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2023/2024 UF Career Programs (Updates Details)

The UF Career Programs is made up of a handful of business and career opportunities, including the UF Career Showcase, training, career planning, coporative education/internship, trade fairs and a couple of life-changing events for 2023/2024.

The Career Showcase UF or the UF Career Showcase houses a good number of Business Fairs, Training, career planning, cooperative education/internship work experience opportunities, and employment assistance as you are about to learn from this page. In 2019, 7,000 non-professional and technical students enrolled in the Job Showcase to network with over 350 employers. The hope of a recruiting manager is that discovering your potential talent at the Career Showcase UF is straightforward.

Career Showcase UF is built to help you identify the organization’s outstanding students and alumni; the biggest job fair in the Southeast, is typically a two-day festival that highlights students in one place in a diverse range of majors. There are a number of job fairs in the Career Connections Center to meet the needs of any worker.

Career fairs give you the ability to meet and network with well-known businesses, from on-campus to interactive gatherings.

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UF Career Showcase 2023/2024

The University of Florida student is at the heart of the job carried out at the Career Connections Centre. The team prides itself on presenting all students with unique and inclusive programs, from first-year students to college students and graduates, and everything in between.

Both nationally recognized workers are committed to giving the campus population the best job services. With the goal of informing and building links with the culture of the UF career showcase in order to promote students’ holistic career growth. Hence, enabling any UF student when pursuing their degree to have a positive work experience.

The Career Connections Center is dedicated to fostering an inclusive culture that represents the varied identities and perspectives of UF students, workers, and faculty. Both facets of personality and positionality are included in diversity. This encompasses race, creed, color, faith, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and speech, variety, and intersection.

Both size, marital status, national origin, political beliefs or affiliations, genetic records, veteran status, and the many other forms that may be classified.

UF Career Planning 2023/2024

Career Planning is described as your career research, conversation, and reflection.

Career preparation is seen as an ongoing process by the Career Relations Center that lets you learn about yourself, grow professionally, gain experience, and prepare for the next steps.

Our career development outlook focuses on solutions, knowledge benefits, and action-taking.

How can Career Planning help you where you are today?

You’re perceived as an authority. This helps direct you to find your skill so that you can live independently and with responsibility for your job decisions.

It also allows you to identify your personal and/or career ambitions, opening up a field of possibilities. To make you decide on the next moves, the right questions are answered, providing assignments and suggestions.


A variety of different job preparation choices are presented to better suit your needs at the Job Relations Center:

  • With self-guided worksheets, manuals, meditation papers, and instruments/services, on your own.
  • In Career Discussions, Seminars, and Laboratories party.
  • With Express Drop-In and Job Planning Appointments independently.

Career Planning on Your Own

You may participate in Career Preparation on your own in many ways, at any time or any venue.

It can be a wonderful first step in going forward and gaining help to interact with these tools, events, and instruments.

To help you answer fast questions, focus on your priorities, and take time to consider what additional resources you may require, use these suggestions.

CHOMP-CHOMP is a method of online, collaborative, self-directed work, and educational preparation intended to help you make choices about your future career aspirations and ambitions for college.

Gator Professional Series-GPS is a series of virtual seminars for personal and professional growth that review the skills and topics required to get you ready for a job.

Career Groups-Career Communities offer access to personalized career tools and data that could be important to you, depending on your college or other identities.

Self-Assessments-Self-assessments will give you more career ideas and help you learn more about yourself.

Career Preparation

It can be useful to engage in career planning in a group and learn about career knowledge, explore methods and drive you forward, and hear about career planning issues from Career Relations Center coaches and your colleagues. Community events for career preparation can range from large community seminars to small group Career Discussions. Workshops are live-streamed as well, and for a full list of community activities and upcoming dates, visit the events tab.

Career Planning Appointments

30-minute private meetings with a career consultant are Career Preparation appointments.

You should speak to your job mentor about something specific to your job at a Career Preparation meeting.

For more in-depth, tailored questions and strategies about your job priorities, Job Preparation appointments are recommended.

