Ultrasound Technician: Job Description, Salary and Career Opportunities

This is all you need to know about Ultrasound Technician Job description, Salary, and Career Opportunities for all Ultrasound aspirants and individuals who want to know the scope and limitations of Ultrasound Technicians.

You see those guys in hospitals who recognize and also record the appropriate anatomy and pathology using sonographic equipment? They are called Ultrasound Technicians.

If you are pregnant or a mother and you’ve been to the hospital for scanning or ante-natal purposes then you must have met an Ultrasound Technician.

Because the ultrasound technician is responsible for performing pregnancy ultrasounds. 

And also responsible for producing scanned images of the patient’s internal organs or tissues. 

They also perform Medical Sonography which is one of the major ways to inspect the internal organs of the body.

Which is still carried out using a transducer that emits sound waves into the body.

However, Ultrasound technicians can choose where to work, depending on their interest in commitments.

Some technicians work in prenatal health care centers, while others work in pediatrics.

However, this article will give you more headlights on the job description, salary information, skills, and career opportunity of an Ultrasound Technician

Who is an Ultrasound Technician?

An Ultrasound Technician is also known as Ultrasound Technologists or diagnostic medical sonographers who operate sonographic scanners that produce images of patients’ internal organs.

The Ultrasound Technician uses specialized tools that emit high-frequency sound waves that travel into the body and still reflect on the machine.

Although, the sound waves’ reflections can appear different depending on the type of tissue being imaged.

Ultrasound technicians are not limited to just pregnancy examination they also perform mammogram (breast) and abdominal exams.

To see how well blood is flowing in the body and also to identify any blockages in arteries as it could lead to death.

Some Ultrasound Technicians work in hospitals, others work in long-term facilities while others work in clinics and private offices for doctors.

Generally, they examine parts of the human body which include reproductive systems, prostate, heart, and blood vessels.

They also, work with physicians and patients and they are mostly specialized in gynecologic, obstetric, abdominal, vascular, or cardiac Sonography.

They can also produce images of targeted areas on a Sonogram Computer.

The Ultrasound Technician helps the doctors and also other health professionals with the diagnosis of patients’ ailments.

They are also responsible for the operation of special equipment that uses high-frequency sound waves to record images.

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Is an Ultrasound Career Promising?

If you enjoy helping others by making positive impacts health-wise, becoming an Ultrasound Technician might be the upshot for you regardless.

Besides, careers in the medical field are making waves within the United States.

There’s a prospective turn in becoming an Ultrasound Technician you still get to work in a place of your choice.

You also get to show compassion towards others by delivering high-quality care and you also, get to enter a specialized field with a solid employment forecast.

In the same fashion, Ultrasound technology is the fastest-growing field currently experiencing job growth, with an excellent and groundbreaking salary

Also, you can broaden your expertise in seeking certification in different specialties within the scope of Ultrasound technology.

While still practicing your Job as an Ultrasound Technician hence becoming competitive in the job system.

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 Benefits of Becoming an Ultrasound Technician

Ultrasound technology is not like other career options that are limitless in society it is a rare and still paying kind of Job.

Although it is good to consider why Ultrasound tech might be a good choice to know your potential path in the field.

It is a great career for many reasons which includes:

Fast education:

Most ultrasound technicians hold an Associate Degree, which takes typically 2 years to complete nonetheless.

High Income:

Ultrasound technicians are nevertheless, among the highest salary earners for associate degree holders.

Available Jobs:

There are available jobs for ultrasound technicians and oftentimes they still get to even choose where they work and double-digit growth is expected over the next five years.

Job Description

An Ultrasound technician performs more than just operating imaging equipment.

They also perform several duties that will be explained below, the responsibilities of an ultrasound technician include:

  • They produce images that are used to diagnose the medical conditions of patients.
  • Explaining sonographic procedures to patients
  • An ultrasound technician prepares the exam room and also all ultrasound equipment’s to assist the radiologists in conducting examinations.
  • Write examination report based on the scan results and completion
  • Still maintain a high level of confidentiality
  • They also keep records of patient’s medical history
  • The ultrasound technician still decides whether the image of the tissue is good enough for a diagnosis
  • They also select the images that would be shown to the physician
  • The ultrasound technicians still alert the appropriate medical staff of any abnormalities noticed in any patient’s for immediate attention  
  • They are responsible for sterilizing, maintaining, and also managing the ultrasound equipment
  • Ability to work for a 12-hour shift including nights and also weekends in a hospital.
  • An ultrasound technician must have a good work ethic and also display friendliness to patients to make them comfortable.

What does it take to become an ultrasound technician?

There are different pathways if you want to become an ultrasound technician, but there are certain requirements and processes you’ll need to put in place. 

