Top Poetry Scholarship for Young Poets 2020 | Application Portals

Top Poetry Scholarship for Young Poets 2021 | Application Portals

Poetry scholarships for young poets in 2021 are good avenues to enhance and monetize and fund your poetic skills. The satisfying desire that writing gives to a poet is something that is better experienced.

The ability to communicate deep concerns and thoughts though the tool of words is an experience that connects the poet to the readers and at the same time reveals the poet’s mind on a particular matter.

Over the years, poetry has been used to express individual points of view on different national and international issues however, the issue for most persons has been related to funding and available scholarships to enhance the same.

Does this scenario describe you? Are you a great poet who scribbles down deep thought and reflections on local matters lurking around in your immediate environment and even international matter?

Are you great with the use of the pen, communicating thought lines with the world? Do you feel that yours is to make a difference with the use of the words?

Poetry scholarships are available to enhance your creative skills, give you a platform to be heard beyond your natural confines, and offer you the best platforms to perfect your creative forte.

What is Poetry?

 Poetry is a branch of literature based on the use of words and rhythm. It often employs various tools such as mete, rhyme, rhythm, sound symbolism, imagery to communicate the mind of the poet to his readers.

It is usually divided into stanzas and verses. A poem could follow a particular meter, be free verse, or blank verse.

Importance of Poetry

Poetry is one of the oldest forms of literature.  This was mostly used in a storytelling format to communicate and preserve history to the generations unborn.

Some examples of great poems are Psalms of the Holy Bible, Songs of Solomon of the Holy Bible, Epic of Gilgamesh, and the Vedas (Hinduism).

Poetry amongst other importance, projects the mind of the author. Its serves as a mode of communication.

It is a method of preserving the history and culture of a people, it is a tool used in addressing ills and abnormal in society.

Lastly, It coveys beauty, storytelling effect, advisory roles, humor, political messages, etc

Types of Poetry

There are different types of poems, some of which include;

  • Lyrical poem-it is any poem with one speaker who expresses deep thoughts and feelings. Most poems are lyrical.
  • Narrative poems- They tell a story
  • Descriptive poems- describe the world or the mind of the poet using imagery, emotions etc. it is personal and introspective.
  • Elegy- this is a poem that mourns the dead.
  • Sonnet – a poem of 14 lines usually written in iambic pentameter.
  • Ballad – a musical poem that has a musical rhythm

How to Find and Apply for Poetic Scholarships

There are a lot of scholarships for persons who enjoy creative writing. These scholarships often give the writer platforms to be heard and also nurtures their writing prowess encouraging them to pursue a career in writing.

Can you go to College to Study Poetry?

Yes! You can study poetry in college. There are merit awards available for those pursuing a creative writing degree such as an English degree or even master of fine arts.

There are a number of poetry scholarships for interested candidates.

What is the Criteria for Evaluation of the Poetry Entries?

Amongst other criterias, a standard poem should;

  • Be original
  • High level of creativity
  • Good us of imagery
  • Employment of figures of speech
  • Artistic quality
  • Theme or style requirement

Why do you Need Poetry scholarships for young poets?

A poetry scholarship provides funds for a writer to explore further the world of writing. These funds aren’t loan. They are gifted to candidates who have merited it.

Poetic writing can be moved from a hobby to a vocation on a platform such as this.  Beyond communication, it can be a platform to benefit from your forte and utilize your talent.

List of Poetry scholarships for young poets:

Thomas Merton Sacred Concurso Poetry

This institute offers four awards annually though poetic contest. The prices are valued $100 and $ 500 each. The inscription should have a religious, prophetic or contemplative tone.

Eligibility: There is no age limit.

Colourism Poetry Contest

This is a poetry that covers the topic of prejudice against people based on lightness or darkness of the skin, hair texture, or other features that tend to raise discrimination.

It helps to encourage those that have been harmed by colorism and raise awareness about this form of discrimination. The prize ranging from $100 to $250 is available.

Eligibility: Any US student aged 10 years and above can apply.

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The Unicorn Press First Book Contest

This contest allow poetic manuscript in book form that have not been previously published can be submitted for consideration. The winner will receive a cash prize of $250 and will have his book published by Unicorn Press.

Eligibility: This contest is eligible to students of any age.

Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry

The University of Tulsa (UT) sponsors this poetry contest called Pablo Neruda Prize for poetry which includes a prize of $2,000 for first place and a prize of $1,000 for second place.

Eligibility for the Poetry scholarships for young poets: High school, undergraduate and graduate students can apply for it.

Norman Mailer College Poetry Award

This contest requires a maximum of 10 pages of poetry. The winner receives a cash prize of $ 2,500 and a trip to New York.

Eligibility: A full – time student at a community college.

A Poulin Jr. Poetry Prize

THE prize for this scholarship for poetry is administered by BOA Edition, Ltd. annually and it is non-renewable. The total value is $ 1, 000.

The winning author will also have his/her book published by BOA Edition, Ltd and will be offered a standard book contract which will include a royalty rate.  

The entrant must have a strong interest in writing poetry and not yet have published a full-length book of poetry.

Eligibility for the Poetry Scholarship for young poets: This contest is for U.S citizens or legal resident who are 18 years of age or older.

Learn Between the Lines Scholarship Slam

This contest is for poems which will be selected by a team of judges, and a winner is randomly selected from the top five.  The value of the scholarship is $ 1,000 and it is administered annually to help cover the cost of college.

Eligibility: The poetry scholarship is open U.S high school or former high school students between the ages of 13 and 25.

Morton Marr Poetry Prize

This contest is for persons with interest in poetry. The prize is administered annually by southwest Review and the value is $1,000 and $ 500 to the second – place winner.

Eligibility: This is a contest awarded to current undergraduate or graduate student. Entrant must be 18 years of age or older at the time of application.

These and more are poetry scholarships that you can apply for to enhance and monetize your creative skills.

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