The University of Manchester Acceptance Rate | Tuition & Scholarships

The University of Manchester acceptance rate, tuition and scholarships are part of the key information annually required by thousands; and this guide is designed for aspiring students, parents and guardians who are drumming for various degrees in this institution.

The University of Manchester is a public research institution in Manchester, England, United Kingdom. As a renowned institution in England, as of 2018, this school has over 40,250 in different faculties and departments.

This University is one of the topmost universities in the United Kingdom more posited to be equipped with world facilities to aid research for better learning opportunities.

It is ranked in the list of 30 universities by the QS World University Rankings 2021. Approximately 40,000 students are enrolled per academic session. Getting accepted may really seem difficult.

This post seeks to break down their acceptance rate and admission requirement to aid in an easy and successful application.

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Brief description of the University of Manchester

The University of Manchester Summary:

Name of School: University of Manchester
Type: Public Research University
Location: Public Research University

Founded: 22 October 2004 (roots to 1824)
Official Website:

Disclaimer: For the current University of Manchester acceptance rate, tuition, scholarships and other financial aid, kindly refer to the school’s official website. Editorial is committed to sharing the most accurate academic, skills and other career opportunities and guides. However, institutional policies could affect the projections over time.

As a public university that is research inclined, the University of Manchester has attracted thousands of international students who desire reputable degrees in the United Kingdom. It is situated in Manchester, England. Its founding dates back to the 19th century.

It is also known as a red brick university and was established after a merger of the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology with Victoria University of Manchester.

It is one of the highest populated varsity among other British varsities. The University of Manchester is also a member of the Russell group known as the Worldwide Universities Association.

Their accrued research prowess ranked the school 5th in the United Kingdom for research power and excellence.

Additionally, they have blazed trails in technology, and scientific wise, producing over 20 Nobel Laureates. Some of these discoveries include contraceptive pills and the first working computer.

The Varsity is organized into three faculties which are; biological sciences/medicine, engineering and humanities. Faculties mentioned when summated offer over 300 degree programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

The University of Manchester charges an application fee of $25. Here, it has an overall acceptance rate of 59%. It is known to utilize a 4-1-4 academic calendar. The stipulated fee is $33,624.

It has a student-faculty ratio of 12:1.; up to 56.5% of its classes are not occupied by more than 20 students.

Undergraduate requirement

It is worth noting that in England, the period of time for an undergraduate degree is three years rather than four. This is due to the fact that general classes aren’t taught.

The requirements are quite simple. It is dependent on standardized test scores and high school grades. Although, requirements vary with the program.

For students who are transferring from another institution, a minimum GPA of 3.0 or above is what is obtainable. Also, previous studies in former institutions must be able to match up with the curriculum of the University of Manchester.

Application is submitted through the UCAS known as the UK’s centralized application portal. In addition, UCAS gives you a leverage of not more than five applications to UK varsities. Responses are usually given in the span of two weeks.

Postgraduate requirement

Postgraduate degrees span a year in the UK. The requirements vary by program but the general requirement is an undergraduate degree and GPA of 3.0 as a minimum.

For postgraduate programs, direct applications are accepted and submitted only. Most applications for postgraduates don’t have an application fee. You should expect a response within two weeks.

Visit the school website to learn more about the admission requirement for your program of choice.

The University of Manchester Acceptance Rate for PhD Courses 

Manchester University’s acceptance rate for PhD courses is 53%. Simple criteria have been laid out for applicants making it quite easy for them.

Also, the university tries to accommodate more students. One needs to be very serious in order to be eligible and ultimately get selected.

Being a prestigious university, lots of students hope to seek enrollment.

Acceptance Rate for Bachelors Program at the University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is a dream school for any prospective student hoping to school in the United Kingdom. It is a good start for your career; a really firm foundation.

You must be able to meet up the average score for tests like SAT exam which is 1300 and 27 in the ACT exam. This can guarantee you securing a slot in selected candidates.

Acceptance Rate for the School of Medicine at the University of Manchester

A degree in MBBS and BDS at Manchester University is really a milestone, with an acceptance rate of about 12.3%. One just has to possess good scores and meet the requirement to actually stand a chance as it is highly competitive.

