Promoting Affiliate Products with a Blog

Most well-paying affiliate platforms listed here won’t accept any partnership applications when you haven’t demonstrated proficiency in your niche.

In other words, you need your new blog to have some quality content on those platforms. 

Cost Estimation

We have made serious calculations for the basic requirements.

To set up a blog with Bluehost, you can start with as low as $36/year; and to set up a blog with Namecheap, you can start with as low as $24/year.

It is very simple and you can do that right now. 

To further help you understand blogging and learn how to create a lifetime income stream blogging, below are several resources that will put you through. 

With all these, it is guaranteed that in less than 30 days you have built up a business that will continue to pay you for the rest of your life. 

Note: Blogging is a comprehensive affiliate marketing strategy for various reasons, some of which being that you can as well integrate your YouTube videos and links to eBooks to maximize your earnings.

There are more than 10 ways you can be earning a lifetime salary from your new blogs and we have documented every process in this detailed online course.