Affiliate Marketing Tactics

What if I told you that affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable online ventures today? Would you agree with me that you can finally secure the path to financial stability as an affiliate marketer? However, this is very feasible. We have an actionable plan to make this possible if implemented correctly.

Prerequisites To create a sustainable cash flow from affiliate marketing, you need to avoid starting an affiliate marketing business without first understanding and mastering the platform or niche on which the affiliate is based. 

You first need to master the platform to be able to create content around it. This content will make people interested in the product or platform that you’re marketing and make them buy it, making money for you in the process.

So, to get started, you’ll need to follow our Affiliate Marketing Plan. Follow the next few steps to get started.

Acquire Fundamental Skills

When you first start out in affiliate marketing, you should learn the fundamentals of the product you want to sell as an affiliate.

The reason for this is that you will need to create content around these products and services. This content will revolve around the use of the products, the ways these products can help your business. 

The only way you can get this knowledge is by knowing how to use the products yourself. That way, you’re not just selling an affiliate product you have no information about.

Set up a Solution-Based Blog

I strongly advise you to not jump into blogging with the hope of making money with affiliate marketing. Since I don’t want to predict the outcome of such an unguided business, I must inform you that I spent over 5 years before I realized my mistakes in early 2019.

Because it costs me time and resources to blog without purpose, and you, for the fact that you have this material, should never repeat my mistakes.

Instead, take a seat for some hours and think of a solution that you want your blog to proffer. 

When people are getting values and clear-cut answers to their questions through your blogs, you’re directly boosting your influence. 

With this, you can recommend products and services with your affiliate links.

So then again, CONTENT IS KEY and I’m about to show you some of the examples.


There are so many needs out there. 

Businesses are searching for ways to increase sales; you can create a business blog to address that. 

So many people are struggling to lose weight—you can set up a blog to address just that. 

The numbers of people who want to emigrate as students and families are skyrocketing everywhere in the world—you can set up a blog to tackle wrong emigration information. 

The list goes on and on. 

While creating content (articles, eBooks, and videos) that teaches people any of these, you can recommend platforms, software, products, and opportunities for your audience with links to your affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing places us on a lifetime salary, so long as our content is read and watched by people around the world.

You can start it today!

Start today by taking positive actions and starting to change your financial narrative from this moment.

There is quite a lot to learn, and the reality is that from the comfort of your home, great office, or even from your school hostels (as a student), you can earn income in dollars and get paid right into your local bank accounts.

So, if you want to be this well-paid affiliate marker who decides how much and when to be paid, I invite you to the next section, where you’ll be learning about the strategies that help us win.

Remember, we intend to help you win as well. 

Step One: Select a Niche

Picking a niche is just like choosing a business line. This process is very important because you cannot promote every kind of product. 

For instance, one may choose to write about business software, while another may choose to promote health apps and products. The list goes on into infinity. 

Once you are sure of the right type of affiliate marketing to venture into, then you proceed with step two. 

Step Two: Create Information Products 

Information products are written or video products that thoroughly explain a process, product, or service. Another instance: let’s assume you are known for your graphics and for giving valid business and skill tips. 

On the other hand, 

 Canva is graphics software that is used for designing high-quality graphics such as flyers, posters, ID cards, business cards, wedding invitation cards, etc.  With Canva one does not need to pay graphics designers again, and it helps you design any kind of graphics in just a few clicks and a drag-and-drop feature. 

As an affiliate marketer, you can create information products in forms such as blog posts, YouTube videos, and eBooks.

You can create topics for different users, such as:

  • How to Design your Wedding Invitation Card with Canva in 4 Minutes 
  • How to Design an Amazing Business Card with Canva 
  • 3 Ways to Design an eBook Cover with Canva
  • Need a Flyer for your Business? Here is How to Save Cost with Canva 
  • Review – Graphics Designers or Just Canva Pro

The list of tips you can create from this single software has no limit. Perhaps, you need various topics to be able to attract several users with different interests.

Why do you do this?

When you write well enough to explain with illustrations, or simply make a YouTube video teaching people how to use this platform, you will leave a link for them to pay to subscribe to the software. 

In this case, your affiliate link, and since you have so much content for so many possible users, you will keep helping them learn and also keep earning huge commissions from all their fees. 

Isn’t affiliate marketing a blessing to mankind? 

Meanwhile, you can also use this link to purchase your first Canva Pro account and start designing amazing graphics for your businesses or this affiliate marketing project.

Step Three: Promoting Affiliate Products

Now that you’ve created informational content around these affiliate marketing programs, what next?

Content shared on your blog, YouTube, or embedded in eBooks is mere winks in the dark when it is not accessible to several paying prospects. 

So, to get your content to millions of internet users who are more likely to learn, buy your affiliate products, or sign up for the affiliate services that you promote, you must leverage the internet in various forms. 

However, in our subsequent module, you will learn, in more clear detail, how to promote affiliate products to earn a living.

There are free methods of getting many people to learn from your content, but there are better options if you need faster results.

Platforms where you can share your affiliate links include: 

  • WhatsApp Contact/Channels and Groups 
  • Facebook Pages/groups
  • Paid Google Ads (YouTube Ads and AdWords)
  • Blog Post Optimization (Long terms)
  • Sharing your Content on Instagram or Running IG Ads