Nine Job Development subjects are currently available to select from:

  • Selecting / Changing Your Major
  • Exploring Choices for Careers
  • Finding / discussing interests, talents, and values for your job
  • Seeking substantial experience (internship, part-time job, shadowing, volunteering, studying, etc.)
  • Networking / Community creation (Networking, LinkedIn, Seeking a mentor)
  • Developing your CV, cover letter, personal statement, or e-portfolio
  • Exploration / Preparation for Graduate School
  • Search/preparation for a full-time career
  • Preparation for Interviews

To learn how to make an appointment, download the Job Preparation appointment guide here.

A Job Preparation Appointment Results

You operate closely at either the Career Relations Center in the Reitz Union or at a single college or department with one of the highly qualified Career Coaches.

  • It will take time to consider you and what job concerns you may have.
  • Work together to strategize and connect the next moves to the UF Group.
  • Feedback, results, and strategies will be given to you to encourage you.
  • To help you drive towards your targets, you will leave with measures in action.
  • You will be driven by follow-up contact and input on transparency.


Individual Job Preparation appointments are only valid up to a year after graduation for existing UF students and alumni.

Career Planning Appointment slots fill up very fast at busy hours, with likely wait times.

In order to get you started during peak seasons, other types of job preparation may include related details and techniques.

Career Planning Hub

The Career Planning Center through Canvas is an online platform that will help lead you through the process of career planning.

Along with your forthcoming Job Preparation Meeting, the Career Planning Hub will be used to better train and make the most of your appointment time.

Visit the Official Website

Career Readiness Check-In

In 2015, the “Ready Set Job” University Challenge was given by Governor Rick Scott.

Such challenges state-funded universities to provide full-time jobs within a year for those earning the two most common degrees from each university for 100 percent of their graduates (not going to graduate school).

At UF, the aim is to see any graduate experience success by jobs after graduation from each degree.

The Career Preparation Check-In was introduced as an institution-wide initiative for students to train for life after graduation in order to ensure students are confident and able to explore post-graduation plans.

Career Readiness Holds

Two holds will surface on their records during the second fall of a student at the institution. They are the Job Check-In Holds.

In order to apply for the next semester’s classes, the student would be expected to perform acts to lift the two holds.

In order to encourage student understanding and readiness for success after graduation, the holds are part of the university-wide solution.

Career Readiness Holds can be completed in about 45 minutes.

The Career Action Plan

The Career Connections Center is a place to help you connect and train for life after graduation with what you are studying and enjoying during your UF experience.

In favor of bridging creativity to action, the Job Action Plan lets you harness the Job Relations Hub and our network of partners.

How the Career Action Plan Helps

The Job Action Plan is created with four non-linear mindsets that have instruments, tasks, and questions that will enable you to learn about your career opportunities introspectively and differently.

Career Action Plan Mindsets

Know about yourself and choices for a job

Find out who you are and what you are good at, and make your job choices clearer.

Making planning for the next moves

Present yourself as a good candidate and accurately express your perspectives as you work toward your career objectives.

Professionally Grow

Assess the qualities that you need to build for your professional interests.

Creating Experience

In a real-world environment, apply the expertise and skills you are creating.

Registration Information

Career Spotlight Fees for Registration:


Per booth, per day (until August 28) $695 + 6.5 percent tax

Per booth, per day (after August 28) $720 + 6.5 percent tax


495 dollars per booth, per day (till 28 August)

$520 a day per booth (after August 28)


595 dollars a day

Payment Information

It accepts credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express) and checks.

Be sure to pick the payment type in the registration form as a credit card or check.

After your identification is validated and you receive an invoice, you receive instructions to pay by credit.

Make checks payable to the ‘Employment Relations Hub of the University of Florida’ (TAX ID # 59-6002052).

Include a scanned copy of the invoice and give payment for the check to:

Core for UF Career Links

Attention: Registration for Career Showcase UF

PO Box 118507 7

32611-85077 Gainesville, FL


Ship them to UF rather than bringing the supplies. Starting two weeks prior to the action, you will ship supplies.

Materials obtained on the day(s) of the exercise will not be available immediately.

Please notice the delivery arrives at a rate of $50.

Mark all products as mentioned below, please. To help ensure that the supplies are properly distributed and sorted, send them to the address as follows:

Beware: UF Career Spotlight

Keep for: The name of the business- Attending Day

Core for Career Links

655 Union Drive in Reitz

Gainesville, 326111 FL

Bring your tracking number(s) to the case with you! You will use your number to find your goods in the event that your shipments are not at your booth upon arrival.