In addition, earning a degree in this field gives you the leverage of applying for provisional registration under the general medical council.

The University of Manchester Acceptance Rate for the MSc in Finance and Business Economics

This is also one of the highly competitive programs at the University of Manchester. The competition is always tough.

In this faculty, the acceptance rate is as low as 10%. One must be highly meticulous in the application and must have good results as an edge over other applicants.

The acceptance rate is subject to change. it isn’t constant, and to gain admission, you must endeavour to meet the eligibility criteria. All the best.

University of Manchester Scholarships, 2023

At the University of Manchester, there are various scholarships that every prospective student must know about; and these include the following:

  1. GREAT scholarships.
  2. Subject-specific awards.
  3. Global Futures Scholarship.
  4. Carbon Reduction Scholarship.
  5. Raheem Sterling Scholarships
  6. Engineering the Future Scholarships.
  7. British Council scholarships for women in STEM.
  8. Manchester Institute of Education Master’s Bursary.
  9. Manchester Humanities International Excellence Scholarship.

Note: These various scholarship applications fall into different application seasons and for different eligibility groups. To learn about any of these scholarships, kindly visit the scholarship summary page of the University of Manchester.

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Prospective Students are Asking

Based on what students, parents and guardians are asking regarding the University of Manchester acceptance rate, general admission information, tuition, scholarships and other vital information, we are striving to provide the most accurate answers to further help you get what you are looking for:

Is the University of Manchester highly sought after?

Undoubtedly yes. With its high reputation, prospective students seek to be enrolled. As of 2014, over 55,000 applications were made.

What is the ranking of Manchester University in the UK?

6th best in the world.

The University of Manchester is a member of the prestigious Russell Group and is ranked the 6th best university in the UK and 38th in the world (Academic Ranking of World Universities).

As of the time of filling this guide, the university is a home for over 44,000 students, 12,000 staff, and 500,000 alumni from 190 countries making it one of the leading international universities for students who aspire to study in the UK.

What are the admission requirements for the University of Manchester?

Manchester University offers different programs. So, I will explain the different requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Does the University of Manchester give scholarships?

Yes! The University of Manchester offers scholarships to interested students both internationally and domestically. In case you are in need, do well to check this out. University of Manchester Scholarships.

Is it hard to get into the University of Manchester?

The required GPA to gain enrollment in the university is 3.41. You should have a good academic standing from high school.

A’s, B’s and a few C’s must be seen in your result. One with a low GPA has the privilege to substitute with more advanced courses like AP or IB classes.

What is the acceptance rate of Manchester University?

The University of Manchester’s acceptance rate is 59%. They are quite selective of prospective students but it isn’t difficult to gain admission. Just possess the necessary requirements and you merit it. This is general but let’s look into top programs and degrees closely.

What courses are available at Manchester University?

Here is a list of courses offered at the University of Manchester, starting with undergraduate courses:

