3 Best Ways to Sign-up with Expertnaire (as an Affiliate or Vendor)

Here, you will learn how to sign-up with Expertnaire – either as a regular affiliate, a vendor or through the 72IG Program which is considered the best option. This option, however, is ideal if you want to learn everything about how to make money with this platform.

Expertnaire, as we have explained in this series, has remained one of the best affiliate marketing platforms for users in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. If you are new to this platform, feel free to learn more about Expertnaire here.

One who seeks legit ways of earning decent passive income can sign-up today and start sharing these highly sought-after digital products from Expertnaire to earn their commissions.

In this section, however, you will learn 3 simple ways to sign up and get started with assorted affiliate products that offer very high commission and bonuses (up to 80% commission).

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Having explored these various ways to get started, let us move on with how you can set up your account to join over 2000 current affiliates with Expertnaire:

How Sign-up with Expertnaire (as an Affiliate or Vendor)

To sign up with Expertnaire as either a vendor or an affiliate simply implies that you are ready to take your online business to a more professional and lucrative scale – and here is how to go about it.

How to Sign up as an Affiliate

With Expertnaire, you have two (2) options – one is as a vendor and the second option is as an affiliate. And as an affiliate, you also have two options.

Signing up as an Affiliate (Option One)

As a typical affiliate, you will be required to pay the sum of N10,000 annual fee and also start sharing your links from their high-end products.

To do this simply visit this page and navigate to the Sign-up Button:

To sign up as an affiliate on Expertnaire, you will have to pay a yearly renewable affiliate fee of N10,000 only. Click here to sign up

Now, you’ll have to fill in your details before proceeding with the initial payment:

Sign-up with Expertnaire via 72IG Program

Joining via this method has proven to be more effective in that you will a full-blown training that will guide you through succeeding in affiliate marketing.

It costs a total of N40, 000 to access this option. One of the most important things you’ll learn is how to promote Expertnaire affiliate products to make money online.

How to Sign-up as a Vendor

As a vendor, you are signing up to sell your products with ease – such products include e-Books, Online Courses, and even webinars.

However, before you get started as a vendor, you need to go through the terms and conditions and also contact Expertnaire support via this link. 

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