Where To Find Profitable Affiliate Marketing Programs

There is no better way to discover profitable Programs/platforms than to answer a number of basic questions about affiliate marketing.

To start off, understand what affiliate marketing is all about, and how you can earn income through affiliate marketing.

I recall how I learned about Adsense in 2013 and jumped into blogging.

Frankly, I failed, I lost money and even procured huge debts in the process.

After a while, history repeated itself and would have continued in that loop. However, I realized the importance of investing in knowledge. By doing a few things I learned along the way, my first blog ranked off in just three months and increased my earnings by 100%. Some of those strategies I used will be shared in this manual.

Without further ado, let’s study the number of ways to find profitable marketing programs.

Select Affiliate Marketing Programs.

To start making considerations on the type of affiliate marketing program, kindly go through this manual – 50+ Critical Things You Must Know About Affiliate Marketing.

Method One: Consider Your Niche

Niche here simply means your business niche (if you already have a business or render services) or the particular area of your business which you can take online.

  • If you already have a web development skill, or intend to acquire such skill, then your business niche should be web development.
  • If you have influence, experience or desire for fashion, then your niche is fashion.

The list goes on. It is based on the outcome of the decision above that you can decide to jump into any of the following affiliate programs.

Method Two: Select From Affiliate Marketing Marketplaces

Just as we have an app store for IOS devices, Google play store for Android devices, and Microsoft OVI store, so also there are great technologies powering various affiliate marketing platforms.

Examples of these affiliate marketing platforms are-

  • Impact Radius.
  • CJ Affiliates, etc.

These affiliate marketplaces have certain criteria in common. Applying and getting approved for these platforms can be very demanding at all times; and for good reasons.

With these affiliate marketing platforms, you can find high-paying affiliate programs.

Some can pay you as much as $100, $200, and even $1200 for any sale or sign-up that you bring.

For this reason, people who are not smart on the internet try to beat systems and cash out without working for the money.

For a time, those tactics worked but recently, more and more measures have been put in place to thwart the efforts of those who intend to beat the system and the consequences are dire. You can lose your entire earnings and even get blacklisted from that platform entirely.

If you intend to make money with affiliate marketing in 2022, you must study the most genuine process and follow all regulations.

Method Three: Select from E-commerce stores.

There are several eCommerce stores powered directly by Affiliate Marketing Technologies. The most popular among the ones in the United States is Click bank. In Africa however, the most popular is Expertnaire.

These are mostly online stores where information products are sold. These information products include online courses, e-books, webinars, event tickets, and lots more.

As usual, it’s a hub that helps these content creators make more sales and also help the affiliate earn huge commissions from recommending the products (online courses, e-books, etc)