How to Set Up a Webinar with GetResponse in 5 Minutes

To Set Up a Webinar with GetResponse means you’re setting up a virtual conference that has the capacity of reaching millions of users all over the world.

A webinar is a direct substitute for the traditional seminar which implies that you can set up a virtual conference that will reach prospects around the world.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to get your message across to these many viewers who will in turn signup for your program and help you generate massive leads.

Before we dive into creating a webinar with Getresponse, we should first understand what a Getresponse webinar is.

What exactly is GetResponse Webinars?

GetResponse Webinars are interactive, web-based seminars with people interested in learning more about what you have to offer. They are an excellent way to expand your marketing list.

The webinar room includes online polling, desktop sharing, file sharing, and a digital whiteboard in addition to audio and video streaming.

 Participants can share feedback and ask questions with you and other attendees via the live chatbox.

Webinar attendees can participate in webinars from their mobile devices by using Safari, Chrome, or the GetResponse Webinars app. In addition, the app can be used to host a webinar.

However, this post clearly explains everything you need to know about creating a webinar with GetResponse.

Follow the steps in the correct order and you will have a successful webinar with GetResponse.

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Having known what Getresponse is and how you can use it for setting up a webinar, let’s move on with how to get this done.

Step One

First things first, you need to create a free Getresponse Account. If you already have this account you can proceed with Step Two. If you don’t have an account with Getresponse yet, then use this link to signup for free.

With a free Getresponse account, you will get to test the system and be able to send emails, set up a webinar or create astonishing sales pages for your business ( even if you’re a blogger who only wants to drive traffic to your blogs or digital products)

Step Two

Now that you have signed up with Getresponse, log in and proceed with this step.

1. Go to the Menu and select Webinars.

2. Select the webinar button on the Manage webinars page.

Changing the webinar settings

Begin by giving your webinar a name. The name must contain at least three characters and no more than seventy words. It should be noted that the name is visible to all participants.

The following webinar settings are divided into two sections: basic settings and registration and subscription settings.

  • To begin configuring your event, go to Basic settings and click on Add details.
  1. Your webinar title will be visible in the Webinar URL section. The name of your webinar is incorporated into the URL for your webinar.
  2. You can change it in the field or copy the link by clicking the Copy button. The URL for your webinar must be in lowercase letters.
  3. Choose the start time of the webinar (your account settings determine your time zone).
  4. Set the webinar’s duration.
  5. You can personalize the lobby with a message of up to 250 characters.
  6. If attendees click the invitation link before the event begins, they will be redirected to an online lobby.
  7. This is also a good place to enter the details of your meeting
  8. (Optional) Expand the thank-you page list to select one of your landing pages or another page as a thank-you page if you don’t want to use the default thank-you page.

When you’re finished with this section, click save this step.

Registration and subscription

Then, expand Registration and subscription settings by clicking on Edit settings.

  1. Select the field where webinar-related messages (reminders and registration confirmation) should be sent.
  2. Select the target list to which attendees (or registrants) should be added when registration is disabled (when registration enabled).
  3. You can also add them to a specific day in the autoresponder cycle if an autoresponder is linked to the list you selected.
  4. If you want to enable webinar registration, check the box. When you enable registration, people who register for your event will be added to your list.
  5. After signing up, they will receive an email with information on how to attend the event.
  6. Check to see if you want to password-protect your webinar. If you enable the option, you will be able to specify a password of up to 30 characters that your attendees will need to enter the webinar room.
  7. The password can be sent to them in a separate message or shared in any other way; it will not be included in webinar registration confirmations or reminders.
  8. Next, decide whether or not you want to include Consent fields in your webinar registration.
  9. To expand it and see the Consent fields in your account, click on Add Consent fields to your registration form.
  10. Choose which fields to include. To make any of the fields required, toggle the require switch to ON.
  11. Before being added to the contact list you’ve chosen, everyone who signs up will be able to give their consent to your marketing or data processing policies.
  12. To finish creating your webinar, click Save this step and then Create.
  13. On the following page, you can choose what to do next:

Then choose to send an invitation to your existing contacts to create an invitation email.

Configuring the message settings is the first step in creating an invitation. Here’s how to go about it:

Choose the Linked list. This is the list where you’ll find the message’s statistics.

Set the name of the message. It is only visible to you and will appear in the message list.

Fill in the subject line for your invitation.

(Optional) If you don’t want to use the default address, enter a new one.

(Optional) If you want to change the reply-to address, click Change Reply-To.

If you want to enable tracking, A/B testing, or post your invitation to a social media site, go to Distribution settings.

Next, press the Next button.

It’s now time to select and modify the message template.

                         Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. By default, the message template gallery displays webinar invitation templates. Select the template you want to use by clicking on it.
  2. Every template is completely customizable and mobile-friendly.
  3. Your webinar information is automatically filled into the template.
  4. By double-clicking the button and entering new text, you can change the call to action text.

You may change the webinar invitation message as you see fit.

Next, press the Next button

The following step is to

Determine who should receive the invitation. If you want, you can exclude and suppress specific contacts.

Next, press the Next button.

The setup is complete.

Finally, you can review the message details and decide whether to send the invitations right away, schedule them with or without the Time Travel feature enabled, or send them using the Perfect Timing feature.

How do I make webinars available in my GetResponse account? Is there an additional charge?

Webinars are included in the Plus or Professional packages, so there are no additional costs. You can host up to 100 or up to 300 attendees during your webinar, depending on your package.

Webinars are a paid add-on in the Basic package that can be enabled under Billing>>. My add-ons are $40/month (for 100 attendees) or $99/month (for 200 attendees) (500 attendees).

Please keep in mind that North American accounts may not be able to purchase or enable add-ons. After upgrading, webinars are still available through the Plus (Webinars 100) and Professional (Webinars 300) packages.

Wrap up

Doesn’t it make sense to have an email reminder, automation, and webinar software all in one? Or does it become prohibitively expensive? Can one software have all of these packages and do them exceptionally well all at the same time?

Increase your brand awareness, generate more leads, save more money, and position yourself as an expert in your field by taking advantage of the great opportunity that GetResponse has to offer.

By following the above guide, you have solved any problem that comes with business meetings and presentations. Best wishes

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