UCSD California Acceptance Rate – How to Get Qualified and get Funds

UCSD California acceptance rate has become a point of consideration for the students seeking admission into the university.

Aside from mentioning that the acceptance rate for UCSD is relatively high but competitive, this is how to get qualified for admission into the school, learning from the school website and other needed criteria for the current and subsequent entries.

Every year UCSD receives a high number of students application although not all of then finally gets admission into UCSD. This is the reason why anybody seeking admission into the university ought to know that the UCSD California acceptance rate may not be friendly.

The information in this article will not only tell you about UCSD California acceptance rate but also explain so many things as to regards to other requirements like GPA, ACT, and SAT scores, I believe that after going through this article, getting admission into UCSD will not be a difficult thing for you again.

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How to Get Qualified for UCSD Admission

To get into the UCSD California School, one needs to be in alignment with the whole requirements of the institution.

This is the only condition that can help your application for admission stand out from the list of other applicants.

Through the school website made available from this post, one can proceed with learning more about the schools and what it takes to pass through the UCSD California Acceptance Rate.


There are so many reasons why students consider university of California San Diego.

 They are research-oriented, service-oriented public institution that provides an opportunity for everybody. The university has achieved a great reputation both locally and international.

UCSD is ranked 15 in the world wide university research and they encourages collaboration when it comes to culture.

The university provides the students with a wide range of education and research opportunities that span from engineering, medicine, oceanography, art, humanities, physical and social sciences.

One of the campuses offers undergraduate small college which is a concept designed after those at Cambridge and Oxford universities. All the undergraduate colleges has their own residence hall, student’s services, tradition and graduation ceremonies.

The undergraduate students remain part of the university where they cultivate the sense of identity within their preferred college

UCSD is the campus with many pillars of distinction, leading other public universities, transforming lives, shaping new discipline and improving the frontier knowledge.

What Are UCSD Admission Requirement?

Having known that there are many things to consider during admission application you’re advised to focus on the major things which are:

GPA requirements

A testing requirement that includes SAT and ACT. It is also vital to note that the best criteria any institution may look out for are the previous academic record. SO if you are making these findings for yourself, you may consider learning our tips for higher CGPA through this link.

What Is UCSD California Acceptance Rate?

Students who wish to get admission should first check the UCSD acceptance rate. The essence of this is to know how competitive the school is, how serious their qualifications are and also how to prepare.

UCSD California Acceptance rate is 34% meaning that for every 100 applicants 34 students are giving admission into the school. This implies that the university is very selective when it comes to admission.

 But if you meet UCSD qualifications for GPA, SAT/ACT scores and other part of application, you stand a chance of getting admission into the university.

Students who fall short on GPA, SAT/ACT scores has a very tiny opportunity of being admitted even if they meet other admission necessities

GPA Requirement

Some universities placed GPA as a compulsory requirement, but it is often just the bare minimum to submit an applications without immediately getting rejected.

The important GPA is the one that will give you access to the university, therefore we are looking at the school average GPA for its current students.

Some schools use a weighted GPA out of 4.0, though some report an unweighted GPA. The university expects the students to make up a 4.08 GPA for them to be at the top of their class. For this reason, they require all A’s in all classes to be able to contend with other candidates.

Students GPA are always difficult to change during the time of college application most especially when they are currently junior or senior.

For those that their GPA is below the school average 4.08, they need a higher SAT OR ACT score to make up with their overall score. This will help you to compete effectively with other aspirants who have a higher GPA.

 Are There SAT And ACT Test Requirements?

The different school has their different reasons for conducting standardized testing. You will find out that some may require the SAT or ACT while others require sat subject tests

Candidates who seek admission into UCSD must take either SAT or ACT to be able to submit their application. Also need to have a strong application

What Are The UCSD SAT Score Requirements?

Some schools do not have SAT score cutoff, but the fact remains that there is a hidden SAT basis that is based on the school average

Average SAT score composite at UCSD is 1310 on the 1600 SAT scale and the score makes UCSD reasonable competitive for SAT test score.

The new 25th percentile SAT score is 1210, while the 75th percentile new SAT score is 1410. This implies that the 1210 on the new SAT places you below average and 1410 will move you up to above average

What Are The UCSD Act Requirements For Admission?

UCSD ACT cut-off mark is not too high but aspirants who scored too low will not be admitted into the university, the average ACT score at UCSD is 29 which makes UCSD to be competitive for ACT score

It is important to know that the 25th percentile ACT score is 27while the 75th percentile act score is 33.

The UCSD explained that they don’t have least ACT score, but if you apply with 27 or below it will be difficult for you to gain admission unless you have something that is impressive in your application.

Is There SAT/ACT Writing Section Requirements?

The SAT and ACT test has an optional section. What UCSD requires from you is to take the SAT essay which will be used in consideration for admission.

SAT Subject Requirement

Different school has their different SAT subject test, most of the competitive school requires SAT subject while some within the country do not expect it. UCSD does not require SAT subject test.

