2023 Best Universities in Canada Without Application Fees

universities in canada without application fees

 Here is a list of top universities in Canada with no application fee for international students throughout the 2023/2024 academic sessions. As an international student ( who is probably applying for the first time) you need these schools without application fees in Canada. The reason is, that you may not want to spend so much money trying.

It is also critical need to master how to put a student’s application forward to your desired institution. Frankly, the list of Canadian universities without application fees is not too many. However, you will learn everything you need to know about these schools – their fees, application procedures, and scholarship opportunities in Canada.

According to Edudera statistics, about 621,565 students were offered study permits in Canada in 2021. The list has been on a steady increase and you may be the next Canadian student.

Getting an admission offer from most universities in Canada has continued to be the dream of many aspiring students, and this guide will reveal the top universities in Canada that do not demand application fees.

We have closely studied over 300 top universities and the way they accept students in Canada, to help you have a deeper understanding of your chances of landing that dream admission offer letter.

Now we are sharing with you, the top universities in Canada without application fees for international students.

In other words, these universities do not demand a certain fee from any student who is applying for undergraduate and graduate students – in most cases.

In case you are just beginning your study abroad journey or starting to consider relocating to Canada via a study route, this guide is perfectly made for you.

First, it is very important that you understand why we are making this research. Knowing will increase your chances – and it is our goal here at Jobreaders to share the most up-to-date guide for global citizens.

Kindly  Note These:

A foundation has been established that there are universities/schools in Canada that do not require application fees from some international students.

Let us begin by having your question answered here:

Are you or your clients eligible for this application fee waiver or not – that is why we need you to pay attention to related guides and official addresses in this piece. To fully grasp this topic, Top universities in Canada without application fees for international students among many other opportunities, must align with the background.

Understanding the Background of  the Topic

As a norm, when one applies for most university admissions in Canada, he or she is expected to pay this fee to enable the university to process the application for consideration.

Based on experience, myriads of students will love to start with these schools in Canada without application fees due to the cost-implication disparity from whichever country the students are coming from.


However, making the payment does not in any way guarantee the admission offer.  That way, you may lose money ( ranging from $50 to over $300) one may not be getting the desired admission offer from that school.

To help you cut the cost of trying, with your hard-earned cash, we have carried out this study and we will continue to make updates on all the top universities that do not demand these fees.


List of Universities in Canada without Application Fees with Scholarships

Here is a summary of top universities in Canada without application fees for international students, with a number of popular programs in the institutions:

1. Quest University International

Quest University is known to be Canada’s first independent, not-for-profit, secular liberal arts and science academic institution. They are devoted to offering excellence in undergraduate education. Quest is unique in its groundbreaking approach to postsecondary education. Moreso, Quest University adopts a very innovative philosophy and novel curriculum; and also in applying teaching skills that are relevant to the real world.


The institution has a mission to prepare students for their diverse careers in arts and science and also, provide them with an environment of intellectual rigour and personal enrichment, where students help design their own education.

This university is accredited by the Degree Quality Assessment Board of the province of British Columbia and is a member of the Education Quality Assurance.


Read More: Quest University Admission/Scholarships

2. Royal Roads University

Royal Roads University is one of the Canadian universities without application fees (and the other 15 schools listed in this post). This institution is located in one of Canada’s most beautiful National Historic Sites, Colwood, British Columbia. The university is known for a history of excellence providing changing experiences that enable personal and professional transformation.


The Royal Roads provides an educational experience that fits your lifestyle. Their cohort model features group-based coursework, providing a resource of like-minded peers for you to share, challenge, and grow with throughout your program. Last but not least; it offers programs ranging from undergraduate to doctorate degrees for both international and local students.


Read More:  Royal Roads University Admission/Scholarships


3. Tyndale University, Canada

The Tyndale University is one university in Canada without application fees it is located in Ontario, and it is dedicated to the pursuit of truth, proper teaching, learning, and research.


The University has been in existence for over a century, and aims to enrich the mind, heart, and character, to serve the church. It is a non-profit and Christian university, though small but has beautiful academic buildings that can house up to 1,300 students approximately.


