How Many Bloggers/Site Owners Misunderstand SEO techniques

I had a conversation that almost made me quit my profession. But I had to forgive and forget, having known that you’ll learn something from it these SEO techniques

Friend: Hello Sir, please I need your help.

Me: What is it all about bro?

Friend: Please, how do I drive traffic to my site, but please don’t say SEO because it doesn’t work?

Frankly, I tried my best to respond with 97% humility, but that couldn’t override the fact that he was not only maliciously fed with the idea of Search Engine Optimization. He has come to buy some amateur insights as the only definition of the SEO technique.

In case you were not told by your web developer, your mentor or that your friend that helped you create the site /blog. You don’t need to worry. He was probably too busy. Perhaps focused with the stipend he charges

In the light of the conversation above, I want you to learn what has been wrong with some bloggers’ perception of the industry.

#1. It’s not how to drive traffic to your site.

The right question should be how to come up with something helpful to many internet users. Or just a selected audience.
Your website/blog does invokes amazing possibilities such as marketing your brands, showcasing your interest, achievements and promoting your content. But it must add value to he/she that consumes.

#2. SEO Techniques are reduced

The Search Engine Optimization Techniques have been reduced to a few tricks, apps, plugins or even content creation methods.
That created professional imbalance.
But here is the truth.
There is no single technique to achieving an optimum blog/website visibility. Most of the hacks are what we call secrets (even though they aren’t secrets)
However, a copy of #BlogtoBank will ensure you won’t wander to the web for SEO tricks anymore.

Because if you believe SEO doesn’t work, you are not yet eligible to purchase a domain name.

I’m serious about this one.

#3. Make Money with Blogs

This terms are overrated.
It’s undoubted that the industry lucrative.

But I want you to look into rich-contents that will solve a number of problems (it might be tech, academics, health etc.), contents that will be loved by many (such as news & entertainment) and tons of other niches that will have direct touch to the souls of many.

Note: Not industry sensitive

Without blogging around objects,situations, institutions and facts that’ll touch any of the related human want above, you might find it difficult to pay for the next hosting plan.

P.S: I shared my mind (and what has been working for years). The comment section is meant that you add your experiences. We are all ready to learn from you.

Feel free to ask me questions here (and I’ll do my best to answer), so far it relates to blogging and valid.


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