  • AccountingBSc (3 or 4 years)BSc3 or 4 yearsN400
  • Accounting and FinanceBAEcon (3 years)BAEcon3 yearsNN43
  • Accounting with Industrial/Professional ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsN401
  • Actuarial Science and MathematicsBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsNG31
  • Adult NursingBNurs (3 years)BNurs3 yearsB740
  • Aerospace EngineeringBEng (3 years)BEng3 yearsH400
  • Aerospace EngineeringMEng (4 years)MEng4 yearsH402
  • Aerospace Engineering with an Integrated Foundation YearBEng/MEngBEng/MEngSee full entryH110
  • Aerospace Engineering with Industrial ExperienceMEng (5 years)MEng5 yearsH406
  • Aerospace Engineering with ManagementMEng (4 years)MEng4 yearsH4ND
  • American StudiesBA (3 years)BA3 yearsT701
  • American StudiesBA (4 years)BA4 yearsT702
  • Ancient HistoryBA (3 years)BA3 yearsV110
  • Ancient History and ArchaeologyBA (3 years)BA3 yearsVV14
  • Ancient History and HistoryBA (3 years)BA3 yearsVV50
  • Arabic and FrenchBA (4 years)BA4 yearsT6R1
  • Arabic and GermanBA (4 years)BA4 yearsT6R2
  • Arabic and ItalianBA (4 years)BA4 yearsT6R3
  • Arabic and PoliticsBA (4 years)BA4 yearsLT26
  • Arabic and PortugueseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsT6R5
  • Arabic and RussianBA (4 years)BA4 yearsT6R7
  • Arabic and SpanishBA (4 years)BA4 yearsT6R4
  • Arabic StudiesBA (4 years)BA4 yearsT624
  • ArchaeologyBA (3 years)BA3 yearsV400
  • Archaeology and Ancient HistoryBA (3 years)BA3 yearsVV14
  • Archaeology and AnthropologyBA (3 years)BA3 yearsVL46
  • Archaeology and HistoryBA (3 years)BA3 yearsVV30
  • ArchitectureBA (3 years)BA3 yearsK100
  • Architecture with Foundation YearBA (1 year)BA1 yearK101
  • Art History and ArabicBA (4 years)BA4 yearsVT40
  • Art History and ChineseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsVT41
  • Art History and English LiteratureBA (3 years)BA3 yearsQV33
  • Art History and FrenchBA (4 years)BA4 yearsVR20
  • Art History and GermanBA (4 years)BA4 yearsVR21
  • Art History and HistoryBA (3 years)BA3 yearsVV20
  • Art History and ItalianBA (4 years)BA4 yearsVR22
  • Art History and JapaneseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsVT42
  • Art History and PortugueseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsVR25
  • Art History and RussianBA (4 years)BA4 yearsVR23
  • Art History and SpanishBA (4 years)BA4 yearsVR24
  • BiochemistryBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsC700
  • BiochemistryMSci (4 years)MSci4 years2C13
  • Biochemistry with a Modern LanguageBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC705
  • Biochemistry with EntrepreneurshipBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC707
  • Biochemistry with Industrial/Professional ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC701
  • BiologyBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsC100
  • BiologyMSci (4 years)MSci4 years7S49
  • Biology with a Modern LanguageBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC106
  • Biology with EntrepreneurshipBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC107
  • Biology with Industrial/Professional ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC101
  • Biology with Science & SocietyBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsC1V3
  • Biology with Science and Society with Industrial/Professional ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC1L3
  • Biomedical SciencesBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsB940
  • Biomedical SciencesMSci (4 years)MSci4 years6A12
  • Biomedical Sciences with a Modern LanguageBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsB9R9
  • Biomedical Sciences with EntrepreneurshipBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsN947
  • Biomedical Sciences with Industrial/Professional ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsB941
  • Biosciences with a Foundation YearFoundation CourseSee full entryC900
  • BiotechnologyBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsC560
  • BiotechnologyMSci (4 years)MSci4 years6Q13
  • Biotechnology with EntrepreneurshipBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC567
  • Biotechnology with Industrial/Professional ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC561
  • Business Accounting with Industrial/Professional ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsN403
  • Chemical EngineeringBEng (3 years)BEng3 yearsH800
  • Chemical EngineeringMEng (4 years)MEng4 yearsH801
  • Chemical Engineering with an Integrated Foundation YearBEng/MEngBEng/MEngSee full entryH113
  • Chemical Engineering with Energy and EnvironmentMEng (4 years)MEng4 yearsH8F4
  • Chemical Engineering with Industrial ExperienceMEng (4 years)MEng4 yearsH803
  • Chemical Engineering with Study in EuropeMEng (4 years)MEng4 yearsH810
  • ChemistryBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsF100
  • ChemistryMChem (4 years)MChem4 yearsF109
  • Chemistry with an Integrated Foundation YearBSc/MChemBSc/MChemSee full entryF010
