2 Proven Startup Jobs to Raise Capital for that Dream

If you are searching for startup jobs to raise initial capital in shorter time, here are 2 Proven Startup Jobs to Raise cash in a very short time . These more like side-hustles for the bigger pictures, but if you already have what it takes (finance and insight) to take off, there may be no ready going through any of these.

This is why this post does not just focus on how to secure White Collar jobs, but great means, also, of raising capitals for others businesses in your desired fields.

So in the guide, you will see various jobs and career opportunities, to either apply for or as skills you will have to harness in order to raise your needed funds.

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But do you Have a good CV?

You think good CVs are meant for those searching for permanent jobs only but that was were you got it all wrong. Both the traditional career circles and the technology careers share some things in common, and one of them is quest for identification.

Your CV is like a gate pass into a show of opportunities, and you must present something brief and effective. You should also learn that the one CV better than the other does not live within the choice of design.

It is all about showcasing your experience and helping your employer navigate through your past banks of knowledge.

You use this link to download a free CV template for any kind of career opportunity.

What are startup Jobs?

You may now be asking just as once asked. But having passed through some reasonable upgrades in my care path, either as a web developer, blogger or as an internet marketer, I have come to a point of realization that startup jobs means two things to only two set of persons.

Startup Jobs for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you must have probably set up a new phase of your business, with tons of jobs at hand, needs to be addresses and lots more.

On the other hands, there may be some kinds of jobs you still need to raise funds for your startup. These, of course, may not be referred to as the startup jobs alone.

But sure, so far you believe they are essential to helping you scale through some financial needs for from your new business, someone somewhere may classify them as one.

Do you still ask about the meaning to this man? Well, I guess you are faced with a choice to understand what I stand to imply.

However, you should learn that this heavily depend on your profession, skills and other attributes.

But while growing my business, I accepted a couple of jobs that helped me leverage y skills to raise a reasonable amount of money for my startup.

You can also think of:

  • Temporal jobs as a graphic designer
  • Jobs as a web developer
  • Jobs as an internet marketer
  • Social media advertiser for firms and serious individuals etc. but I covered a good number of them, to keep the dream alive.

But in as much as you have seen the efficacy of these tech careers, you ought to have learnt how other moves can also help you raise money through seen and unseen startup jobs around your fields and skill sets. You can learn more by following our page here.

What is Startup Jobs for Jobseekers?

Now, you have a different setting with an entirely different perspective of jobs and career.

As a graduate or a good skilled force, you can search for well-paid government aided jobs (I mean pensionable startup jobs), from other reputable organizations (such as banks, factories and sales organizations).

These jobs come in shape and in sizes, and for different sets of peoples around your fields (a good example is the graduate Trainee Jobs),

But apart from the Graduate Trainee Jobs (new Jobs for Startup career persons), there are quite good number of other great career opportunities that one can start applying for.

How to know what Job you need as a Startup

This guide is not for the fellow who has both the initial capital, startup hum resources and others. It is for someone who needs a means t either fund his/her dream career, or a new means to make money working for others.

There is no best way to know what you need from a job type like knowing what you offer. This is why we recommend skills at all cost.

But honestly, you are the master of your fate, irrespective of needs and wants.

While starting up in career, most persons search for organizations with the highest enumerations (salary structure), while a good number of persons search for places with the right resources to acquire professional insights.

As a person, you still hold the key to your worth, even as we lived in very poor economic nation, that place no values to experience and qualifications.

How to Positions yourself for the right Startup Jobs

You can do this better than whatever any expert must have said of you.

But in order to attract the right job or contract, your portfolio must reflect what you claim, in manner visible to your prospects and potential employers.

For instance, over 11 billion people make use of the internet on daily basis, and with creative social.

Searching for good jobs (startup opportunities), you can leverage the social media, job groups, pages and persons you can connect with.

How to Apply for Startup Jobs

Here at Jobreaders, we only focus on current recruitment opportunities, career insights and training on special tech career (digital skills for solutions in businesses)

For latest Graduate Trainee Jobs, Full time Jobs and other career opportunities, you can start applying with the link below


2 Proven Startup Jobs with Lucrative Margins in Shorter Time

Now, we just have to share what we have tested and believed to have worked. As a blogger and a web developer here in Nigeria, I will always recommend my profession whenever I make reference to startup jobs


Freelancing Jobs

Whether you are blogging, developing websites, designing graphics and printing, copyrighting, coaching etc., for firms, individuals and other categories of people without some sort of license or registration qualification, you are a freelancer.

But working under contracts, securing gigs and sourcing for startup capital from what you can offer (skills) is one of the best startup strategies for experts who have little or no financial backgrounds.

You can acquire these skills here or learn more about latest jobs in your fields. You can also join our online community by indicating on the comment section below, in order to start accessing free training on information technology careers.

Graduate Trainee Startup Jobs

A trainee is an official employee of the firm that is being trained to the job he/she was originally hired for. Literally, a trainee is an employee in training.

Trainee programs and graduate programs are arranged by private companies and public sector employers where the trainee is offered the possibility to take part 6 to 20 months training programs.

During the duration of these programs, the trainee is expected to receive a salary as well as is expected to have full-time employment awaiting in the company when the program is over.

Often used as an insurance measure by companies, firms typically will have a trainee period (2–3 months) where the person is still being evaluated after which an official decision to hire on a permanent basis is made.

You can raise an initial startup cash doing this job, and also gain full time employment, depending on the quality of services you rendered and nature of network you built. Currently, there are myriads of graduate Trainee jobs you can take on the startup level, using the link below.


Other current Opportunities in Nigeria

What about Scholarships to Travel Abroad?

It has been discovered also, that one of the easiest means of securing traveling visa to study and work abroad is to secure a good scholarship opportunity.
But some are still battled with the sense of unbelieve that continues to rub them off legitimate opportunities. Although this is not covered on the scope of the guide above, I still feel you should explore other great opportunities than just theses startup job opportunities shared above.
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