Other Things To Know About UCSD

Student aspirant must have up to 3.0 GPA for non-resident or higher

Grades lower than C is expected in the high school subject

You can substitute SAT subject test for course

Candidates that don’t meet the qualifications can gain admission with a higher score on the ACT/SAT plus on two SAT subjects test.

Lastly, some students who don’t meet up to the required qualifications because of a sudden condition are being admitted by exception based on the information presented in their statement

Knowing fully well that UCSD is a high competitive school, strong academic grades are crucial to improve your odds of gaining admission. Those who are able to score 1410 SAT or a 33 ACT and above have a high possibility of getting admission.

How Do I Get Admission Into UCSD?

Below are some of the steps that will help you gain admission in UCSD?

Pass all your course work and tests

The first thing to do is to target above the minimum requirement for GPA, test scores, course work and also work towards it. It is expected that outstanding candidates are to score at least 75% and above GPA for admission pool.

Also, take a curriculum with plenty of honours an AP or IB courses to demonstrate that you challenge your self

Show that you have a strong character

USCD demands that candidates possesses a strong character which is a means of evaluation. You are expected to illustrate your character by yourself since the teachers recommendation are not part of the application.

You highlight your personal qualities and academics also shows how your values align with that of USCD.

Explains what sets you apart

The pride of UCSD lies in the bodies of the students but this doesn’t mean that they have to come from a minority or influential background before accepted rather have some values that make them outstanding from the candidate pool.

This might be your unusual upbringing, speaking of multiple languages or being the first person to attend a college in your family. Just highlight it as you’re well known


How To Make My Application Stand Out?

There are so many things that affect students chances of getting admission into UCSD, below are the steps for improvement.

Emphasize more on areas like extracurricular successes, diverse and unusual circumstances of which your essay is better means of communicating that to UCSD

Strive to make the minimum requirement or qualifications because it was established for admission purpose

Prove your strong desire for UCSD i.e why choose UCSD leaving another school because the admission committee wants to know the reason why students choose their school in particular.

In UCSD they don’t have an interview but you have to show interest by visiting the college, getting  their mail list and signing up for online materials

The School website: https://ucsd.edu/

Scholarships Administered By Uc San Diego

Here are some scholarship opportunities based on categories:

  1. Undergraduate Research Scholarships (URS):  While some URS summer scholarships are open to specific areas of study, you should be able to find a scholarship you are eligible to apply for. You can also apply to more than one scholarship! Find out more about URS scholarships. Here are some list of URS Scholarships
  2. Chancellor’s Research Scholarship for Arts and Humanities
  3. Chancellor’s Research Scholarship for Social Sciences
  4. David Marc Belkin Memorial Research Scholarship for Environment and Ecology
  5. David Jay Gambee Memorial Research Scholarship for Governance and Social Impact Projects
  6. Doris A. Howell Foundation Research Scholarship for Women’s Health
  7. Eureka! Scholarship for Biological Sciences Majors
  8. Springboard Eureka! Scholarship for Biological Science Majors (Kyoto University)
  9. HIV Institute – Transgender/Gender Non-Binary Community Health Research Scholarship
  10. Julia Brown Research Scholarship for Health and Medical Professions
  11. Ledell Family Research Scholarship for Science and Engineering
  12. NEW Scholars Program for Undocumented Students
  13. Philip and Elizabeth Hiestand Scholarship for cross-disciplinary research in SIO and Engineering
  14. Research Scholarships for Physics
  15. Starbucks Sustainable Solutions and Learning Opportunities Research Scholarship

How to Apply to Undergraduate Research Scholarships (URS)

The URS Summe research project must be work above and beyond the normal course of study. Students should have a project where their role is defined and that they can take ownership of, even if it is part of a larger project. 

Students will need to also submit a Final Report & Faculty Appraisal at the end of their 10 week experience. A due date will be given when you are accepted.

Facts to know for Eligibity:

1. Determine Eligibility

2. Review Scholarships

3. Research Proposal

4. Personal Statement

5. Letter of Recommendation / Support


The scholarship selection committee may include: the Faculty Committee on Undergraduate Scholarships and Honors, department faculty, program affiliates, or judges selected by sponsoring donors. The scholarship selection committee is chosen based on criteria set forth by sponsoring donors associated with each individual scholarship. This committee selects the winners, who will be notified by e-mail or on the application portal in late April/early May 2020.


Students not awarded will be notified via the application portal. The application status will say “not offered”.

Students will not receive more than one research award.

If the student’s project changes significantly between the application and the award period, the review committee reserves the right to request and review an updated proposal. 

If awarded:

  • Students must not be in the process of completing a 5-year BS/MS or BA/MA degree.
  • Students must not be graduated by Summer 2020. 
  • Students may not take classes (either session 1 or session 2) during the scholarship period (June 22 – August 28, 2020).
  • Students may not hold an outside job during the scholarship period and may be asked to sign a form indicating they have ended all employment for the summer. 
  • Students may not be concurrently paid through their research group for work done during the summer.

Current Scholars

As a participant of URS and the Summer Research Program make sure you are up-to-date on all required activities and requirements.

Visit the Official Website for more details: https://fas.ucsd.edu/types/scholarships/index.html

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