Why Jobreaders Affiliate Partnership?

You don’t need to be an expert or know how to create anything online. Jobreaders goal is to help you make money while you keep helping others learn.

Our intention is to make profitable skills and these valuable knowledge open to everyone because we believe that having lots of people learn how to earn legitimate income doing simple jobs online or offline will be a great way to make our communities a better place for all of us.

As an organization dedicated to impacting skill-based knowledge in millions of lives, we are excited to welcome partners who will earn income as we work toward our goal.

Our transparent tracking system enables us to pay up every earned commission each month from every confirmed referral.

Our easy-to-use system along with our around-the-clock support system makes us one of the best eLearning platforms to partner with.

We value the contribution of all of our partners from around the world. That is why we offer an amazing commission rate of 50% for every product from our referrals.

Our standard customer support system ensures our partners enjoy the best possible affiliate experience while working from anywhere.

Read to Partner with Jobreaders?

One of the best things you will be learning in this short course is the tools and methods you can use to expand our work in your areas and also be able to start making money by helping others learn.

So, we are about to dive into the course and here are some of the things you will be getting from us to help you on the journey:

  • The best marketing tools
  • Well-designed creatives (graphics) for online marketing
  • Affiliate support (guides from our team)
  • 50% one-time commission on every successful referral.