15 Universities in Canada without Application Fee for Aspiring Students

15 Universities in Canada without Application Fee [UPDATED]

Here is a list of top Universities in Canada without Application Fees for international and local students in 2021.

In this article, there is a link to a course that will put you through on How To Legally Relocate to Canada Within 3-6 Months Using an Untapped Visa Route in 2021.

Are you a student aspiring for quality education in Canada, or a family seeking emigration eligibility in Canada? you now have everything put together for you on this page.

You can also access a number of scholarships that are included to slash down or totally fund your dream career in the country.

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Normally in Canada, international students pay certain fees ranging from $20-$300 as application fees into these schools.

These fees may be, in some cases, different from the non-refundable acceptance charge that must validate any admission the schools offer.

Some schools (Universities) and other research institutions in Canada do waive these fees and we term them ‘no application fee universities/schools in Canada.

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Here at Jobreaders, we are committed to making thorough research and findings to help you attain the careers of your dreams.

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Why do we need to Guide You?

This list has a very careful selection of these Universities in Canada that do not ask for acceptance fees during application. In some cases, as we write, students may need to pay after acceptance.

But there is no way you can get to too many schools (Universities) in Canada without application fees for international students. It is either the fee is low or totally waived.

In this list, we were able to communicate with some of these institutions via their official websites and also from emails received over the years.

Just imagine a situation where you may need to apply for up to three or five Universities that charge an application of at least $100.

If you run the mathematics correctly, you will discover that it may cost you up to $500 per week and these efforts do not guarantee admission into the Universities.

So, if you take your journey to studying in Canada very seriously, you need seat back with your phone or any device you have and pay rapt attention to this information.

One other important piece of information you may need: Free Waiver Canadian Universities 2021 (all you need to know). There are no tuition fee opportunities for eligible international students in Canada.

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Top Universities in Canada without Application or Comparably Low Fees

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From a reliable global index, over 2 million students migrate to Canada annually from various countries in the world.

This acceptance rate from various institutions in Canada places the nation on the scale of educational global relevance in the 21st century.

And your journey to Canada will only get easier and lots easier when you comprehend the legitimate routes and also learn how to communicate with your desired institutions.

Also, the ease with which students get funding as undergraduates or research students in Canada adds to what makes the country’s top-ranked students attraction center.

Canadian universities without application fees are not so many but we were able to make some findings that will help you decide.

(Top Universities in Canada without Application Fee 2021)

  • Royal Roads University (No Application Fee Details)
  • Quest University International (No Application Fee Details)
  • Redeemer University (Little of No Application Fee)
  • Booth University College (No Application Fee Details)
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University (Little of No Application Fee)
  • The University of Winnipeg (Little of No Application Fee)
  • Mount Allison University (Little of No Application Fee)
  • University of Calgary (Little of No Application Fee)
  • The University of Victoria (Little of No Application Fee)
  • University of Alberta (No Application Fee Details)
  • Canadian Virtual University (Little of No Application Fee)
  • The University of New Brunswick (Little of No Application Fee)
  • University of British Columbia (No Application Fee Details)
  • Tyndale University; (Little of No Application Fee)
  • Centennial College (Little of No Application Fee)

Are there Universities (Schools) in Canada with No Application Fees?

For years now, this question has been very difficult to answer. To some schools, it is termed admission fees and only paid when admission is guaranteed. But many schools place application feel (undefendable) as a mandate for international students.  

Our advice is that you access the University website listed here or through the page dedicated to reviewing scholarships, schools, and other career opportunities in Canada.  We do not claim authority in this topic and hope that the institutions in question can guide prospective students with uttermost clarity.

We have compiled these schools as a guide for your application. You can further read their details, scholarship information, and application below:

1. Quest University International

Quest University is known to be Canada’s first independent, not-for-profit, secular liberal arts and science academic institution. They are devoted to offering excellence in undergraduate education.

Quest is unique in its groundbreaking approach to postsecondary education. They adopt an innovative philosophy and novel curriculum, also applying teaching skills that are relevant in the real world.

The institution has a mission to prepare students for their diverse careers in arts and science also, provide them with an environment of intellectual rigor and personal enrichment, where students help design their own education.

