The University of Victoria Admission and scholarship for Undergraduates and Postgraduates

You are hereby notified that the university of Victoria admission and scholarship for undergraduate and postgraduate is ongoing.

Therefore aspiring students, both local and internally are advised to submit their application as early as possible.

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This article will expose to you all the procedures involved for you to secure admission to

study at the University of Victoria and possibly enjoy the scholarship offer in the University. 

The University is a public research university that is located in the municipality of Oak Bay and Saanich Canada.

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Undergraduate Admission requirement for an international student at the University of Victoria

Students around the world are free to apply to study at the University of Victoria, but you should also be aware that the aspiring international students should note this;

For one to successfully gain admission to study at the University, you must certify the following requirements:

English Language proficiency

It is one of the basic requirements as an international student to study in Canada, the essence of it is to test your competency in the English language

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Choose a program

Another vital step required of you is to choose from the list of over a hundred, undergraduate programmes offer by the University of Victoria before making your application.

Submit your application 

This is one of the requirements for you to secure admission successfully to study at the University of Victoria, and it is advisable you submit your application early enough to stand a better chance of successful admission.

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This because priority is always given to the early applicants. Your application fee can be paid online with your Credit Card. 

Note that after the submission of your application, you will receive two emails from The University of Victoria:

A confirmation email that includes your University of Victoria student number (e.g. V00123456). You should receive this email in less than two business days after submitting your application.

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 An introductory email from your admission assistant with their contact information. You can connect with your admission assistant with any application follow-up questions. In most cases, you should receive it less than one week after submitting your application. During high-volume periods, it may take longer to arrive.

Once you receive the introductory email you can access the application portal to see the status of your application and a checklist of tasks that you need to complete.

We will contact you by email only.

Add @uvic to your email safe senders to be sure that messages from the University of Victoria don’t get caught in your spam filter.

To change your email address, contact your admission assistant.

The Next Step

Submit your interim grades

You will be required also to submit your grade, after submission of your application:

If you’re studying at a high school in Canada, or a Canadian-curriculum high school outside of Canada, you can self-report your interim grades or predicted International Baccalaureate (IB) scores to your application.

If you’re studying at an international high school, upload your in-progress transcript showing

your grades and/or predicted IB scores to your application.

If you’re studying at a college or university, upload your interim grades and/or predicted

exam results to your University of Victoria application.

If you’ve graduated from high school, college or university, arrange to have your official transcript sent directly to the University of Victoria.

Accept your admission offer

Be informed that after your successful application, your offer for admission will be sent to

you, ensure you read the admission offer very carefully and observe all the necessary instructions in the mail.

Steps to accept your admission offer

Pay your acceptance deposit;

you are required to pay a non-refundable sum of $200 before the deadline of the admission as specified for the admission in your mail. The acceptance fee will be credited as part of your tuition fee.

Verify your payment:

you have to confirm if your acceptance deposit was successfully received through the University of Victoria portal, known as my portal page. Wait after2-3 working days for the payment to be processed.

Submit all the required documents with your final grade:

ensure that your official transcripts, final grade and all other required documents are sent to the University of Victoria and that the document meets with the required offer.

Note that you may also defer your admission if you have been admitted to a first-year program, but you are not able to meet up with the scheduled time or for one reason other beyond your control. 

But the deferral option is only available to current HighHigh School students, other applicants are exempted from this option, they can re-apply whenever they are to begin their studies.

Scholarship for both National and international undergraduate students at the University of Victoria

The undergraduate students of the University are privileged to enjoy scholarships while studying in the school, all you have to do is to check the scholarship requirement to know if you are eligible to be part of the scholarship program.

These scholarship programs are provided through contributions from some individual personalities, corporate bodies and the University budgets to assist the students to reduce their financial burden in school during their period of studies in the University. 

This particular scholarship scheme is known as entrance scholarship, the University of Victoria budget more than 3.5 million dollars in entrance scholarship annually.

For aspiring new entrance students to earn the scholarship, you must meet up with some academic and admission requirements. While some are based on student academic excellence.

Scholarship eligibility for international students

For you to enjoy the scholarship as an international student, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Entering their first year in an undergraduate degree program at the University of Victoria and meet academic and English proficiency requirements. See English Language Proficiency requirements
  • A current secondary school student or have graduated within the last two years and have not attended a post-secondary institution
  • Accepted to UVic with an admissions “A” average
  • Admitted to UVic a minimum of 32 International Baccalaureate points
  • An international student studying at UVic on a Canadian study permit (changes to your citizenship status may effect your scholarship eligibility)
  • Grade 12 Interim (current student) / Final (graduated student) transcript deadline: March 15
  • To be considered for an international scholarship all documents, including an interim or final transcript, must be received by Undergraduate Admissions by March 15 for entry either in September or January of the academic year. Scholarships will be assessed based on your admission GPA.

International secondary school graduates must have graduated within two years of applying to UVic and have not taken any courses at any post-secondary institutions.

How to apply for an entrance scholarship

There are two ways to apply for the entrance scholarship program, they are: 

Entrance scholarship based on admission average and entrance scholarship based on admission average and other criteria. Visit the scholarship website here for more information on how to apply.

Admission requirements for postgraduate students

Some requirements qualify aspirants for postgraduate study in the University of Victoria, for the two categories of postgraduate studies, masters and Doctoral degree program:

Admission requirement for masters

Completion of a 4-year bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) from an institution recognized by the University of Victoria

The equivalent of a minimum “B” average over the last two years of your degree

Any requirements specific to your program of study

Admission requirement for the doctoral degree

Completion of an acceptable master’s degree (or equivalent) from an institution recognized by the University of Victoria

Any requirements specific to your program of study


You may be considered if you have the equivalent of an A- average in the last two years of a bachelor’s degree

Any requirements are specific to your program of study.

Visit the official website here for more details on admission.

Scholarship for postgraduate students

The scholarship is also available for postgraduate students at the University of Victoria.

But you should also note that in every scholarship program, there is always some requirement expected of the student to eligible to enjoy the scholarship.

Visit the scholarship website here, for more information.

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