Reputable schools that offer Telecommunication Engineering in Nigeria

Telecommunication Engineering in Nigeria is one of those rare disciplines in that only a few universities offer them. However, in this post, you will see the list of Universities that enrol students for Telecommunication Engineering studies in Nigeria.

It is also wise to note that aside from these schools that offer these degrees in our higher institutions, there are quite a good number of online universities alongside open universities that still award the degree in different capacities.

While searching for schools that offer telecommunication engineering in Nigeria, there are just a few guides that are meant to keep students and guardians guided their choices of institutions. They include these questions:

  1. Are the schools accredited by the NUC?
  2. What has been the history of these institutions
  3. What do you need to study Telecommunication in a Nigerian University?
  4. What are the requirements to graduate as a telecommunication engineer in Nigeria?
  5. Schools that offer Master degree Programmes in Telecommunication Engineering (in Nigeria)
  6. Can I continue till my PhD in Telecommunication Engineering?
  7. Opportunities to Study telecommunication Engineering abroad

When you are sure of these reasons, taking courses in most of these Universities becomes commendable. Some of these questions, however, do not require immediate answers before to proceed with seeking admission into schools in Nigeria, but it is our recommendation that those with accreditation gains interest.

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NUC Accreditation is necessary for the credibility of the university, so universities without NUC accreditation is strongly advised not to be entered for undergraduate, masters and postgraduate program.


The National university commission is a national body that monitors and evaluates university infrastructural, academic and other strengths in Nigeria, to ensure the absolute delivery of quality education. Over the years, schools have been approved and disapproved by this institution due to one or more reasons, ranging from their inability to employ the most qualifies lecturers, to build the needed laboratories etc. On the other hands, these could be likened to the efforts of the education ministries, in salvaging the image of education in Nigeria. As prospective students, these factors above should serve as your guiding objective while making choices of your institutions in Nigeria.

Schools that offer Telecommunication Engineering in Nigeria

Are you a JAMBITE who seeks admission into universities that offer electronics and telecommunications engineering in Nigeria? What is special about this unique course called electronics and telecommunication engineering?  Do you know that Ahmadu Bello University popularly know has A.B.U, Zaria?

Now offers Electronics and Telecommunications engineering. Telecommunication engineering is one of the most productivity, valuable and high paid course across the world presently

What is Engineering?  The discipline of engineering deals with a broad range of specialized fields applied science, mathematics, empirical innovation, design and construction, maintenance of systems, processes, machines, materials and devices.

What is Telecommunications Engineering?  

Is an engineering field that deals with electronics designs which involves basic electronics circuit design and computer engineering which also enhances telecommunication systems, it also deals with installation of telecommunications mash and equipment.

Telecommunication is a very varsity course which also has courses like digital switching, digital and analogue signal processing, optical fibre, radio communication, satellite communications, and computer networking.

Scope of Telecommunication Engineering?  

Telecommunications engineer is responsible for designing complex electronic switching systems and in the specific type of Technology such as telephone networks, satellite communication signals, radio communications transmission, and managing hardware systems.

The industry is always in need of telecommunication experts in project management fields which also deal with installation, maintenance, supervision and exchange of transmission cables and signals from the transmission point to the receiving end.

List of Universities

  • Bayero University, Kano State.
  • Baze University, Fct, Abuja.
  • Federal University of Technology Minna
  • Salem University, Lokoja.
  • Ahmadu Bello University, A.B.U, Zaria.

This list of Universities takes us back to the questions mentioned from at the onset of this journal, trying to figure out the necessary criteria for accepting provisional offers of admission into any of these institutions in Nigeria, and other information needed as one prepares his/her academic journey in the discipline.

Having known that these schools have the backings of the National University Commission (NUC), one may need to proceed with ascertaining the possibilities of proceeding with masters and PhD studies in or outside Nigeria.

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