  • Chemistry with Industrial ExperienceMChem (4 years)MChem4 yearsF101
  • Chemistry with International StudyMChem (4 years)MChem4 yearsF104
  • Chemistry with Medicinal ChemistryBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsF150
  • Chemistry with Medicinal ChemistryMChem (4 years)MChem4 yearsF152
  • Children’s NursingBNurs (3 years)BNurs3 yearsB730
  • Chinese and English LanguageBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQT31
  • Chinese and FrenchBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRT11
  • Chinese and GermanBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRT21
  • Chinese and JapaneseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsTT12
  • Chinese and LinguisticsBA (4 years)BA4 yearsTQ11
  • Chinese and PoliticsBA (4 years)BA4 yearsLT21
  • Chinese and RussianBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRT71
  • Chinese and SpanishBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRT41
  • Chinese StudiesBA (4 years)BA4 yearsT100
  • Civil and Structural EngineeringMEng (4 years)MEng4 yearsH220
  • Civil EngineeringBEng (3 years)BEng3 yearsH200
  • Civil EngineeringMEng (4 years)MEng4 yearsH201
  • Civil Engineering (Enterprise)MEng (4 years)MEng4 yearsH204
  • Civil Engineering with an Integrated Foundation YearBEng/MEngBEng/MEngSee full entryH111
  • Civil Engineering with Industrial ExperienceMEng (5 years)MEng5 yearsH207
  • Classical StudiesBA (3 years)BA3 yearsQ810
  • ClassicsBA (3 years)BA3 yearsQ800
  • Cognitive Neuroscience and PsychologyBSc (3 years)BSc3 years
  • Comparative Religion and Social AnthropologyBA (3 years)BA3 yearsVL66
  • Computer ScienceBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsG400
  • Computer Science and MathematicsBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsGG14
  • Computer Science and Mathematics with Industrial ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsGG41
  • Computer Science with an Integrated Foundation YearBScBScSee full entryH114
  • Computer Science with Industrial ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsG405
  • CriminologyBA (3 years)BA3 yearsM901
  • Criminology and Data AnalyticsBASS (3 years)BASS3 yearsC856
  • Criminology with International StudyBA (4 years)BA4 yearsM904
  • Dental Hygiene and TherapyBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsB840
  • Dentistry (first-year entry)BDS (5 years)BDS5 yearsA206
  • Dentistry (pre-dental entry)BDS (6 years)BDS6 yearsA204
  • Development StudiesBAEcon (3 years)BAEcon3 yearsL900
  • Development Studies and Data AnalyticsBAEcon (3 years)BAEcon3 yearsLL14
  • DramaBA (3 years)BA3 yearsW400
  • Drama and English LiteratureBA (3 years)BA3 yearsWQ4H
  • Drama and Film StudiesBA (3 years)BA3 yearsWW46
  • Drama and MusicBA (3 years)BA3 yearsWW34
  • Earth and Planetary SciencesBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsF701
  • Earth and Planetary SciencesMEarthSci (4 years)MEarthSci4 yearsF702
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences with a Research PlacementMEarthSci (4 years)MEarthSci4 yearsF705
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences with an Integrated Foundation YearBSc/MEarthSciBSc/MEarthSciSee full entryF011
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences with Industrial ExperienceMEarthSci (4 years)MEarthSci4 yearsF704
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences with International StudyMEarthSci (4 years)MEarthSci4 yearsF703
  • East Asian StudiesBA (3 years)BA3 yearsT300
  • East Asian Studies with International StudyBA (4 years)BA4 yearsT301
  • EconomicsBAEcon (3 years)BAEcon3 yearsL100
  • EconomicsBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsL102
  • Economics and Data AnalyticsBAEcon (3 years)BAEcon3 yearsLL15
  • Economics and FinanceBAEcon (3 years)BAEcon3 yearsLN13
  • Economics and PhilosophyBAEcon (3 years)BAEcon3 yearsLV15
  • Economics and PoliticsBAEcon (3 years)BAEcon3 yearsLL12
  • Economics and SociologyBAEcon (3 years)BAEcon3 yearsLL13
  • EducationBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsX300
  • Educational PsychologyBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsC812
  • EgyptologyUGCert (3 years)UGCert3 years
  • EgyptologyUGDip (2 years)UGDip2 years
  • Electrical, Electronic & Mechatronic Engineering with an Integrated Foundation YearBEng/MEngBEng/MEngSee full entryH112
  • Electrical and Electronic EngineeringBEng (3 years)BEng3 yearsH600
  • Electrical and Electronic EngineeringMEng (4 years)MEng4 yearsH605
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Industrial ExperienceBEng (4 years)BEng4 yearsH606
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Industrial ExperienceMEng (5 years)MEng5 yearsH601
  • Electronic EngineeringBEng (3 years)BEng3 yearsH610
  • Electronic EngineeringMEng (4 years)MEng4 yearsH614
  • Electronic Engineering with Industrial ExperienceBEng (4 years)BEng4 yearsH613
  • Electronic Engineering with Industrial ExperienceMEng (5 years)MEng5 yearsH615
  • English LanguageBA (3 years)BA3 yearsQ1Q3
