Top 9 Pros and Cons Of Living In Finland

Finland is likely to be a place you may have one or two vague ideas about, but knowing the top 9 Pros and Cons Of Living In Finland is very important, it’s probably kind of hard to pin it down, the vast majority of people from the English-speaking world don’t know a whole lot about Finland.

Finland is a wonderful study destination for international students who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree, Masters’s degree, and Ph.D. Degree.

people living in Finland will tell you that the nation has quite a lot to offer on its own. Especially for adventurous folks from the U.S. and U.K. who are considering a change. 

Beautiful facts about living in Finland

Finland is a northern European country that borders Sweden to the west, Norway to the northwest, and Russia to the east.

It sits on the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia, and to the south across the Gulf of Finland, you’ll find neighboring Estonia. 

With a population of just 5.5 million in the eighth-largest country in Europe, Finland is one of the most sparsely-populated countries in the world, a perfect place for the ex-pat looking at emigrating to Finland for some peace and quiet. 

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But don’t let the thin Finn population fool you; there have been people living in Finland since long before it was ever called that. 

Dating back to 9000 BC, just after the last Ice Age started receding, there is evidence of several distinct groups of people already living in Finland. They’ve been in contact with other nearby cultures since the Bronze Age. 

But Finland’s history is probably most bound up with that of Sweden. 

Starting in the late 13th century, Finland was incorporated into the Swedish kingdom, and the southern coastal area was extensively colonized by the Swedes. 

This colonization project was so thorough that Swedish to this day remains one of the official languages of Finland, along with Finnish and Sami in the north.

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Finland was later incorporated into the Russian empire in the early 1800s and only became an independent nation after the 1917 Russian revolution.

But fear not, an intrepid would-be ex-pat who speaks neither Swedish nor Finnish or even Russian for that matter: much like their Scandinavian neighbors, people living in Finland begin learning English at an early age, so you should have no trouble getting by if you’re thinking about migrating to Finland from an English-speaking country. 

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of living in Finland.

10 Advantages/Pros of Living in Finland

  1. Qualitative educational system: The education system is free and of high quality. Teachers are well trained to offer the best. The city administration organizes transportation for students who live more than 5 km from the school.
  2. High employment rate: the employment rate is only 9% unemployed. Employees also earn a high salary with an average salary of 45,000 euros per year.
  3. Low pollution: All people in Finland work to preserve the environment. This helps protect the environment and prevent pollution.
  4. Less corruption: Due to some cases of corruption, the country’s economic growth has increased.
  5. Beautiful landscape: Finland has beautiful regions like crystal clear water, many mountains, and forests. Cycling, swimming, and hiking are other recreational activities.
  6. Hot Sauna: If you are in Finland, the sauna will be part of you. The hot sauna offers you the benefits of relaxation. If you like sports, you can participate in ski jumping events and hockey sports. It will make you feel fresh and smile all day.
  7. Northern lights: Aurora borealis are common in winter. It is a tourist attraction that many people visit.
  8. World-class shopping: Finland has the best shopping in the world. Throughout the world, visitors visit different neighborhoods to discover the elegant, luxurious, and spoiled design of Finnish culture.
  9. Long summer days: during these periods, the sun can stay up to 3 am, so you have more daylight than at night.

10 Disadvantage/Cons of Living in Finland

  1. High cost: In Finland, everything is sold at a higher price, ranging from food, clothing, housing, and public transport.
  2. Language Finland: Although most people speak English, it is difficult for foreigners to learn the Finnish language.
  3. Cold weather: the climate is very cold. In winter, you can experience temperatures up to 300 ° C and more darkness. Sunrise in the morning and early afternoon.
  4. Bureaucracy: As in other European countries, there are many red ribbons that make it difficult to obtain a license and lengthy procedures for finding government services.
  5. Cheap restaurants: Dinner in the restaurant is very expensive compared to other areas.
  6. The growth of foreign companies is difficult: In Finland, foreign companies find it difficult to develop in the local market, as established companies and unions have an influence on the government and local officials. Competition in the local market is shared between the main market players.
  7. Immutable culture: The elderly are very conservative and anti-social, while the younger generation is very open-minded. Most people are very alcoholic.
  8. Low self-esteem: The Finnish nation has low self-esteem because of its attitude towards certain things. Most people have negative habits regarding the success of countries.
  9. Alcoholics: Over the years, the country has fought for alcohol consumption and depression.
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