Universities in UK with Low Tuition Fees for International Students

Universities in the UK have everything a student may seek in earning degrees, and for Tuition Fees for International Students, there are schools with very low tuition fees.

We considered this post essential because it is not news how most of the best schools in the UK pose financial bottlenecks to most international students with respect to the cost of living and tuition fees; and that has held a lot of prospects back.

Apart from the fact that the University of Oxford is in the UK and ranks number one in the world, the UK has a good number of Universities represented in the top 50 Universities around the world. These cut across institutions in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

However, the tuition fees and other expenditures required by some of these universities for international students to study conveniently in the UK are mind-blowing.

Thus, since the demand for new international students to start studying in the UK keeps increasing every day despite the growing difficulties in the world economy, we have taken out time to list some of the universities in the UK with low tuition fees.

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The University of Law

The University of Law is one of the UK’s longest-established institutions that specialize in providing legal education. Thus, if you are interested in studying law and other related courses, you are at the right spot.

Check out their Courses, fees and funding For international students and as already established, you will be expected to spend about £275 per week for rent in London and £125 to £205 per week in locations outside of London and for your course fees which is made up of your tuition, course materials and learning resources, you should be budgeting £10,000 to £16,000 for a three or four-year full-time programme.

For potential students of the University of Law, who dream of becoming international students of the university, they can send an inquiry mail to  [email protected] or call +441483216000 for more information.

Queen Margaret University

Queen Margaret University is among the cheapest Universities in the UK. They offer different courses with good facilities, friendly weather and facilities.

Queen Margaret University is situated in a sunny area of Scotland and pegged their total study programme cost at a height lower than the British standard. 

You Can Apply Here Those (International Students) who look forward to applying for the  2020/2021 academic year at the undergraduate level will have to save up to £12,500 to £13,500 for tuition fees. However, international students applying for postgraduate level will spend lesser than the stipulated amount above.

University of West London (UWL)

University of West London is ranked as a top modern university in London, the school is 8th modern university in the UK and ranked as the 50th university nationally by the Guardian University Guide 2019.

As an international student, it is very simple to apply for a course at the University of West London. All you need to do is to use their “Course Search” to find a course that suits you, then on your course page follow the steps to apply using the Apply now button

On the tuition fee, once your budget up to £13,000 to £14,000 you are good to get started.

University of Bedfordshire

The University of Bedfordshire is one of the modern universities in the UK, it is an innovative university with a record of top quality education going back to a century.

It is another school in the UK which have lower tuition fees that every international student who seeks to get the best education in the UK at a pocket-friendly charge should apply.

Follow this Application Link to see how you can apply. Interested individuals should have at least £11,500 for a full-time tuition fee to start schooling at the University of Bedfordshire.

University of Chester

University of Chester is one of the oldest English higher education establishments of any kind, pre-dating all but Oxford, Cambridge, London and Durham.

Apart from its age, it makes life convenient for international students who come to study at the University by cutting down the cost of accommodation, tuition fees, etc to the barest minimum.

The tuition fee goes for as low as £9,250 for international students who enrolled in a full-time academic programme. See how to Apply Here

Apart from the Universities listed above, there are still other Universities that charge low tuition fees in the UK; such as the University of Cumbria ( Tuition fee = £10,500)

Wrexham Glyndwr University (Tuition fee = £11,750)

Teesside University (Tuition fee = £11,825) and more other Universities in UK with Low Tuition Fees for International Students.

The one important thing to take home is, before you go on with the considerations to study in the UK, you must first do a proper calculation to ensure that your budget is in tandem with the requirements of your proposed new environment, as the UK is one of the most expensive places to live in the world and so are some of the Universities in there. Take your time to research properly and plan before the plane takes off from where you are.

Note: These are not the only Universities in the United Kingdom, with lower tuition fees, but our reach as at the time of this publication. You can make your inquiries via the comment section; perhaps, this is subject to further updates. To start receiving notifications on international scholarships around the world, do enter your email on the Newsletter below.

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