Promoting Affiliate Products with Video Content

This is yet another strategy that works like magic, and all you’ve got to do is to select a niche with several platforms, study them by using them as we suggested, and go ahead with the right content research that will help you create amazing content.

Your goal with this channel is to teach people how to use digital platforms, products, and services and do it in such a way that they will love to sign up using the link you share. 

For instance, you can decide to share insights, tips, and guides on the use of a great platform such as Getresponse.

This is an all-in-one platform that helps with the following:

  1. Creating a Webinar 
  2. Landing/Sales Pages 
  3. Sending of Bulk Emails
  4. Collecting Email Accounts, etc. 

Below are samples of some of this content that we create to guide users and also open doors for our earnings whenever any user decides to sign up after following our guides:

  1. 5 Easy Steps to Set Up a Webinar in 4 Minutes 
  2. How to Sell Any Product with a Sales Page 

How it happens is that in the course of the tutorial you will introduce users to the platform with every step-by-step procedure (how to signup, how to use it, its competitive advantages, etc.).

We are only helping the developers get visibility and also helping business owners learn about the tools that can transform their businesses.

It’s a two-way thing, and in the end, when anyone needs or loves the platform, both of us enjoy it, because as they sign up to that platform using our link, we get paid. 

Your content will keep circulating and you’ll keep earning commission ($100 per head or 33% of anything they pay using the Recursive Affiliate program).

You can repeat this method on as many platforms as possible.

The cost of setting up a YouTube Channel is free, and with the guide below you will get started now.

YouTube GuideHow to Set Up a YouTube Channel in Less than 5 Minutes