  • English Language and ArabicBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQT34
  • English Language and ChineseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQT31
  • English Language and English LiteratureBA (3 years)BA3 yearsQQ10
  • English Language and FrenchBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQR31
  • English Language and GermanBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQR32
  • English Language and JapaneseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQT32
  • English Language and RussianBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQR37
  • English Language and SpanishBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQR34
  • English LiteratureBA (3 years)BA3 yearsQ320
  • English Literature and American StudiesBA (3 years)BA3 yearsQT37
  • English Literature and DramaBA (3 years)BA3 yearsWQ4H
  • English Literature and FrenchBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRQ13
  • English Literature and GermanBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRQ23
  • English Literature and HistoryBA (3 years)BA3 yearsQV31
  • English Literature and ItalianBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRQ33
  • English Literature and LatinBA (3 years)BA3 yearsQQ36
  • English Literature and SpanishBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRQ43
  • English Literature with Creative WritingBA (3 years)BA3 yearsQ3W8
  • Environmental ManagementBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsF852
  • Environmental Management with Professional PlacementBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsF853
  • Environmental ScienceBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsF900
  • Environmental ScienceMEnvSci (4 years)MEnvSci4 yearsF902
  • Environmental Science with a Research PlacementMEnvSci (4 years)MEnvSci4 yearsF905
  • Environmental Science with an Integrated Foundation YearBSc/MEnvSciBSc/MEnvSciSee full entryF012
  • Environmental Science with Industrial ExperienceMEnvSci (4 years)MEnvSci4 yearsF904
  • Environmental Science with International StudyMEnvSci (4 years)MEnvSci4 yearsF903
  • Fashion Buying and MerchandisingBSc (3 or 4 years)BSc3 or 4 years6G49
  • Fashion ManagementBSc (3 or 4 years)BSc3 or 4 years3M89
  • Fashion MarketingBSc (3 or 4 years)BSc3 or 4 years3S61
  • Fashion TechnologyBSc (3 or 4 years)BSc3 or 4 yearsW245
  • Film Studies and ArabicBA (4 years)BA4 yearsPT44
  • Film Studies and ArchaeologyBA (3 years)BA3 yearsPV40
  • Film Studies and ChineseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsPT11
  • Film Studies and East Asian StudiesBA (3 years)BA3 yearsPT33
  • Film Studies and English LanguageBA (3 years)BA3 yearsPQ22
  • Film Studies and English LiteratureBA (3 years)BA3 yearsPQ32
  • Film Studies and FrenchBA (4 years)BA4 yearsPR10
  • Film Studies and GermanBA (4 years)BA4 yearsPR20
  • Film Studies and HistoryBA (3 years)BA3 yearsPV10
  • Film Studies and History of ArtBA (3 years)BA3 yearsPV36
  • Film Studies and ItalianBA (4 years)BA4 yearsPR30
  • Film Studies and JapaneseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsPT22
  • Film Studies and LinguisticsBA (3 years)BA3 yearsPQ12
  • Film Studies and Middle Eastern StudiesBA (3 years)BA3 yearsPT55
  • Film Studies and MusicBA (3 years)BA3 yearsPW30
  • Film Studies and PortugueseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsPR50
  • Film Studies and RussianBA (4 years)BA4 yearsPR70
  • Film Studies and SpanishBA (4 years)BA4 yearsPR40
  • FinanceBAEcon (3 years)BAEcon3 yearsN300
  • French and ChineseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRT11
  • French and English LanguageBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQR31
  • French and GermanBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRR12
  • French and HistoryBA (4 years)BA4 yearsVR11
  • French and ItalianBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRR13
  • French and JapaneseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRT12
  • French and PoliticsBA (4 years)BA4 yearsLR21
  • French and PortugueseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRR15
  • French and RussianBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRR17
  • French and SpanishBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRR14
  • French StudiesBA (4 years)BA4 yearsR110
  • GeneticsBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsC400
  • GeneticsMSci (4 years)MSci4 years6V14
  • Genetics with a Modern LanguageBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC402
  • Genetics with EntrepreneurshipBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC407
  • Genetics with Industrial/Professional ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC401
  • GeographyBA (3 years)BA3 yearsL700
  • GeographyBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsF802
  • Geography with International StudyBA (4 years)BA4 yearsLF78
  • Geography with International StudyBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsFL87
