How to Set up a Blog From Scratch Using WordPress and Namecheap

This comprehensive guide on how to set up a blog from scratch, using WordPress, and Namecheap hosting – your blog will be live in 5 minutes, for your products, services, or intended information-based business.

Whether you are set to start selling affiliate products, your own products, an idea, or any form of information with a blog, here is a quick and guided move into the lucrative system.

Blogging is a communication medium given to us by the Internet’s wide base.” However, blogging has now become one of the top leading sources of income on the internet in this day and age.

In this post, we may not exhaust everything you need to know about blogging but you can read this well-prepared guide on 5 Proven Ways you Can make Money Blogging.

Right now, you are set to learn how to purchase a domain name and hosting from Namecheap, install WordPress, install useful plugins such as SEO and Jetpack, and add a navigation menu to WordPress without getting your hands dirty.

However, before we proceed, we feel it’s important you understand why we are choosing these platforms.

Thinking of starting a blog? here’s the cost breakdown you need.

Why Should I Choose WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular and reliable Web Content Management Systems around the world with over 455 million sites already built on the platform.

WordPress is easy to use due to the thousands of plugins developed by myriads of contributors of the platform, as Open-source software.

Sites built on this platform is entirely customizable – the numerous plugins and theme systems can build any kind of website you can imagine.

Why Should I Choose NameCheap?

As a new blogger or small business owner, Namecheap is the best option if you need something affordable – such as their domain names and hosting plans. Namecheap domain starts from $0.99 for a domain for the first year.

The Namecheap domains come with plenty of add-ons that make things pretty easy with a reliable hosting ranking with over 1.5 million different websites. Aside from being pocket-friendly, the support is superb for newbies and experts as well.

In our ranking, Bluehost happen to be one of the best Hosting Company for small and medium-scale businesses globally.

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Set up a Blog From Scratch

In this tutorial, like it has been said, we are using Namecheap Hosting and domain name. We are also using WordPress as the Blog CMS, themes plugins.

Without further explanations, let us dive into it.

STEP ONE: Purchasing Domain Name and Hosting Plan

To begin, open your browser and type in NameCheap. When you sign up using this link you will get over 30% discount on all your purchases.

After that, you’ll need to sign up for a NameCheap account.

Navigate to the hosting section of the NameCheap dashboard. Click on hosting and then on shared hosting; NameCheap offers three hosting plans. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll use the steller plan, which costs $32 per year. Once you’ve chosen a hosting plan and have a dream domain name in mind for your brand, search for it.

The domain name costs $3 for the first year and $25 to renew.

You now proceed with your chosen package and place both in your shopping cart.

STEP TWO: Installing WordPress

Log into your Cpanel using the Cpanel login information that was emailed to you by NameCheap, and then search for your domain name/Cpanel in a new tab.

Then you choose the softaculous app installer.

Click on the WordPress logo to get started.

To proceed, click the install tab.

On the following page, enter the details of your WordPress installation. Next, enter the domain you want to install WordPress on. Finally, specify the root folder for installation.

By default, the directory box is empty.

By default, the database name can be left blank.

Fill in the site settings, which you can change at any time.

Finally, if you’re ready, click install. All right, now the softaculous takes over and runs the installer with the settings you specified, displaying a success message upon completion. 

STEP THREE: Installing Yoast SEO

When you are logged in to your WordPress website, go to the dashboard and click on plugins. A menu will appear on the left-hand side.

Look up Yoast SEO. Near the top of the screen, click on add new.

Set up the plugin.

Turn on the plugin.

When you’re finished, you can proceed to configure the plugin.

How to install a jetpack 

Log in to your WordPress administrator dashboard and select the plugin from the left-hand menu.

Click on add new, then type jetpack into the search box.

Under the plugin title, click install now, and then OK to confirm.

Finally, you click the link to activate the plugin.

STEP FOUR: Setting Up WordPress Menu

What is the definition of a WordPress menu? This is a list of defined links to pages on your website that are placed in your website’s header section to help visitors navigate easily and to help you direct your visitors to specific posts or pages. 

How to Include a Homepage Link in a WordPress Menu

Click on the view all tab under pages, then on your homepage, check the box next to home, and then click add to the menu – don’t forget to save your changes.

How to Create a Multiple Navigation Menu in WordPress.

In WordPress, you can create as many menus as you want. To do so, add it to one of your theme’s menu locations or to the dashboard’s widget area.

Navigate to your dashboard.

Next, go to appearance and look for the menu. Click on the Create New Menu button.

Choose specific pages from the left column and press the add to menu button.

You can move them around once the page is open by dragging and dropping them.

After adding pages to the menu, choose where you want the menu to appear and click the save menu button.                          


Existing users appear to like them, and the fact that their cheapest plan compares favourably to the upper-tier plans of most other companies appears promising.

Namecheap also has consistent uptime and speed results, making them a credible host; their customer service is excellent, as they will stay on the chat with you until you are satisfied.

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