About JobReaders

Jobreaders is a world-class eLearning facility that focuses on profitable skills and solutions to unemployment, rapid population growth, business failure, and community needs.

At Jobreaders Academy, we have a single mission; to help you learn profitable skills with that extra hands of clarity. It is our school of thought that you can live the life of your dream happy with the right career and income stream.

Jobreaders is an eLearning platform that focuses on growing human capital through digital knowledge with the sole goal of helping people learn new skills, solve more problems and earn a better income doing what they love.

This affiliate Partnership is your opportunity to share in our profit while helping others learn.

Jobreaders affiliate partnership is a program designed by the growing eLearning community to ensure that everyone learns a new skill, is able to solve more problems, and earns a better income.

Jobreaders’ goal is that you change people‚Äôs life to also change yours. Our library is growing with information products that are not limited to online courses, practical webinars, eBooks, virtual consultation, individual training, household training resources, and pages.

Jobreaders Academy partners with industry leaders and committed instructors who are ready to keep changing the world while transforming their own lives.