UAB Scholarships Worth $11,000 (Entrance Guide)

UAB Scholarships Worth $11,000 (Entrance Guide in 2024)

UAB Scholarships in 2024: The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) offers a range of scholarships to support students in pursuing their academic goals. These scholarships recognize various achievements, including academic excellence, leadership, and community involvement.

For each of the available scholarship options, there is a set eligibility and application procedure – and this post is designed to help you tap into a fund where you are eligible.

To proceed, let us learn about the institution and a number of factors that make it stand out as one of your best study destinations in the United States of America.

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The Distinctive Features of the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)

Nestled in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama, the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) stands as a beacon of academic excellence, offering a transformative learning environment with several unique features that set it apart.

  • Research Excellence: UAB stands out as a leading research institution with cutting-edge facilities and a commitment to groundbreaking advancements in various fields.
  • Inclusive Community: The university fosters an inclusive community, celebrating diversity and creating a rich tapestry of cultures and perspectives.
  • Global Perspective: UAB actively promotes global learning opportunities, preparing graduates for success in an interconnected and multicultural world.
  • Socially Conscious Education: Beyond academics, UAB instills a sense of social responsibility, empowering students to make a positive impact on society through community service and sustainability efforts.
  • Health and Medical Excellence: Renowned for exceptional medical and healthcare programs, UAB provides state-of-the-art facilities and collaborations with leading healthcare institutions.
  • Collaborative Learning Environment: With a focus on personalized attention, UAB’s collaborative learning environment nurtures critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Innovation Hub: UAB encourages innovation through entrepreneurship programs and initiatives that foster creativity and the exploration of ideas.
  • Commitment to Student Success: UAB offers a range of scholarships, financial aid options, and support services to ensure every student has the opportunity to excel academically and personally.
  • Vibrant Campus Life: The campus is a hub of vibrant student life, offering cultural events, performances, athletics, and diverse student organizations.
  • Future-Focused Initiatives: UAB leads with forward-thinking initiatives, embracing the latest technologies in education and addressing global challenges.

In conclusion, the University of Alabama at Birmingham is a dynamic community that shapes leaders, innovators, and global citizens through its unique features and commitment to excellence.

Scholarships at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

At UAB, we believe in recognizing and rewarding academic excellence across a diverse spectrum of achievements. Whether you’re an in-state student, an out-of-state student, a transfer student, or an international student, we have tailored scholarship opportunities to support your educational journey.

In-State Students: Explore our range of scholarships designed specifically for in-state students. Your academic accomplishments are valued, and they are committed to providing opportunities that reflect your dedication to excellence.

Out-of-State Students: For out-of-state students, we extend our commitment to academic recognition. Discover scholarship opportunities that acknowledge your hard work and commitment to achieving your best.

Transfer Students: The institution understand the unique journey of transfer students, and they have scholarships tailored to support your transition to UAB. Your academic achievements matter, and they are here to recognize and reward your efforts.

International Students: Embrace the opportunity for academic recognition as an international student at UAB. Our scholarship opportunities are designed to celebrate your achievements and dedication to educational excellence.

At UAB, we value every student’s commitment to their academic journey, and our diverse scholarship offerings aim to support and recognize students at every step.

UAB Scholarships for International Students

With this scholarship program you are some steps away from unlocking your academic journey at UAB with the prestigious UAB International Scholarship, valued at US $7,500 per year.

This scholarship is exclusively available to first-year, full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate students enrolling at UAB. To automatically be considered for this award upon admission, students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Academic Excellence:
    • Graduate from a secondary or high school (up to 2 years prior to intake) with a minimum GPA of 3.0/4.0.
  • Fresh Start:
    • Have not enrolled in post-secondary work.
  • F-1 Visa Anticipation:
    • Anticipate holding an F-1 visa.

The examined GPA will be the cumulative GPA at the time of admission. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis as funds are available, and they are renewable for a total of four years (or eight academic semesters).

