Ways to Survive Pre/Post COVID-19 Era as an African Student

We all searched for the right way to get through the pandemic, but this post is solely how to Survive Pre/Post COVID-19 Era as an African Student, and there is no cause for alarm, so far the texts are bold enough.

Here at Jobreaders, we are committed to sharing any information that will make the best generation of Africans. And we have been committed beyond fears and doubt of acceptance. In this post, you will be seeing briefly how I feel anyone can survive the post-COVID-19 era when is come.

One thing we should understand is that aside from the medical professionals and the scientists, we are not concerned about what happens.

The only reason a student should stick to the media is to learn a few tips to stay safe and inform friends and families. Truly concerned students are concerned with how they will get out of this trouble, by applying a questioning methodology

By trying to answer a few honest questions; what one needs and possible shortcomings, one ought to have realized that “how to get out this looming global recession” is paramount.

And this post is focused on sharing my personal thought about the post-COVID-19 era. Stories always have it that the Spanish Flu left the world restarted, with millions of jobs lost to the pandemic.

Why should you be Worried?

You might be probably living in a country that is still answerable to her colonial masters, through aids and loans. Most African countries give examples of nations where a PhD (certificate) cannot be equated with an American passport.

Should we continue to watch clueless generations toy with our future? The answer might not be as intended because outside politics, agitations and unlawful acts, youths can take the arms of skills and innovations.

Our countries might be seen as third world countries today, but the future totally depends on the decisions we make today.


  1. Surviving the Lock down with a Proactive Business Strategy
  2. Proven Online Businesses to Earn Hard Currencies Indoors 

It is no longer news, however, that this pandemic has crippled the global economy including that of China, where most of your governments borrow from.

These facts may stand as good reasons to discover measures and harness platforms, but never a reason to concede defeat through fear.

But the skills and businesses below can help any student escape the possible economic danger of the post-COVID-19 effects:

  • What if Jobs are lost?
  • What if I’m directly or indirectly affected?
  • Can my government cope?

Online Courses

As a student who is obeying the “stay at home” order by the government in a bid to flatten the curve of the Corona Virus, the best way to remain informed is to sign up for online courses.

There is no need to reemphasizing on the need to be educated, but we can talk about the fact that you can earn an online degree for free, learning from home.

Recently, as a means of reaching to many during the 2020 pandemic, Harvard (one of the best Universities in the world) added tons of free courses into their distance learning faculty.

What this implies is that following this page, you can sign up for courses at Harvard for free. Also, you can check out a list of other free and paid online courses from recognized institutions.

Apply for Scholarships

As it stands now, most of the scholarship opportunities that we published in the past are pending the ease of this virus outbreak.

Proactive students understand that most of these scholarship websites are yet to close their portals and still accept applications.

There is hope that things will get back to normal, and you have to consider harnessing several proactive measures in preparing ahead.  

A good scholarship fund is enough to take care of students’ local or international students, depending on the plans and offering institutions.

Online Businesses

Digitalized earning is not for businesses alone; individuals with or without skills can acquire a list of digital marketing skills, Bitcoin trading and mining, Forex and a couple of other genuine was or earning hard currencies online.

In this regard, we have prepared free guides for students ahead of the post-COVID-19 survival mode. Besides, these are practices you can start up now, to build and earn as you are probably at home.

Vast Reading

Expanding your horizon through studies of acts and habits of successful peoples, making research on previous pandemic and reasoning around solutions is key.

Apart from the curriculum and patterned studies from schools (online and or offline), this is a time to study beyond the usual, as it has been a long time that the world faced cases like this. But funny enough, I don’t have any recommendation for you.


With old friends and families, this is time to help them see that you truly care about them, but not to the detriment of your development. As a Nigerian on a national programme, I did not leave my duty post and I am not ready to take that path now.

It was on my office desk that I type this guides to help you get ready for a time to come. Do well to share this.

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