11 Topnotch Business Ideas to Make Money this Christmas Season

Christmas is, no doubt, one of the most celebrated feasts in the whole world. It is known for higher level of consumption and here are topnotch business ideas that will help you earn some buck this season.


The season is a time when people spend for fun, and because they crave for more satisfactions, you have every opportunity to become a millionaire or just richer, rendering services and delivering some ‘most demanded’ products.

And, of course, you need to look deep into the nature of your environment, in order to know the lifestyle of your market.


You don’t need to ask me again ‘how can I make money this Christmas’ after going down this series with me. And trust me; this has been some of the things we did to get to where we are known.


However, just like every other seasons, the money you will make will be equated with the quality of services you will be able to deliver.



Ultimately, you can only make more money during Christmas season, by identifying the addictive commodities in your locality, and being the supplier, even before other.



11 Topnotch Business Ideas to Make Money in Naira this Christmas Season

This list is not intended to be the comprehensive approach or the only possible means to make money this season. It is subject to further update, and also demands that you add more (if you have any).


But here are how you can make money this Christmas and New Year season:


#1. Become the ATM

This idea will be more effective for entrepreneurs living in densely populated areas with less ATM spots, or individuals who live in areas with little or no ATM at all.

The idea is that; you will help them make withdrawals of funds(money) through your own POS, each time they are in need of cash.

With this, you will earn a lot of money, through additional POS charges, and also save them the long hours of queuing at the ATM locations.


How do I get the POS?

It’s very simple.

Just make some cash available in your Bank accounts, and request for POS from your Bank.

Nigerian Banks are willing and ever ready to offer their POS services to customers that demand for them. This is because they also make money from the commissions.



#2. Christmas Photography


Photography is a sure way to make enough money during these two seasons in Naira Land.

And even if you have not tried anything camera before, learning it for this won’t be so hard, and it does not take time.

All you need to do is, get a good digital camera (rent or buy) with a printer.

I mean the one they call ‘wait and take’.

You can even borrow money from someone. Bet me, you’re going to get your money back in few weeks after you’ve done a nice job.

But if you are so unsure of this venture, let’s run some short analysis on how you can easily get your money back.

A copy of this ‘wait and take’ photo is #300 in my area. And since it’s a digital camera, you’ll not be be buying any photographic plate or film.

The glassy digital printing material cost less than #2,000 and can print as man as possible pictures cards.

Just let us assume you could get up to 30 customers in one outing. Some of these picture freaks may even take up to 5 cards with them on different styles.

But I want you to conclude and rum the mathematics with your head.



#3. Firework Deals

In the south-east Nigeria, and some other regions where I’ve lived as a youth, I’ve seen the use of fireworks as the most consumed commodity during both the charismas and the New Year celebration.

Looking at the business areas (although it’s a short termed business) it’s more lucrative than some of the most popular businesses in these regions.

And, although it’s banned in some regions, people still crave for the sound and aura that this fireworks offer during these festive seasons.



How to Deal on Fireworks

You may not have what it takes to manufacture some of them.


Some are imported from countries like China, but that open the door to investors with international business insight and backings (you know what I mean)


But to make money this season, you might want to be, either a seller or a reseller.

Some of these fireworks are bough in bigger packets, and sold in bricks.


Note: You need to be creative enough, to purchase the fireworks you can deliver, during these two seasons (because no one may have interest when the season is over)

So, what you should do is; get some of these items and let others (the buyers) know that you sell them.



#4. Design Greeting Card


It is a common tradition to exchange greeting cards between families and friends during Christmas and New Year celebrations.


So if you are an artist and you can design cards, I see the whole season as yours to make money this years

You can make tons of Naira from the comfort of your home, by just designing and marketing (effectively) assorted designs of gift cards for rich individuals that are willing to buy.

But if you need some already, I have some Graphic designers that can help you amazing designs of Gifts cards.

Feel free to Contact any of these dudes:

Bon Craft




#5. Recharge Cards

People make a lot of calls during these two important seasons, and the truth is that it’s not everyone that knows how to recharge using bank USSD.

You can make a lot of money as a producer of recharge cards this season.