  • Geography with Professional PlacementBA (4 years)BA4 yearsL701
  • Geography with Professional PlacementBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsF803
  • German and ChineseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRT21
  • German and English LanguageBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQR32
  • German and FrenchBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRR12
  • German and HistoryBA (4 years)BA4 yearsVR12
  • German and ItalianBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRR23
  • German and JapaneseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRT22
  • German and PoliticsBA (4 years)BA4 yearsLR22
  • German and PortugueseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRR25
  • German and RussianBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRR27
  • German and SpanishBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRR24
  • German StudiesBA (4 years)BA4 yearsR210
  • Global DevelopmentBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsL905
  • Global Health (intercalated)BSc (1 year)BSc1 year7T31
  • Global Social ChallengesBA (3 or 4 years)BA3 or 4 yearsLM70
  • Healthcare Science (Audiology)BSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsB611
  • HistoryBA (3 years)BA3 yearsV100
  • History and American StudiesBA (3 years)BA3 yearsVT17
  • History and ArabicBA (4 years)BA4 yearsVT33
  • History and Art HistoryBA (3 years)BA3 yearsVV20
  • History and FrenchBA (4 years)BA4 yearsVR11
  • History and GermanBA (4 years)BA4 yearsVR12
  • History and ItalianBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRV31
  • History and PortugueseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRV51
  • History and RussianBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRV71
  • History and SociologyBA (3 years)BA3 yearsVL13
  • History and SpanishBA (4 years)BA4 yearsVR14
  • History of ArtBA (3 years)BA3 yearsV360
  • ImmunologyBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsC550
  • ImmunologyMSci (4 years)MSci4 yearsC55M
  • Immunology with a Modern LanguageBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC55L
  • Immunology with EntrepreneurshipBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC55N
  • Immunology with Industrial/Professional ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC55P
  • Information Technology Management for BusinessBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsGN51
  • Information Technology Management for Business with Industrial ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsGN5C
  • International Business, Finance and EconomicsBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsN1N3
  • International Business, Finance and Economics with Industrial/Professional ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsN1N4
  • International Disaster Management & Humanitarian ResponseBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsVL38
  • International Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response and ArabicBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsLT30
  • International Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response and ChineseBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsLT40
  • International Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response and FrenchBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsLR30
  • International Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response and SpanishBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsLR40
  • International ManagementBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsN247
  • Italian and FrenchBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRR13
  • Italian and GermanBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRR23
  • Italian and HistoryBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRV31
  • Italian and LatinBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQR63
  • Italian and PoliticsBA (4 years)BA4 yearsLR23
  • Italian and SpanishBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRR34
  • Italian StudiesBA (4 years)BA4 yearsR300
  • Japanese and English LanguageBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQT32
  • Japanese and FrenchBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRT12
  • Japanese and GermanBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRT22
  • Japanese and LinguisticsBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQT12
  • Japanese and PoliticsBA (4 years)BA4 yearsLT22
  • Japanese and RussianBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRT72
  • Japanese and SpanishBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRT42
  • Japanese StudiesBA (4 years)BA4 yearsT200
  • Latin and English LiteratureBA (3 years)BA3 yearsQQ36
  • Latin and FrenchBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQ6R1
  • Latin and ItalianBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQR63
  • Latin and LinguisticsBA (3 years)BA3 yearsQQ61
  • Latin and SpanishBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQR64
