Shell SPDC Undergraduate Scholarship 2020 Award for young Nigerians

Quality education is the dream of every youth, and Shell SPDC Undergraduate Scholarship 2020 Award is here to bring many fantasies to reality.

Do you have a vision of pursuing your studies but no money? This grant is an opportunity to give your hopes a new meaning in 2020 via the Shell SPDC Undergraduate scholarship award.

In this article, however, we are going to put you through on how to apply for the scholarship.

Brief Summary of Shell SPDC Undergraduate Scholarship 2020 Award

You do not need to worry because you are eligible for this academic, financial assistance by Shell.

This scholarship is for to all undergraduate students in Nigeria (which means undergraduates at all levels)

Course(s) Offered: Any field

 Course Level: Undergraduate (all degree programs)

 Scholarship Provider: SPDC Joint Venture

 Country to Study: Nigeria

More about the Shell SPDC Undergraduate Scholarship 2020 Award?

The Shell SPDC Undergraduate Scholarship 2020 Award is sponsored by the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC).

The Scholarship Scheme, in its unique manner, offers first-year students in all Nigerian universities the opportunity to study with an annual grant.

This academic grant from the SPDC Joint Venture lasts through the duration of their course.

The History of Shell SPDC Undergraduate Scholarship Award

The program was launched in 1960 as a post-secondary scheme, and it has been made open to all Nigerians studying degree programs in Nigerian universities.

This scholarship program is one of the rare opportunities that can take care of your studies at the University.

Just like many other scholarship programs, the aim is to promote academic excellence and improve skills-base among young Nigerians.

It is also notable for sharing that the popular NNPC/SHELL/TEPN/AGIP Joint Venture has its operator as the SPDC (which funds this scholarship scheme).

What categories have Shell SPDC Undergraduate Scholarship 2020 Award? 

You will love to know that the scholarship platform is into two broad categories. One takes care of the applicants from the host communities, while the other is for every Nigerian Undergraduate.

Here are the categories:

  1. The National Merit Award (NM) and 
  2. The Areas of Operation Merit Award (OM).

Who can apply for the Shell SPDC Undergraduate Scholarship?

To take part in the Shell SPDC Undergraduate Scholarship 2020 Award, the student must fall into any of the following categories:

a). For National Merit Award (NM): Open to ALL Nigerians.

b). For Areas of Operation Merit Award (OM): Opens to Nigerians who are indigenes of SPDC’s operational areas.

These areas of operation include Abia, Bayelsa, Delta, Imo, and Rivers states.

What Every Participant Needs to Have

 Eligible applicants for this scholarship scheme must:

  1. Be citizens of Nigeria, currently enrolled in an approved university in Nigeria.
  2. Maintain a minimum of seven O/Levels credits, including Mathematics and English.
  3. Be admitted to a Nigerian University at the undergraduate level with a minimum grade point average of 2.5 at the time of application. Candidates are to attach transcripts or official records.

What is the State of your C.G.P.A?

Your academic grade is one of the most important things you should never take for granted if you want to make it with scholarships in Nigeria.

On this note, we have written extensively on how to position yourself with great scholarship opportunities. 

But first, you must either learn these highly practical study tips or follow this link to learn how to earn a great C.G.P.A while in school.

Eligible Groups

 Every citizen of Nigeria, who is an undergraduate, is eligible to apply for the Shell Undergraduate Scholarship.

Participating Institutions

 All accredited and approved Nigerian universities and institutions of higher learning

Eligible Courses 

All Undergraduate level 

Number of awards

 The Shell SPDC Undergraduate Scholarship 2020 Award has not specified the number of awards at the time of compiling this post. But you are free to ask, using the comment section.

Sponsorship duration

 the funding lasts until the completion of your course.

How Much does Shell Scholarship Pay?

 Opportunity to study with an annual grant (N150,000 )for the full duration of your course

1). Personal email is compulsory because this is the only means through which you will be communicated.

2). Qualifies candidates should proceed to the official websites for the free online application.

3). Scanned copies of letters of identification, (which must be duly stamped and signed) by:

  • The Ruler of the Community; and
  • The Chairman of the Community Development or Executive Council (CDC or CEC).

These files are also core requirements for applicants from the Operational Area Awards. All written letters should be addressed to The Manager, Social Investment, Shell Petroleum Development Company, Port Harcourt.

As a matter of need, all applicants are to go through the scholarship details as found on the official website and also visit the official website shown below for complete information.

To start your electronic application, visit this page: SEPCiN University Scholarship Application.

Application Deadline/ Important Updates 

You are to know that multiple applications attract automatic disqualification from the Scholarship board, as a penalty.

The Shell SPDC Undergraduate Scholarship 2020 Award is committed to ensuring that only the eligible and qualified candidates are offered scholarship awards.

Secondly, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Do not waste your resources on transportation, hoping to get anything rectified when you were called (either through text or email).

The last but not the least is the fact that Shell does not demand payment from applicants.

The application is entirely FREE of charge. On that note, you should note that Shell does not assign ‘Representatives’/‘Agents’ to assist applicants’ process applications. 

Shell SPDC Undergraduate Scholarship 2020 Award is as advertised in national newspapers and on the company website through which prospective candidates are advised on the medium of submission of applications.

 All the applications submitted must be processed by SPDC, and the outcome communicated directly to the candidates.

Please, we encourage you to remain guided, even as you struggle to find yourself a seat for the offer.

More Scholarship Information and Application

Note: The link above is the URL for the previous application year. The Shell SPDC Undergraduate Scholarship 2020 Award may commence, using the sale link.

But whatever the outcome may be, we are going to communicate with you via this platform. 

You can also leave your comment below; we will trace your contact for subsequent information regarding this and more other scholarship opportunities.

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