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The Swedish institute scholarships for 2021 spring is for Prospective students who wish to study in any of the Universities in Sweden. Application is open for international students who are eligible and do qualify for the financial aids.

Check here to know if you are eligible to apply for this Sweden Government scholarship

The Swedish institute scholarship is a fully funded academic scholarship that is designed for students who pursue undergraduate and master degree programs.

The financial aids is designed to assist the following students:

  1. Undergraduate students for 4-year programs in Sweden.
  2. Graduates for a 2-year program in Sweden.
  3. Students with ‘Good English Score’

This scholarship also covers the complete duration of any of the criteria listed above (in other words, till the end of the courses in any of the Swedish institutions chosen. 

But applicants are also informed to stick to the general requirements below:

These are scholarship opportunity for Nigerian student, check if you are eligible: Nigerian Award Scholarship and Ongoing International Scholarships 2021

How can I access the Swedish Institute Scholarship?

To be able to access the Swedish institute scholarship, you are however advised to first find suitable programs for study in Sweden universities.

In addition to that, students must be streamlined to the English taught programs.

In Sweden, there are thousands of English-taught subjects and courses in the universities and many are scheduled for 2021 spring.

Having found the right programs, the student can then proceed with learning about the required documents, the application deadline and other requirements.

General Requirements for Swedish Institute Scholarships 2021

International students from all the eligible countries can apply for the scholarship.

However, it is designed to cover both tuition and other study needs for the following sets of students:

  • High School Graduates/ Secondary school Graduates
  • Graduates (having a bachelor’s degree)
  • Students who have sufficient English Level

Students can also read through the external pages below to find more about the bachelor’s programmes and master’s programmes .

Next in the phase of findings is to determine the specific program requirements for the programs selected.

Program-Specific entry requirements

There are other specific requirements for the Swedish institute scholarships that students are bound to merit for consideration.

You can read though programs listing in the Universityadmissions.se

How to Find Courses

First, the candidate is to discover any of the English-taught courses from the numerous disciplines and universities.

You can start now with this search for courses and thereafter, we lead you to the scholarship links for applications.

For instance, you can submit as many applications as possible without paying more application fees for any of the courses.  

But after this, you can head to the scholarship search and application too.

The need to pay rapt attention to the procedure is core for your success.

Submitting of Documents

Observe the links associated with this post as they carry guides and other external information.

Use the page guides here to learn how to submit documents for bachelor’s or master’s programmes and that of your Proof of English proficiency.

How to apply for Scholarships

There various Swedish Institute scholarships available and this page is where every student can make searched and proceed with their online applications.

Some of the scholarships in Sweden are offered by Universities/institutions while myriads of other scholarships are awarded by private companies. 

After the search and finding of scholarships, applicants should wait for a while for the application results (and this may not come too fast).

But for the fact that all the dots are observed, it is believed that the scholarship offered are on their way to the application emails.

A list of current Swedish Institute Scholarships

(Here is a good number of scholarships you can search and apply for)

  • Swedish Institute Scholarship for global Professionals (SISGP)
  • The Chalmers University of technology Scholarships
  • RTH Roya Institute of Technology Scholarships
  • Malmo University Scholarships
  • Lubd University Scholarships
  • Linnaeus University Scholarships
  • Halstad University scholarships

There tens of other available scholarships, and one can start here, to search for more., learn more about the scholarship offered and adhered to the procedures as explained through the portal here: https://studyinsweden.se/scholarships

Are there other things you want to know about Sweden?

Aside from the scholarships, course findings and many facts shared via this page, there is more to Sweden than just the institute scholarships.

And it is customary with my content styles to move an inch away from the scope of any opportunity.

On this page still, we will want to learn more about the country and other opportunities therein.

You can proceed with me or use this page now to access other international scholarships for students.

Sweden for Visitors

In the course of organizing information for this Swedish institute scholarship, we were able to learn a few things about the nation.

The kingdom of Sweden is one of the Nordic countries, in the North Europe.

It has direct border with Norway to its North, and has Finland in the eastern hemisphere.

The capital of Sweden is Stockholm and one of the safest places to be in the world. The thick boreal forests and amazing mountains constitute to one of the ancient features of the Swedish natural price.

The country capita is built with over fitty bridges with numerous museums.

In a nutshell, it is one of the countries you will love not just to pay a visit, but to spend your entire life.

Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Students and Professionals 2021

Do you have the ambition to become a future leader within the sustainable development on a global platform? Then you might be who we are looking for.

Global Professionals is a highly sought after, fully-funded international scholarship programme for master’s studies in Sweden.

Get started Now: Visit the Official Scholarship Website

List of countries eligible for the Swedish institute scholarships for global professionals

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Cameroon, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Moldova, Morocco, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Tuition Fees & Study Costs in Sweden

Studies and students’ feedback show that tuition fee in Sweden start with SEK 80,000 in a year to about SEK 130,000.

Additional fees are for textbooks because students are to purchase their books with approximately SEK 750 per month.

 This is just a summary of what the cost may look like, but that does not grant us any form of authority to decide what school feels will continue to be in the country.

These findings are also backed up by the publications of education.com from a 2016 extract on the cost of study in Sweden.

So in cases where one failed to secure any of the Swedish scholarships.

Other Costs in Sweden

You must understand why we are spending time to explaining what it costs to study in Sweden.

The list of Swedish Institute scholarships listed above may not reach every applicant who wishes to pursue any of the degrees.

Clarity is another help we can offer to you as you aspire to study in the country in that cost is very paramount to the quality of information on students’ research tabs.

So, other cost of study in Sweden totally depends on the location of the schools.

Studies and natural senses will tell you that living and studying in bigger cities will attract higher fees.

These costs are considered shortcoming for students from certain backgrounds; such as the cost of transportation, feeding, accomodation (for students who prefer to live outside the school campuses.

However, to apply and win a scholarship in tis region will go a long way to offsetting the bills and offering you outstanding academic experience.

Membership Fees

Students in most Swedish schools join student unions, but with just little fees.

The student union membership gives students access to several student activities and a quality network.

This fee ranges from 50 to 350 SEK per semester. But it all depends on the union and school in question.

Living Cost

SEK 650 – 100,000 can get students good accommodations in some cities but the variation is a factor of the nature of the cities.

For international students, the cost of healthcare may vary depending on your country.


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