Please note that students receiving governmental scholarships or external support are ineligible for this award. Scholarship Eligibility Deadlines: Ensure you secure your spot and be considered for scholarships by meeting the following acceptance deadlines:

  • For August Intake:
    • Acceptance by May 1
  • For January Intake:
    • Acceptance by November 1

Exploring Additional UAB Scholarships: UAB goes beyond the UAB International Scholarship, offering a variety of opportunities such as IB Scholarships, departmental scholarships, and performance scholarships.

To be considered for these additional scholarships, complete the BSMART Scholarship Application in the Blazer Scholarship Management and Resource Tool (BSMART).

The general application, available from August 1, ensures your information reaches various departments on campus for comprehensive scholarship consideration. Take the first step towards a rewarding academic journey with UAB scholarships, feel free to visit the BSMART page for guides and application.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Here is a summary of the undergraduate scholarship programs at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Embarking on your academic journey at UAB is not only a pursuit of knowledge but also an opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for your achievements.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to the 2024 In-State Freshman Scholarships:

Merit Scholarships for Admitted Students with Test Scores:

Scholarship Deadline: December 1, 2023

  1. Presidential Scholarship:
    • Test Score: 30-36 ACT or 1360-1600 SAT
    • GPA: 3.5 or higher
    • Annual Amount: $11,000
  2. Provost Scholarship:
    • Test Score: 27-29 ACT or 1260-1350 SAT
    • GPA: 3.5 or higher
    • Annual Amount: $7,000
  3. Provost Scholarship (Alternate):
    • Test Score: 30-36 ACT or 1360-1600 SAT
    • GPA: 3.0-3.49
    • Annual Amount: $7,000
  4. Green & Gold Scholarship:
    • Test Score: 24-26 ACT or 1160-1250 SAT
    • GPA: 3.5 or higher
    • Annual Amount: $4,000
  5. Green & Gold Scholarship (Alternate):
    • Test Score: 27-29 ACT or 1260-1350 SAT
    • GPA: 3.0-3.49
    • Annual Amount: $4,000
  6. Blazer Scholarship:
    • Test Score: 22-23 ACT or 1100-1150 SAT
    • GPA: 3.5 or higher
    • Annual Amount: $3,000
  7. Blazer Scholarship (Alternate):
    • Test Score: 24-26 ACT or 1160-1250 SAT
    • GPA: 3.0-3.49
    • Annual Amount: $3,000

Test-Optional Scholarships for Admitted Students without Test Scores:

  • Test-Optional Scholarships: $3,000–$11,000
    • Eligibility: Minimum GPA of 3.25

Endowed Scholarships: Invitation-Only Opportunity:

  • Invitation to compete for Regions, Ireland, or McCallum Presidential endowed scholarships based on:
    • Test Scores: 33–36 ACT or 1450–1600 SAT
    • High School GPA: At least 3.5
    • Qualifying test-optional applicants also invited

National Scholarships: Stackable on Merit Awards (Choose One):

  1. National Merit Finalist: $4,000 per year
  2. National Hispanic Scholar: $2,500 per year
  3. National African American Scholar: $2,500 per year
  4. National Indigenous Scholar: $2,500 per year
  5. National Rural/Small-Town Scholar: $2,500 per year
  6. IB Diploma Holder: $2,500 per year
  7. IB Candidate: $1,000 per year

UAB Birmingham Promise Scholarship:

  • For graduates from Birmingham City School
  • Covers remaining required tuition and fees (up to 15 credit hours per semester)
  • Housing and meal plan costs not covered
  • Renewable for up to four years (eight semesters) based on academic and application renewal requirements

Additional UAB Scholarships:

  • Departmental, performance, and more scholarship opportunities
  • Complete the BSMART Scholarship Application beginning August 1 for comprehensive consideration

Your journey at UAB is not just an education; it’s a pathway to recognition and success. Explore the diverse scholarship opportunities and make your mark at UAB!