1. Certificate. 

A one-year certificate program is available only to those who have working experience in other healthcare occupations regardless. 

2. College degree.

If you want to become an ultrasound technician you must, however, earn an associate bachelor’s degree in diagnostic medical Sonography from an accredited program.

And to obtain that, it will take about two years to get an associate degree and still about four years to get a diagnostic medical sonography bachelor’s degree.

3. Credential.

After graduation, you can also take a national credentialing examination to become a certified ultrasound technician.

Certification is not a mandatory protocol but most employers will not hire you without a certification letter.

Although, those who pursue this route stand a chance to obtain a higher salary and better job offers in the ultrasound field.

4. Licensing.

Some countries and states still require ultrasound technicians to be licensed technicians to proffer employments, some states do not employ ultrasound technicians without License.

But in that regard, you can use the License finder tool to find out if your state is one of them.

Suggested agencies that offer Ultrasound certification 

The American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography is a leading accredited organization that is globally recognized.

Many employers require an aspiring ultrasound technician to be certified in numerous ultrasound specialties through meeting academicals and also experiential prerequisites.

The ARRT is also a leading credentialing organization that recognizes qualified individuals in diagnostic medical imaging, interventional procedures, and radiation therapy.

This organization also offers certification and registration in a wide range of disciplines.

Cardiovascular Credentialing International is an independent non-profit corporation established to produce credentialing examinations.

CCI as a professional independent credentialing agency that has been in existence since. 

All the agencies listed above also provide certification for ultrasound technicians 

Additionally, in States where ultrasound certification is not legally required, most employers still prefer an ultrasound technician to be credentialed or licensed.

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Salary Information

An ultrasound technician’s salary is based on the expertise, level of experience, education certifications, and also other factors of the individual

  • Median Annual Salary of an ultrasound technician: More than $55,270 ($26.57/hour)
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: More than $90,760 ($43.63/hour) 
  • Bottom 10% Annual Salary: Less than $28,680 ($13.79)

In the same fashion, Certification and higher education may lead to more advanced or specialized job roles that are aligned to a higher salary.

Similarly, when one has more experience in the ultrasound tech field he or she stands a chance of higher compensation.

Skills and Competencies

Aside from ultrasound education and other requirements, there are also, certain characteristics that will help you excel in the field. Some of these characteristics include:

Active Listening

You must have a complete understanding of what the patients would ask you during the ultrasound procedure.

As a specialist you’re expected to answer their questions before commencing your research and also for you to achieve that you need to listen carefully to what they ask.

Verbal Communication

You still need to instruct your patients on how to position themselves to enable you to capture accurate images.

And also to achieve that you’ll need a convincing tone and good communicational skills regardless.

Interpersonal skills

Besides, listening and communicational skills, it is equally important to have excellent social skills and the ability to sympathize with your patients.

Reading Comprehension

You must also be able to understand all the written instructions the doctors will send to you to let you know the type of images they need.

Critical thinking

As an Ultrasound Technician, you are not just limited to producing images of tissues.

You also, need to think critically to evaluate alternative solutions to problems.

Job Outlook

Ultrasound technicians have a wonderful job outlook that is not stressful. The USA Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies ultrasound tech as a Bright Outlook occupation employment

In the same fashion, ultrasound tech is expected to grow much faster than all the average occupations between 2016 and 2026

Furthermore, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, also stated that the outlook for ultrasound technicians over the next ten years will grow 23 percent.

And driven by an aging population and also a larger need for ultrasound diagnostics regardless. 

Meanwhile, employment for other health specialized technicians is still expected to grow by about 14 percent over the next decade.

Therefore, the growth rates compared projects 7 percent growth for all occupations although ultrasound technicians still stand the highest.

Ultrasound training programs

There are three different types of programs for students who aspire to become potential ultrasound technicians nonetheless.

These programs are Associate’s degree programs, Certificate Programs, and also Bachelor’s degree programs.

Certificate Programs:

This is also great for those who already have working experiences in the healthcare field.

This program also prepares students for entry-level ultrasound positions.

The entry requirements usually entail an associate degree in another healthcare specialized field such as radiography.

Associates of Science Degree:

These programs take two years to complete and also requires the completion of the college or the university’s core curriculum before gaining admission.

This typically results in an associate of applied science degree with still a specialization in Ultrasound tech.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs: 

This is however, a four-year program that offers the deepest level of knowledge and expertise upon graduation.

This program may also provide you with more opportunities due to the additional length of education.

And also provide you specialty training, thereby making you eligible for various career opportunities


Ultrasound technicians conduct ultrasound examinations using sonography machines to produce images of the internal organs of the body and they also work under the supervision of a radiologist.

The ultrasound tech is also an excellent choice of career for as many students that would want to engage in such a wonderful field with a very exciting salary.

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