This university is accredited by the Degree Quality Assessment Board of the province of British Columbia and is a member of the Education Quality Assurance.

Below are facts about this university without an application fee that will thrill you.

  • 85% of students receive financial aid
  • The numerical strength of a class is 20 maximum
  • The school run in blocks not semesters
  • Students take one course per time for 3.5 weeks.

Additionally, this top Canadian university doesn’t charge an application fee for both international and domestic students.

However, this university charges some amount for late application.

Admission and Scholarship Details: Quest University Admission and Scholarship Page

2. Royal Roads University

Royal Roads University is located in one of Canada’s most beautiful National Historic Sites, Colwood, British Columbia.

The university is known for a history of excellence providing changing experiences that enable personal and professional transformation.

This institution of learning provides an educational experience that fits your lifestyle.

Their cohort model features group-based course work, providing a resource of like-minded peers for you to share, challenge, and grow with throughout your program.

Even after graduation, these groups continue to support your aspirations to ensure your life-changing experience with us has enabled not only professional transformation but a personal one as well.

The Learning, Teaching, and Research Model (LTRM), updated in 2019, is a cornerstone of Royal Roads University’s success. 

Royal Roads University aims to provide learning, teaching, and research that help people transform careers and lives by solving problems and creating opportunities in the world.

From their original Learning and Teaching Model (LTM) in 2013, they focus on producing citizens of the world who are passionate, determined, and confident lifelong learners, integrated into a broad network of like-minded learners, and who can confidently manage and resolve complex, real-life problems. 

The University offers programs ranging from undergraduates to doctorate degrees for both international and local students.

Admission and Scholarship Details: Royal Roads Admission and Scholarship Page

3. Redeemer University

Redeemer University is located in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. This university is known as a religious university. They incorporate religiosity in academic activities.

At Redeemer, they believe that education is about understanding a complex global world, thinking critically from a kingdom perspective, and following Christ’s call to transform culture and communities.

Rooted in a distinctly Christ-centered core curriculum, a degree in one of 39 majors and streams offers experiential learning and opportunities and a cross-functional set of knowledge.

They are wrapped in a spiritually vibrant campus community.

Be sure that the education you receive from Redeemer, will provide you invaluable skills and prepare you for a rapidly changing future, wherever God calls you.

In addition, these are some interesting facts about Redeemer University;

·        94% of graduates are satisfied with their redeemer experience

·        87% of first-year students stay in campus housing

·        39% different majors and streams that lead to a recognized degree

·        84% who start a program degree program graduate

·        23+ majors offering internships co-ops, and more with local businesses.

Admission and Scholarship Details: Redeemer University Scholarship and Admission Page

4. Booth University College

The Booth University College is another great school in Canada that doesn’t accept application fees, albeit the higher institution of learning will only request 500 CAD from all of its applicants that have been considered to study in the school.

This fee is meant for the admitted students to claim their admission slot, which means only applicants who scaled through the screening exercise and were considered for admission are liable for the fee.

Check this article Booth University College Admission and Scholarships page

5. Fairleigh Dickinson University

Another leading Canadian university with little or no application fee is Fairleigh Dickinson University. As an admission seeker, you can visit the school’s official webpage to fill out their application form online and upload all necessary documents for a fee so far you apply online.

That is to say, applying for Fairleigh Dickinson University online is the only way your application fee can be waived by the university.

check out the Fairleigh Dickinson University Admission and Scholarships page

6. The University of Winnipeg

Also, the University of Winnipeg is no longer one of the Universities in Canada with no application fee as there is a $120 CAD non-refundable application fee at The University of Winnipeg for international students. This is a clarification from the University.

However, is one of the best institutions in the country that offers both undergraduate and graduate courses with faculties of education, art, science and kinesiology, business and economics, applied health among others.

Official Website: https://www.uwinnipeg.ca/

7. Mount Allison University

Even though this University did not make it to the list of most affordable institutions in Canada, it is one of the no-application fee universities in Canada.

The planning of the annual and semester Calendar of this institution is another noticeable factor that distinguishes the University of Alison throughout our ranking for the years.

It is also important, however, that you visit the official website for further verification because facts now may change, depending on the time of accessing this page.

Please note, if you are applying for this institution from outside the United States and Canada, you may be required to pay the sum of $50 as an application fee.