You can also sell in bricks or retail to the end-users in your little populated regions.

But to make it faster, you can subscribe to the VTU on the most used call-networks in Nigeria(MTN) and similar services on other networks.

This will bring out the mobile version of your hustles. You can sell by transferring to customers everywhere.


#6. Sales of Naira Note

There is always in increase in demands of certain types of Naira notes, owing to events like weddings and birthday parties.

The season is accompanied with series of money-demanding events that might force people to pray money in smaller currencies (you understand) or brighter notes.

So you can go to your bank now, and secure these fine Naira notesz ans wait for the time.

You’ll be exchanging these notes with either the older ones or the larger values (for a token)


#7. Sales of Christmas Accessories

These include accessories like the XMass tress, Santa Attires, Caps, light and other beautiful stuffs used during the Christmas period.

So, I suggest that you identify the fats-selling commodities in your location and stock up yur shops for more money.


#8. Sell Christmas  Wears

Even without waiting for research results, we are all aware those boutique owners make the largest income during Christmas season.

There is always a very usual increase in the number of sales.

And it’s a general tradition that people will keep buying new cloths for kids, wives and siblings during these known seasons.


#9. Deal on Jewelries

From the women folks (especially) there are a general increase in the demand for better and newer jewelries.

You don’t need to love jewelries, but you must have flare for selling and making money from it.

And if that is your case, I suggest that you buy them in bulk now. You’re going to make huge sales from it.


#10. Deal on Hampers

This is where rich guys spend.

So be prepared to count your blessings inside your bank accounts.

Hampers are gift packs that are usually exchanged between friends and families during festive periods like Easter, New Year, Valentine, and Christmas.

And these days, an average hamper may cost up to N5000 or even more.


#11. Sell children’s Toys

Children’s toys also sell very well during the Christmas season. In fact, they are most abundant in the market during this period. This business is very easy to put up because children’s toys are very cheap, and they are very profitable. If you have the creativity and know-how, you can make the toys yourself and put them up for sale.



My top Business Ideas  also shared this:  Top 50+ Fast Selling Products to Sell During Christmas

Feel free to go through them and explore the possibilities of making money from them, this Christmas season:


Potted plant


A painting or photograph in a nice picture frame


A scrapbook of photos/memories with the gift recipient


Hat, mittens, or scarves


A loaf of homemade bread

Great for a couple: free movie rental coupons and a box of popcorn

A mix CD or $10 iTunes card

Nice stationary, a quality pen, and a few stamps

A journal with a personal note

A coffee or tea mug with a bag of coffee or box of tea

A nuts and trail mix gift bag

A gift bag or basket of gourmet chocolate truffles or bars

A deck of playing cards and a book of rules

A makeup bag and a cosmetic product or two

A nice vase or jar filled with candy

Decorative recipe cards with a few of your best recopies filled in

A great shade of nail polish, cotton and remover

For pet lovers: a box of pet treats and a pet toy

An action figure (for adults too, they make great desk decorations)

A kitchen tool or two (think can opener, cheese slicer, potato peeler, etc).

A decorative bookmark (could be homemade, and free)

Costume jewelry

Homemade cookies

Small gardening tools

Winter skin care kit

Christmas tree ornament

Puzzle book (cross words, Sudoku)

Bubble bath or bath oils, or a nice soap

A handful of nips of quality whiskeys

Santa hat

Christmas cracker/party hats


Rubber chicken

Christmas trees


Traveling bags

Christmas lights, greeting card

Frozen foods

Hats and scarves

Snow globe

Santa costume

Ice amulet

Christmas ghost costume

Candy cane

Salty claws hat

Heimland games souvenir

Christmas wand


Santa beard

Santa sack.


Robot dig

Tablets and gadgets

Laser Tag

Street sharks

Hot shot basketball

Sweet-smelling koosh

Christmas wallpapers

Fashion and jewelry.  etc


Now, it’s over to you.

If you think I shared nice ideas here, there is only one thing I want you to do for everyone on your list.
Click the Social Icons below, to share this post. It will bless someone in your friendship list.

We have few days to Christmas and many of your Friends and families still struggle with some ways out to their financial needs.

Just share, to bless bless someone.



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