificate Program
  • Also, U.S. Law and Technology Certification Program (summer program)

Tuition: $47,600

Visit the Official Website: Penn Law School

10. University of Chicago-Law School

The University of Chicago is also among the top-ranked schools in the world with a relatively fair acceptance rate although, the university does not offer specialized graduate degrees.

There are no Specific courses that students are required to take but, there are still topics you may take.

This, therefore, entails that LL.M. Students have the flexibility to still create their courses interestingly, 

The program at the University of Chicago School is:

  • Master of Laws (LL.M.) 

Tuition: $61,626

Visit the Official Website: University of Chicago, Law School

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