This may, of course, seem to have fallen off from the original titling of this work “15 Universities in Canada with no Application fee” but in the actual sense, these changes were made after the compilation of the original article.

What it has actually come to portray is that getting a totally zero (no) application fee University in Canada may not be possible.

So one of the things you should be looking out for includes the ease with an acceptance rate of these schools and their cost.

To learn more about this school, we advise you to visit the official website of the Mount Alison University, for review and application.

8. University of Victoria

The University of Victoria is one of the Universities in Canada with no application fee. However, upon acceptance, undergraduate students are to submit a $200 acceptance deposit.

We believe that you understand the difference between the application fee and the acceptance deposit as seen through the undergraduate application portal.  

For graduate studies, one also can use this portal for your online application that seems to have no fee attached.

When infrastructural development, landscape, and excellence mindset is in question, the University of Victoria always stands tall in answering questions for aspirants around the world.

Interestingly, this school spends over $12 million on scholarships and other funding programs for international and domestic students.

If you are searching for schools in Canada that will fund your research, undergraduate studies, and others, here is a good match.

From the school official website, it is gathered that application fees are accepted from students from certain countries.

So it has become important that you ascertain your stand regarding this waiver before proceeding with the online application.

And to get a more comprehensive and authoritative version of this information, kindly visit the official website of the University.

9. University of Alberta

With 18 Faculties in different disciplines, descent acceptance rate other considerable unique features, Alberta has a name for global citizens.

In the area of humanities, sciences, creative arts businesses, engineering, and health, the University of Alberta is considered one of the high reaching for international and local students in Canada.  

Without a doubt, the quality of education is one reason international students (mostly those from developing nations) consider Canada. And this University is solving the need to a large extent.

The question is if it truly waives the application fees for international students, or is included in the list of schools with lower application fees.

Even though we have the university admission/application page to do justice to your questions, you need to know where the institution leads in the world.

Here is an order of global ranking for this great institution based on departments: 3rd for Paleontology, 5th for forestry, geology, petroleum Engineering, 6th for transportation, and 7 in Sport-related fields. This goes a long way to justifying the number of international students that seek admission into the University of Alberta annually.

Time timeline reveals that the school has funded thousand of over 400 students (projects) since the inception of its undergraduate research initiative in 2011, with about a $5,000 stipend per head.  

The institution also takes pride in the funding of other graduate research programs with about $500+M annual worth.

Local and international students who seek admission into this school schools use the single application page to get started.

The University of Alberta

This is one of the schools we listed in the deposit-free Universities in Alberta or even in Canada. It is upon admission that new/incoming undergraduate students who have been offered admission pay a non-refundable $1,000 Tuition Deposit.

This is made before they can become eligible to register in courses. Newly admitted students can pay their Tuition Deposit on the Alberta Launchpad.

But as for the admission application fee, you can also go through the official websites for more verification.

10. The 10th University on this list has been removed by the institution. And we are currently making findings for more other schools in Canada with little or no application fees. Kindly use this link to access the list of schools that offer scholarships in Canada.

11. Canadian Virtual University

As the name implies, the Canadian Virtual University offers online learning to successful candidates that applied for various degree programs.

The Canadian Virtual University was borne out after a careful review and thought in 2000. It was founded at a time when distance learning in public universities was at an early stage.

The virtual university is made up of diverse reputable universities in Canada. Its primary focus was to showcase and promote the online educational opportunities available for students.

Here are some of the member universities on the online platform;

  • Athabasca University
  • Laurentian University
  • University of Manitoba
  • Memorial University
  • Royal Roads University
  • Universite Teluq
  • Thompson Rivers University
  • University of New Brunsick
  • RMC of Canada

However, the Canadian Virtual University has come to an end. Students who intend to enroll can apply to anyone member of the school body. As it is still committed to providing quality educational programming and responding to the needs of learners in e-learning initiatives and online learning.

Official Website: https://universityadmissions.ca/open-distance-universities-in-canada/

12. University of New Brunswick

The University of New Brunswick was established in 1785. The school is standard and well be equipped with numerous academic apparatus and staff. As standard as this university, it doesn’t charge its applicants for application fees too.

