Understanding WordPress

It is critical for you to understand the opportunities you’ll enjoy as a WordPress user or developer. These can also be tagged as advantages, opportunities, and benefits of using WordPress. To get started, here are some of the things you need to know about WordPress and what you stand to gain by using WordPress to design and develop your website:

Its Open Source And Always Free.

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and paired with MySQL or MariaDB database. Due to this factor, WordPress has been adopted as the content management system of choice for 42.8% of the top 10 million websites as of October 2021.

Being an open-source platform definitely comes with its own merits that make WordPress one of the leading and best CMS out there. The benefits you stand to gain from using WordPress are:

  • Flexibility And Agility– Open-source platforms like wordpress offers a flexible and agile platforms, giving you multiple ways to solve a particular problem. There are multiple vendors that offers solution to problems encountered on the platform, and even if there’s no vendor offering solutions to a particular problem, seeing that the platform is open-source, you can create your own solution and publish it on the platform, either as a plugin or an add on. this sort of flexibility and agility is one thing that is lacking in other closed-source CMS.
  • Speed– For whatever use you need a content management system for, you will soon see your self competing with other established brands and you need speed, that will be your only saving grace. And what better system to give you speed than an open source system? A great advantage of opensource is the ability you have to take community versions, get started, and along the way, find out if they offer solutions to your business problems, this way, you can start to deliver value right away. Once you make yhe decision to get started, there are professional supports that are readily available for open-source platforms.
  • Ability To Start Small- With an Open source platform like wordpress, as youll learn in this course, you can actually kick off whatever youre doing on a small scale, using the community versions of whatever you need and upgrade as you go along. This is only available to you when youre using open-source platforms like wordpress. However, you can use these free community versions indefinitely.

No Coding Required

If you use wordpress as your CMS of choice, you get to use a visual drag and drop editor, where the editor view always resembles the published site.

Hundreds of templates are available are available for you to edit the look of your site without the need for coding in HTML or CSS. All these templates are created by a team of designers, and they remain consistent in quality. you can also create your own template and ompleytely revamp the look of your website without writing a single line of code.

Plugins are also known as Widgets and are the building blocks of every site, The widget library on site builders such as elementor are over one hundred.These plugins are built, to be used without code. There are cases where you may need to work with APIs, or need to integrate your website with different platforms and WordPress provide you with the opportunity to do some coding or leverage on plugins to get your work done.

WordPress Is Sophisticated.

As an open-source platform, thousands of developers around the globe design and deploy plugins and themes that provide solutions for every business.

Note that: A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website while the WordPress theme decides the appearance of your site.

These plugins power and sustain almost any kind of website that you can think about – and that alone makes WordPress the Almighty technology for the designing of web facilities.

Sites you can design with WordPress due to plugins include:

  • eCommerce websites (of any scale)
  • Business Websites such as:
  • Service delivery
  • Record keeping and Business Management
  • eLearning Facility
  • Organizational Websites
  • School Portals
  • Personal Websites (to name just a few)

WordPress is Easy To Install and Use

Even with zero prior technical knowledge you can easily install and use WordPress. We only advise that you invest in learning the right steps to get anything done with the platform.

There is no platform without shortcomings but the majority of issues that developers run into coming from not learning before executing some installing and customization processes.

Mobile Friendly Designs

According to a reliable source, in total, the number of people that own a smart and feature phone is 7.101 billion; and these statistics clearly make up 89.76% of what we have today as the world population.

What does this tell you?

Transactions, reading and other activities that users carry out online are done with Smartphones. Our site statistic also reveals that more than 80% of our website users first accessed our website with their Mobile Phones. Any website design that does not include Mobile Friendliness does not align with their earlier released guideline for web development (as at the time of preparing this guide).

What these imply is that to become competitive as a developer or a business owner, your website design must be user friendly (in this case, Mobile friendly).To achieve this, the design must maintain a standard that guarantees easy viewing and access on any kind of screen with a fully responsive design

A WordPress-powered website can be designed with mobile-responsive themes that automatically adapt pages and posts for mobile devices – with a variety of page builders, optimizing plugins and themes.

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