The school offers interesting undergraduate degree programs in the field of Administration, English, education, History, religious studies, philosophy, etc.


Read More: Tyndale University Admission/Scholarships

4. University of New Brunswick


The University of New Brunswick was established in 1785. The school is standard and well equipped with numerous academic apparatus and staff. New Brunswick has no application fee for those who attend virtual events and Canadian high school graduates.


In addition, the University of New Brunswick has two major campuses and they have located in Saint John as well as Fredericton, New Brunswick. The school offers 75 undergraduate programs plus research programs in more than 35 fields.


Read More: University of New Brunswick Admission/Scholarships.

5. Tyndale University, Canada

Tyndale University is one university in Canada without application fees it is located in Ontario, and it is dedicated to the pursuit of truth, proper teaching, learning, and research. The University has been in existence for over a century now, as a non-profit and Christian university, though small but has beautiful academic buildings that can house up to 1,300 students approximately.

The school offers interesting undergraduate degree programs in the field of Administration, English, education, History, religious studies, philosophy, etc. For the graduate and postgraduate programs, the university’s seminary is flagged to award only three master’s degrees plus the Doctor of Ministry.

Read More: Tyndale University Admission and Scholarships (Complete Guide)

6. University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is one university that is without application fees for some international students. With 18 Faculties in different disciplines, a descent acceptance rate other considerable unique features, Alberta has a name for global citizens.

In the area of humanities, sciences, creative arts businesses, engineering, and health, the University of Alberta is considered one of the high reachings for international and local students in Canada.

The institution also takes pride in the funding of other graduate research programs with about $500+M annual worth. Local and international students who seek admission into this school schools use the single application page to get started. Note: Students and sponsors must visit the university’s official website to ascertain their eligibility for this application fee waiver.

We have made a list of about 20 Universities in Canada with their application fee stats, tuition and all available scholarships. You can check that out on this page, now or at the end of this guide.


Please Note: In some cases, students from a selected country/region enjoy different application opportunities. It is important that you visit the official website of each institutions [we include verified links here]. However, every information shared at Jobreaders.org is solely for information purposes. However, we provide sufficient information that help our team, students and clients – to make informed decision at their own discretion.

Popular Universities in Canada with Little or No Application Fee for International Students

To ensure that we continue to provide you with up-to-date guides, here is a list of the top universities we study regarding their acceptance fee for international students:

  • Royal Roads University (No Application Fee Details)
  • Quest University International (No Application Fee Details)
  • Redeemer University (Little or No Application Fee)
  • Booth University College (No Application Fee Details)
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University (Little or No Application Fee)
  • The University of Winnipeg (Little or No Application Fee)
  • Mount Allison University (Little or No Application Fee)
  • University of Calgary (Little or No Application Fee)
  • The University of Victoria (Little or No Application Fee)
  • University of Alberta (No Application Fee Details)
  • Canadian Virtual University (Little or No Application Fee)
  • The University of New Brunswick (Little or No Application Fee)
  • University of British Columbia (No Application Fee Details)
  • Tyndale University; (Little or No Application Fee)
  • Centennial College (Little or No Application Fee)

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How to Apply for these Universities in Canada:

To apply for any of these universities without an application fee, students are expected to visit the official website of the various schools. Here is the step-by-step guide below will help you make a more informed decision at every step of your admission application:

Here is a comprehensive guide – how to apply to universities in Canada without an Application Fee:

      • Find the right course and university: It takes your diligent search to find out the university that offers the degree or diploma program that you need. Once this is done, you will be starting your application and it is also important to know the next few steps to take.

      • Start and complete the free online application from the verified university website and submit all the required documents. In some cases, you may need to apply for an application fee waiver – if needed for that university in Canada with no application fee for international students.

      • Track the status of your application and wait for any updates.

      • Once you are accepted, you will receive a message from the institution to accept the admission.

      • Accept the admission offer: Schools state the deadline and you must accept this offer within the stipulated time.

      • Once you are offered admission to any of these universities in Canada, you will proceed with applying for a study permit in Canada.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Based on what prospective students are asking regarding the list of schools (colleges and universities) in Canada with no Application fee for international students, we are summarizing their answers to further help you get what you are looking for:

    Why Canada is a top choice for international students?

