Toyota Corolla 2014 with Prices and Features (Complete Review)

The Toyota Corolla 2014 is one of the most admirable sport cars of our time, owing to its high rating in resource economy and beautiful interior makeup.

Apart from these, it is top among its rivals with affordability ranking in some ramifications.

The Toyota Corolla 2014 has incredible reliability scores, with enough interior to rumor of. In fact, the machine, the 2014 Toyota Corolla is worthy of our consideration in our first pages of car reviews.

The image below after this cut is a clear summary of the specifications of the new ride:

Review of Toyota Corolla 2014 with Prices and Featured


The Toyota Corolla 2014 Ranking from trusted dealers and car websites still maintain that the sport utility ranks 8.5 out of 10.

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However, the ranking is based evaluations of about twenty pieces of different control researches and data, using various sources.

It has nothing to say, but the fact that the car has all one may want from a vehicle of its calibre.

But in our eyes, beyond the famous ‘cars for sale’ and ‘car auctions’ that has always been the order of the internet, we have our eyes on the best of the best with several factors driving our reviews and ranking.

It is either it is very affordable and reliable, it will be based on luxury.

The former also has something to do with petrol economy and the rest of the attributes but we are yet to come to that.

In the world of compact car classes, the 2014 Toyota Corolla is one of the best.

Even as we are sure that you can get something better when you shop around, there is something called adequate.

The number of passengers’ spaces in the interior is another point to be proven that it’s one of the most comfortable vehicles of its kind.

The interior may not have the luxurious vibes from the likes of Range, but we hover around its reliability rating as one of its core selling points.

What about the Toyota Corolla 2014 Cylinder?

Someone once asked me the number of plugs that the Toyota car has, but to be frank, I don’t love discussing cars outside jobreaders.

The vehicle is powered by a four-cylinder engine, and of course, this makes the Corolla suitable for some tidings.

But when there is a need for heavy acceleration, it might be underpowered compared with the 6 to 8-cylinder powered rides.

Sure, that is one of the limitations ( but this is based on the eyes that see). It is still king among its mates. The COrolla Engine is paired with a custom 6-speed manual transmission.

But this is dependent on the rim; available auto transmission is either a CVT or a four-speed automatic.

The CVT is known as the Continuous variable Transmission, and it feels very much refined than many others in the league.

Just take a look at the Wheel

Toyota Corolla 2014 with Prices and Featured (Complete Review)

One thing you need to understand is that it is not same as the Toyota Corolla 2013.

This version is redesigned with the year in mind but with the usual marketing instincts, the newer, the better.

And we must admit that there are just a few differences between the former and the later versions of the Corolla.About the interior, don’t be overtaken by the hype.

Even as there are quite a good number of expensive interior materials for the 2014 Toyota Corolla, there are many low-end plastic materials that mix.

The front seat always takes the whole glory in that the back suffers a lot of padding by the makers.
As obtainable, the Toyota Corolla 2014 is made with good Bluetooth-powered sound system with a digital touch-screen system.

But even with its sensitivity to peripheral (i.e. secure connectivity), a little sunshine can make the screen almost invisible.

Why the Corolla 2014?

In a nutshell, there are many reasons to consider Toyota Corolla 2014  and its vital to list them in manners that will help you make your choices:

  1. Reliability: The reliability of the vehicle was gathered from top car experts in the world. Because irrespective of its shortcomings, the rating speaks volume.
  2. Usability and Affordability: The price of a used Toyota Corolla vehicles ranges from $11,575 for the l-trim to $13,600 for the S Premium trim. This cost can also be broken down in your own local currencies for the actual obtainable prices. But the petrol economy values is why it always makes it to our ranking among affordable cars in Africa.

How can I get Used Toyota Corolla 2014?

One can access used Toyota Corolla 2014 through the Jiji store. Note: We only recommend sites for review purposes. Choices made on third-party sites are solely our users’ responsibilities.

The prices of these vehicles in Nigeria ranges from 3,000,000 to 5,000,000 Nigerian Naira.

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