In addition, the University of New Brunswick has two major campuses and they have located in Saint John as well as Fredericton, New Brunswick. The school offers 75 undergraduate programs plus research programs in more than 35 fields.

All in all, the University Of New Brunswick, Canada is another Canadian university that gave utmost priority to the students from the seven countries of the world affected by the U.S travel ban.

Check out the University of New Brunswick Admission and Scholarships page

13. Tyndale University, Canada

Tyndale University is one university in Canada without application fees and it is located in Ontario, and it is dedicated to the pursuit of truth, proper teaching, learning, and research.

It also aims at enriching the mind, heart, and character, to serve the church.

The University has been in existence for over a century now.

It is a non-profit and Christian university, though small but has beautiful academic buildings that can house up to 1,300 students approximately.

The school offers interesting undergraduate degree programs in the field of Administration, English, education, History, religious studies, philosophy, etc.

For the graduate and postgraduate program, the university’s seminary is flagged to award only three master’s degrees plus the Doctor of Ministry.

It is pertinent to note that there is no application fee for those applying from Canada and the United States but for other international student’s application fee is applied and it is based on the program and courses

check out Tyndale University Admission and Scholarships page

14. Centennial College

Centennial college focuses on preparing graduates to enter the workforce while teaching students to be leaders.

The college works to build lasting partnerships with local communities while preparing our graduates to succeed globally.

The school has an online portal where interested candidates can visit to fill out their application forms without paying a dime.

But as a university in Canada without application fees, International students who choose not to study at Centennial College after accepting an offer will be charged a non-refundable tuition fee. 

Also, there are numerous undergraduate and postgraduate disciplines for both international and domestic students. Fantastic disciplines like mass communication, engineering, business management, mental health, and many more.

In Canada, there is also free education for international students, and it contains lots of scholarships.

Official Website: https://www.centennialcollege.ca/


The University of Saskatchewan is situated in the city of Saskatoon. 

The university offers degree, diploma, and certificate programs in more than 100 areas of study across 17 diverse colleges and schools.

Saskatchewan University believes in remarkable resilience and a commitment to problem-solving.

It is considered one of the cheap universities in Canada with affordable tuition fees and more scholarships for international students.

Although there is an application fee of $90, the tuition fee is an average of $6,536.46 / year

visit the Official Website of the University of Saskatchewan for more info

Conclusion and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

However, if you are here to see the full list of the top universities in Canada without application fees, then the above-mentioned universities and colleges should be your ideal guide.

Here at Jobreaders, we are interested in promoting career opportunities (jobs, scholarships, grants, fellowships, etc.) and we are also propagating genuine migration awareness around Africa and other developing nations.

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Which university in Canada has the lowest tuition fee?

For instance, the Memorial University of Newfoundland – tuition fees: 2,150 – 11,460 CAD/year while the University of Regina hovers around 1,715 – 20,050 CAD/year. Royal Roads University – tuition fees: 3,750 – 27,600 CAD/year.

The list goes on, but you can use this link to check out the 9+ Universities with Lowest Tuition Fees in Canada for International Students

How much does it cost for a foreign student to study in Canada?

Getting a comprehensive insight on what it costs to study in Canada will be highly relative, but to an extent, we give average overviews.

According to Statistics Canada, the average tuition fees for undergraduate international students in 2019/20 are CA$29714 (~US$22,500) per year. You can also learn about the Canadian Visa Application: Cost, Processes, and Eligibility.

Is education free in Canada for international students?

Public secondary or high schools are free in Canada for residents of the country. Many schools charge fees for international students, which can range from approximately CAD 8,000 to CAD 14,000 per year.

You may also love to learn the List of Countries to Land your Dream Jobs without IELTS. And if this post was useful, do share to reach others. Use the social media icons below.

What Universities have no Application Fee?

Application fees for colleges and Universities in Canada is also known as admission processing fees. The Quest University, Royal Reads and a number of other institutions mentioned in this post accept little or no payment as application fees for admission in Canada.

Which university in Canada has the lowest tuition fee?

Studying in Canada comes with its own challenges for low-income earners. A previous review came up with a list of Universities with lowest tuition fees for both indigenous and international students.
Read: List of Cheapest Universities in Canada for International Student
Furthermore, there are schools in Canada that have been selected as the most affordable with tuition under $3000.

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