How to Apply for UAB Scholarships in 2024

Are you ready to seize the opportunity and apply for UAB scholarships in 2024? Follow these optimized steps to kickstart your application process:

  • Explore UAB Scholarships 2024
    • Visit the official UAB scholarship page.
    • Grasp eligibility criteria, requirements, and deadlines.
  • Ascertain Your Eligibility
    • Review specific criteria to align with your qualifications.
    • Note academic, extracurricular, or personal achievements required.
  • Gather Necessary Documentation
    • Collect crucial documentation like academic transcripts and recommendation letters.
    • Ensure documents are current and accurately portray your achievements.
  • Access the Online Application
    • Visit UAB Scholarships.
    • Locate the application portal or links to individual scholarships.
  • Complete the Application Form
    • Follow instructions to complete the online form.
    • Provide detailed information about academic and extracurricular achievements.
  • Submit Your Application
    • Double-check accuracy before submission.
    • Attach or upload all required documents according to guidelines.
  • Confirmation and Follow-Up
    • Await a confirmation email upon submission.
    • Stay proactive in following up on additional requirements or updates.
  • Stay Informed
    • Regularly check email and the UAB scholarship page for updates.
    • Stay informed about changes to deadlines or requirements.
  • Celebrate Your Achievements
    • Celebrate upon receiving a UAB scholarship.
    • Acknowledge the recognition of your hard work.
  • Explore More Opportunities
    • Delve into additional financial aid options offered by UAB.
    • Discover resources to further support your academic journey.


The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) presents a wealth of scholarships and admission opportunities, catering to a diverse pool of students. Merit-based scholarships, including in-state, out-of-state, and transfer awards, abound for those showcasing academic excellence.

The application process encompasses a holistic review, considering factors beyond academic merit, and encourages international students to apply. UAB’s commitment to inclusive education is reflected in renewable scholarships of up to $27,000 per year, subject to conditions.

With a focus on both merit and need-based financial aid, UAB stands as a welcoming institution, offering a pathway for students to pursue higher education in a supportive and globally diverse environment.

FAQ on UAB Scholarships, Admission, and Tuition

Here are some answers to questions students are asking in respect to the topic above:

UAB Scholarships:

  1. What types of scholarships does UAB offer?
    • UAB provides various scholarships, including merit-based awards for in-state, out-of-state, and transfer students. Phi Theta Kappa annual awards, grants, and athletic scholarships are also available.
  2. How do I apply for UAB scholarships?
    • To be considered for scholarships, submit an application, academic records, standardized test scores (preferred), recommendation letters, and financial documentation if applying for an F-1 visa.
  3. Are scholarships renewable?
    • Yes, scholarships are renewable for up to four years, contingent on maintaining full-time enrollment, a good GPA, and remaining in good standing at UAB.

UAB Admission:

  1. What are the admission criteria for international students at UAB?
    • UAB welcomes international students based on a GPA-based eligibility criterion, and standardized test scores are encouraged for higher scholarship consideration.
  2. Is the application process holistic?
    • Yes, UAB adopts a holistic approach to admissions, considering factors beyond academic merit, fostering a diverse and supportive learning environment.
  3. What documents are required for the admission process?
    • The admission process involves submitting an application, academic records, standardized test scores (optional but preferred), recommendation letters, and a copy of the passport.

UAB Tuition:

  1. What is the tuition for local and international students at UAB?
    • UAB’s tuition varies, with local tuition at $8,568 USD and domestic tuition at $20,400 USD (2019–2020).
  2. How can I establish residency for in-state tuition at UAB?
    • To establish residency for in-state tuition, you must have the legal ability to establish a permanent residence in the United States, either as a citizen, permanent resident, or valid nonimmigrant visa holder.
  3. What financial aid options are available for tuition coverage?
    • UAB offers scholarships and need-based financial aid to help cover tuition costs, ensuring accessibility to quality education.