Affiliate Marketing Types

Affiliate marketing comes in a variety of forms. In terms of marketing and payment methods, each type has its own qualities. The various types of affiliate marketing are listed below.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Marketers who use pay-per-click marketing earn commissions based on the quantity of traffic their unique referral link generates for the affiliate product (website).

Google AdSense, for example, pays bloggers a reward depending on the number of clicks generated by the advertising on their site.

Pay-Per-Sale Marketing

Pay-per-sale marketing is a sort of affiliate marketing in which marketers are compensated based on the number of sales generated by their link.

PPS necessitates a well-thought-out advertising strategy as well as the capacity to secure prospects who are interested in the products.

Affiliate networks like Clickbank and Expertnaire are common examples, where affiliate marketers promote publicity for a product or service in exchange for a percentage of the commissions.

Advertising on a pay-per-lead basis

Pay-Per-Lead Marketing

Marketers who use pay-per-lead affiliate marketing get paid based on how many sign-ups or leads their unique referral link generates.

PPL does not have a set % payout. Each affiliate marketing network has its own set of fees.