Six (6) Popular Scholarship Interview Questions and Answer

Scholarship grants to students have unmeasurably affected the lives of many students in the world. This platform has made it easy for both young and adult learners to get an education without the fear of not being able to meet up the school financial requirements.

Hence, creating a state of curiosity amongst students to inquire for the scholarship interview questions. Firstly, I’d love to appreciate you for choosing this platform to acquire knowledge.

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Before the ‘t’ is crossed and the ‘I’ dotted in this post, we will take you through three (3) major importance of scholarship you should know before preparing yourself for scholarship interview questions.

Three (3) major importance of scholarship!!!

Reduction in financial pressure from loan and mortgage;

Most of the urban families are taking in mortgages and loans to send their children for higher studies be it within and abroad.

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Also, the loan rates in the bank increase each year and this is why scholarships are important. They put the parents to ease and emancipate them from financial slavery 

Basic standard living;

Students both from colleges and universities also have to deal with food and travel costs. These expenses pile up gradually and it triggers the cause of many difficulties.

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It becomes more frustrating and problematic when both parents and the students have spent much more than their pocket on tuition fees.

But receiving a scholarship enables students to live a debt-free life. Now tell me if you are a student hoping to get a scholarship, why wouldn’t you stay alert of scholarship interview questions? Did I get you feeling curious? Please keep reading.

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Admission for the degree of your choice;

Many students are studying the courses their pocket advises them to choose instead of what they really can do.

Students have been forced to select courses that don’t encourage them to do more with their potentials but with the help of a scholarship, students select what course they choose to read because the costs of every degree have been covered by the scholarship.

With the points we have provided you with above, now I am certain you are curious to know the possible questions you can come across and the response for each scholarship interview questions.

We will put you through six (6) popular scholarship interview questions you must know to get assured with a scholarship.

SIX (6) Scholarship interview questions you should know to succeed.

a. Tell us about yourself;

At this stage, you should be confident enough to direct the conversation. You need to be broad at first then be more specific on your plans in the school. You must prove to the interviewers with your points that you have a vision

For instance: I’m very passionate about technology. That’s why I plan on majoring in information technology and becoming a scientific innovator and creator one day.

I have successfully executed the successful launching of a robotic device at an artificial intelligence display which did get recognition at the state level.

When I’m not doing technology research, I enjoy reading books on marketing or volunteering at our local care house for the adults.

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b. What is your greatest strength/weakness?

This shows that you are a self-aware person. When talking about your strength, don’t be too humble. Ensure you give instances so that it doesn’t look like you talking yourself up.

And for the weakness part of you, try to address it as something about yourself that you are seriously trying your best to improve, or an obstacle you want to overcome as soon as possible.

For instance: I’d say that my greatest strength is my being inquisitive.

I’m always curious to learn and know new things, and when I finally get the right information, I always ensure to produce the best I can.

Try and come up with a real instance of you that depicts your action of been inquisitive and always ready to provide a solution. 

Anger is something I’m trying to work on. If something doesn’t click with me right away, I can get mad with myself and with people around me.

I understand that it takes time to change a bad habit, so I’m trying to learn to be more patient.

c. Why do you deserve this scholarship?

At this junction, you need a strong force that drove your passion to apply for a scholarship and why do you think it should be YOU.

Two of the major features you have to take with you here is been open and honest.

Don’t try to make your story sound too fictional instead be honest and be real. This is more than just scholarship interview questions you read and prepared for…

For example: Ever since I lost my elder sister after she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, I’ve wanted to become a paediatrician.

Medical schools are expensive, and this scholarship will help me accomplish my aim of becoming a great doctor and helping sick kids and sick adults in society.

d. Who has been a role model to you?

Every market has its role model, so should you have a role model that motivates you to always do your best at the career you chose to major in. 

For example, my uncle Robert is my driving force and my role model. I have watched him painted many artworks that brought a smile to the face of his clients and passersby.

I love how his works brought happiness to them. Same with why I want to make many people happy in this world preoccupied with pain and sorrow.

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e. Tell me about a mistake you made;

We can confidently tell you this is one of the scholarship interview questions you have to be meticulous with while giving your response. We all know that no human is perfect.

More importantly, the interviewer will also want you to extensively be explicit on the lessons from the mistakes you made.

Don’t be scared about telling them your mistakes. This would convince them that you are a learner instead of posing as a knower.

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Tell them and remember to tell them how you have outgrown your mistakes to mastering your skills.

f. Why did you choose this school? 

This is also one of the important scholarship interview questions asked by interviewers. This is where your research about schools will be used and tested. Do you know why?

They are curious if it was because of a certain program offered or did a family member also attend or has this always been your dream school.

Why do you think this question is important? I guess you are thinking, “well I like your school” or “I love the building structure”. But guess what! Those are not infallible enough to give you a scholarship.

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They need students with a passion for their school. Therefore, you need to brag reasonably about the school.

For example, my dad, three uncle, and five cousins all went to the University of California, so I’ve been a UCLA since I’ve learned how to walk… But what drew me to UCLA was its conducive environment and learning platforms.

I’ve been to the school’s library before and I was able to achieve my reading goals. When I toured the campus it just felt like home. I also sat in on a general studies class and clicked with the professor right away.

Good luck with all future scholarship interviews! You’ve got all it takes to be successful in your endeavours, we believe in you! Now go for it.

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