9 Best Law Schools in Virginia and Requirements| 2021 Ranking

The best Law Schools in Virginia recognized by Virginia’s judicial systems are listed here. If you just completed your pre-law education and would want to further in Virginia, your guide is here. The law schools have been reviewed comprehensively for all requirements, to guide your choices.

Every individual who has just obtained a bachelor’s degree in Law would have law school as the next big thing so, we have researched for accredited and highly reputed schools.

Read till the end and you’ll be filled with gratitude whilst making a decision to advance to your career in the legal profession. Additionally, these Law Online Courses could add great knowledge to you.

What is law school?

It is an institution that specializes in legal education. It is a requirement for all individuals who intend a career in the legal sector after gaining a bachelor’s degree or undergoing a pre-law education.

Simply put, it is a prerequisite for becoming a lawyer within a given jurisdiction.

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Before we go on to the next subheading, these are scholarship opportunities you can check out to aid your pursuit in the legal profession.

Who can go to a law school?

Not just anyone can be admitted to a law school. As earlier stated, in what a law school is all about, individuals who have undergone a pre-law education can be considered for admission.

Also, certain requirements must be met grade-wise; a good transcript and must have passed the law school admission test (LSAT).

Additionally, if you have intentions in civil law, here is a guide to becoming a civil lawyer in the United States.

What is required to enroll in a law school?

Every aspirant to a law school must complete an undergraduate pre-law education, take the LSAT, and obtain the required score peculiar to the school of choice. Also, you must present a transcript of just concluded education.

What degree do I get in a law school?

A Juris doctor is a degree awarded to law school graduates after which can lead to an access of law related careers in any field.

How to choose a law school

Factors must be considered in choosing a law school, before you dive in to just any school, invest time to understand what matters most to you, attributes attached to the school in question like location, cost, size, culture, potential practice interests ranging from corporate, labor, civil rights, business, criminal, military, health, tax, criminal real estate, environmental, international, family and a host of others.

Also, reputation, rankings and academic support programs should be considered. This are what you should bear in mind as you look into the top Law Schools in Virginia.

List of Law Schools in Virginia

At this point, I will be listing law schools to aid in your choosing. The have accreditation from the necessary bodies such as the American Bar Association.

I will also include the tuition for in state and out of states, acceptance rate and the LSAT obtainable score.

Remain keen and keep in mind the attributes that suits you best to make a decision. Also knowing that your choice will influence to a great extent your preparation towards passing the Virginia state bar exam on completion of Juris doctor degree.

The University of Virginia, school of law

It is located in Charlottesville VA, the U.S.A. it was established by Thomas Jefferson in 1819. The tuition fee for instate is $54,000 and $57,000 for out of state students.

This Law school in Virginia has accreditation by the southern association of colleges and schools commission on colleges since 1923.

The acceptance rate in its school of law is 21% and the median score for LSAT is 168. In addition, about 370 students graduates annually. You can visit school Website for more information.

College of William and Mary

This is a public institution located in Williamsburg VA, enrolling roughly 600 Juris doctor degree seeking students.

Its law school gained accreditation since 1932. With low tuition estimated about $26,000 for residents and $35,000 for nonresidents.

Its acceptance rate is 37% and obtainable score for LSAT is 163. Additionally, this institution graduates about 180 students annually.

Washington and lee university

It was founded in 1749. Its law school gained accreditation in 1923 by the American Bar Association. It is owned by a private body and graduates about 170 students yearly.

It is located in Lexington VA. An estimated tuition of $47,000 annually.

Its acceptance rate is 49% and obtainable score for LSAT is 160. Additionally, this institution graduates about 170 students annually.

University of Richmond

It is situated in Westhampton. The school of law program has been accredited since 1928. Estimated tuition fees of over $41,000 annually.

Its acceptance rate is 42% and obtainable score for LSAT is 160. Additionally, this institution graduates about 160 students annually.

George Mason University

It is located in Fairfax VA. A large public varsity. Its law school gained accreditation since 1980 by the southern association of colleges and schools commission on colleges. Estimated tuition & fees are about $23,000 per year for residents and $39,000 for non-residents.

Its acceptance rate is 32% and the obtainable score for LSAT is 161. Additionally, this institution graduates about 160 students annually.

There’s something peculiar about this school; a yearly scholarship award of $12,000

Regent university

It is located in Virginia Beach, a private Christian varsity established by Pat Robertson in 1977 and its law school accredited by the American Bar Association in 1989.

Tuition estimate is about $18,000. However, Its acceptance rate is 55% and obtainable score for LSAT is 152. Additionally, this institution graduates about 120 students annually.

Liberty university

This is another private Christian varsity with a law school located in Lynchburg. Founded in 2004. It is posited as the largest Christian university in the world.

However, it gained accreditation from the American Bar Association. Estimated tuition & fees is $31,000 per year

Its acceptance rate is 50% and obtainable score for LSAT is 153. Additionally, this institution graduates about 60 students annually.

Appalachian school of Law

This law school is located in Grundy and accredited by the American Bar Association. Tuition is about $35,500.

Its acceptance rate is 41% and obtainable score for LSAT is 146. Additionally, this institution graduates about 60 students annually.

West Virginia university

It is a Government-owned varsity located in Morgantown. Also, accreditation is gained from the higher learning commission.

Moreover, Tuition in its law school is $8.856 for in-state students and $24,950 for out of state residents.

Its acceptance rate is 53% and obtainable score for LSAT is 153.


For more in depth information as to peculiar admission requirements in these law schools, visit school website.

Also, having listed all the top law schools across Virginia. I will also mention in encouragement average salaries for attorneys which range from $50,000 to $133,000 varying on the employment options and location.

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