    In clearer terms, myriads of these students are searching for where to gain the MIT experience at the lowest possible rates ( in terms of tuition and cost of living). The truth, however, is that Canada has much of that to offer and as one of those aspiring students, parent or guardian, this guide is helping you get started.

    Which Canadian university has no application fee?

    Here is a list of universities in Canada without Application fees for international students:

    • Tyndale University.
    • Quest University.
    • The University of British Columbia.
    • Royal Roads University.
    • The University of Alberta.
    • Fairleigh Dickinson University.
    • The University of Calgary.
    • The University of Victoria.
    • The University of Winnipeg.
    • Crandall University.
    • Northeastern University Vancouver.
    • Northeastern University Toronto.
    • Booth University College.

      Are there Colleges in Canada without Application Fees?

      Ans: Yes,  there are colleges in Canada without application fees – and you can find the list below:

      #1.  Canadore College.

      #2.  Confederation College.

      #3. Conestoga College.

      #4. Durham College.

      #5. Centennial College.

      #6. Cambrian College.

      #7. Fanshawe College.

      #8. Fleming College.

      Can I get admission to Canada without IELTS?

      Ans: Yes, you can get admission into many universities and colleges without IELTS under certain location advantages. If you are interested in relocating without IELTS or what relates to schooling, here is a list of countries to job without IELTs.

      Which university in Canada accepts IELTS?

      Here is a list of top schools in Canada that may not require IELTS from international students based on their discipline, and where they are coming from:

      1. University of Winnipeg
      2. Brock University
      3. University of Saskatchewan
      4. Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador
      5. University of Regina
      6. Carleton University
      7. Memorial University
      8. Concordia University
      9. Cambrian University
      10. Algoma University
      11. Brandon University
      12. The University of Guelph

      Is there any Canadian university without an application fee?

      There are quite a number of universities and other schools in Canada that do not demand application fees from both domestic and international students. However, studies are showing that these schools represent less than 10% of the whole institution in this country.

      For this reason, the acceptance rate of these ‘no application fee schools’ should be considered while tendering admission applications as it could also be competitive based, looking at the growing number of prospective international students.

      As an aspiring student who desires a more respected degree in any of these here are top schools with no application fee for international students. Also note, it is critical that you ascertain if you are eligible, before starting your paid or free online application.

      Which University gives admission easily in Canada?

      Most universities in Canada make admission seamless. Top on the list of what makes Canada the most admired student destination is nothing far from the quality of the education system in prominent aspects.

      According to Statistica, the Canadian universities and other colleges that offer degree courses generated revenue worth around 13.3 billion Canadian dollars from tuition and other fees. You need to understand why the quality of education in Canada should be as great as their rate of acceptance.

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      How can I get free admission to Canada?

      Yes. First, to get free admission in Canada you need to select from a list and get a university in Canada without the application fee. Secondly, visit the institution’s website for scholarship opportunities. Once you secure admission and also have a fully-funded scholarship from any of the institutions, you will be boasting of completely free admission in Canada.

      Alternatively, a student from a low-income home can also opt for more affordable schools in Canada. This move could be considered a faster route considering the fact that full scholarships do not come in handy.

      How much is the Canadian school application fee for international students?

      On average, students pay from $50 to over $300 as a non-refundable admission application fee. On the other side, $150 will be paid for study permit processing. However, a study permit is paid upon the offer of admission and during the student travel documentation process.

      Which university has the lowest tuition fee in Canada?

      Aside from the University of Northern British Columbia, here is a list of over 10 cheapest Universities in Canada, for both domestic and international students. The unique fee structure of these schools has placed them on this list of most affordable schools in Canada, based on tuition and other fees

      Learn More about these schools here:

      Editorial Summary 

      There are universities in Canada that do not demand application fees from international students. As an aspiring student, who desires quality education and life in Canada, you only need willpower. Yes, as a student anywhere in the world, there is nothing holding you back from earning income like an average citizen in that developed nation you admire.

      What you need is a set of skills, and the ability to create a solution or service from those skills. In this guide, we listed the top skills with which you can be earning a decent income as an international student.

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