Preparing For the Interview and Getting Through It

When you learn about the job and organization to which you apply, interviews offer the ability to convey your knowledge and experience to employers.

There may be other eligible applicants, but what makes you special and why your UF background qualifies you for their organization, you should be able to clarify.

Interviews are also a way to measure whether you are a suitable candidate for an organization.

On-Campus Interview Policies

You will be linked via the Job Connections Center to employers that hold interviews on campus.

When you commit to an on-campus interview, it’s important to know your duties.

Prior to the Interview

During an interview, the only way to feel more relaxed is by deliberate practice.

For the employer to get to know you is one of the prime purposes of an interview.

You should turn up ready for the interview and confidently address your:

  • Interest in the field  
  • Academic Career
  • Appropriate career experience
  • Transferable skills
  • Technological and verbal ability
  • Position / Organization interest
  • Certifications and Training
  • Campus Participation
  • Management
  • Awards and Accomplishments
  • Professional goals
  • Volunteering Job

Telling Your Story

You will be asked situational and behavioral questions for the bulk of interviews.

These questions offer the boss insight into how, based on previous actions and interactions, you can do in the future.

The S.T.A.R. Approach will help you answer these questions extensively.

This approach is a question answering process that integrates the replies in a way that provides the interviewer all the necessary knowledge about a particular job skill.

Situation-Tell a particular problem or situation to the interviewer. To grasp the plot, give the audience meaning and enough detail.

Mission- What have you wanted to accomplish? What was the task? In this case, tell the interviewer what you have been working to do.

Action- What’ve you been doing? How did you approach it if there was a dilemma or a challenge? Say what you did and why to the interviewer.

Results / Reflection– What was this situation’s outcome? Have you reached your goal? Don’t hesitate to tell the interviewer what you’ve learned from this experience and how that insight has been applied since then.

Connecting Employers with Endless Talent

You can be helped in the recruitment and campus branding needs by the University of Florida Job Relations Hub.

The robust, integrated career center partners for more than 54,000 students from all 16 UF schools.

To be able to promote job ties, as well as the ever-growing alumni community.

Connections between employee collaborators and the entire population of the University of Florida are encouraged.

To help you develop a sustainable recruitment plan, meet with one of the talented staff members on the Workplace Relations team.

The Alumni

The Career Relations Center is delighted to support the distinguished graduates of the University of Florida.

The help doesn’t stop after college, whether you’re looking for jobs or hiring young Gators.

Why You Have UF Worth

As the University of Florida graduates and members of the Gator Nation, you are seen as the allies who help the growth and advancement of the present student by shaping the job ecosystem.

Meeting a Career Coach

Alumni at the University of Florida also have the chance to meet with the job coaching staff after they have graduated.

Alumni are offered free coaching sessions for up to one year after graduation.

When more than a year has elapsed, there are coaching programs customized for those graduates.

Seeking a Career

Using Gator Career Connect for links to thousands of jobs targeting recent entrants (entry-level) or seasoned Gator professionals, whether you are searching for your first job or researching prospects for your next one.

Explore and apply for open positions by logging into Gator Career Connect

Are you considering developing your professional network or extending it?

Then enter the Gator Nation online LinkedIn community to interact and advance your career.

Gators Hiring Gators

Are you in a position to hire or refer your company to Gator alumni?

The UF is happy to communicate with and support your recruiting activities through their Gators Recruiting Gators (GHG) initiative whether you are looking for new graduates or seasoned workers.

By growing and diversifying career experiences for UF recruits, GHG was developed to exploit the UF network.

Whether or not you are in a recruitment capacity, the opportunity to lobby for Gator talent within the circle of influence will help generate more improved jobs, internships, and other Gator Nation opportunities for experience.

Career Consultant Gator

Alumni who wish to give back to current UF students by professional growth initiatives are Gator Job Advisors. Possibilities include:

  • Resumes reviewing (when the schedule allows).
  • Acting (in person or virtually) on career center committees.
  • Hosting students for chances for career shadowing.
  • Sharing your work story for a feature on social media.

Documents for Software

  • Continuation
  • Cover Mail
  • Competency Intervention Verbs
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