  • LawLLB (3 years)LLB3 yearsM100
  • Law with CriminologyLLB (3 years)LLB3 yearsM1M9
  • Law with International StudyLLB (4 years)LLB4 yearsM101
  • Law with PoliticsLLB (3 years)LLB3 yearsLM21
  • Liberal ArtsBA (3 years)BA3 yearsY100
  • Liberal Arts with International StudyBA (4 years)BA4 yearsY101
  • Life SciencesBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsC102
  • Life Sciences with a Modern LanguageBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC103
  • Life Sciences with EntrepreneurshipBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC117
  • Life Sciences with Industrial/Professional ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC105
  • LinguisticsBA (3 years)BA3 yearsQ100
  • Linguistics and ArabicBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQT33
  • Linguistics and ChineseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsTQ11
  • Linguistics and FrenchBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRQ11
  • Linguistics and GermanBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRQ21
  • Linguistics and ItalianBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRQ31
  • Linguistics and JapaneseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQT12
  • Linguistics and LatinBA (3 years)BA3 yearsQQ61
  • Linguistics and PortugueseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQR15
  • Linguistics and RussianBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQR17
  • Linguistics and Social AnthropologyBA (3 years)BA3 yearsQL16
  • Linguistics and SociologyBA (3 years)BA3 yearsQL13
  • Linguistics and SpanishBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQR14
  • ManagementBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsN201
  • Management (Accounting & Finance) with Industrial/Professional ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsNN25
  • Management (Accounting and Finance)BSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsNN24
  • Management (Human Resources)BSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsN600
  • Management (Human Resources) with Industrial/Professional ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsN601
  • Management (Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship)BSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsN200
  • Management (Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship) with Industrial / Professional ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsN202
  • Management (International Business Economics)BSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsN246
  • Management (International Business Economics) with Industrial/Professional ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsN248
  • Management (Marketing)BSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsN2N5
  • Management (Marketing) with Industrial/Professional ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsN2N6
  • Management with Industrial/Professional ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsN203
  • Master of Planning with Real EstateMPRE (4 years)MPRE4 years1G23
  • Materials Science and EngineeringBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsJ500
  • Materials Science and EngineeringMEng (4 years)MEng4 yearsJ501
  • Materials Science and Engineering with BiomaterialsMEng (4 years)MEng4 yearsF201
  • Materials Science and Engineering with CorrosionMEng (4 years)MEng4 yearsF203
  • Materials Science and Engineering with MetallurgyMEng (4 years)MEng4 yearsF200
  • Materials Science and Engineering with NanomaterialsMEng (4 years)MEng4 yearsF206
  • Materials Science and Engineering with PolymersMEng (4 years)MEng4 yearsF204
  • Materials Science and Engineering with Textiles TechnologyMEng (4 years)MEng4 yearsF205
  • Materials Science with an Integrated Foundation YearBSc/MEngBSc/MEngSee full entryF013
  • MathematicsBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsG100
  • MathematicsMMath (4 years)MMath4 yearsG104
  • Mathematics and PhilosophyBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsGV15
  • Mathematics and PhysicsBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsFG31
  • Mathematics and PhysicsMMath&Phys (4 years)MMath&Phys4 yearsFG3C
  • Mathematics and StatisticsBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsGGC3
  • Mathematics and StatisticsMMath (4 years)MMath4 yearsGG13
  • Mathematics with an Integrated Foundation YearBScBScSee full entryF014
  • Mathematics with FinanceBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsG1N3
  • Mathematics with Financial MathematicsBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsG1NH
  • Mathematics with Financial MathematicsMMath (4 years)MMath4 yearsG1NJ
  • Mathematics with Placement YearBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsG101
  • Mechanical EngineeringBEng (3 years)BEng3 yearsH300
  • Mechanical EngineeringMEng (4 years)MEng4 yearsH303
  • Mechanical Engineering with an Integrated Foundation YearBEng/MEngBEng/MEngSee full entryH109
  • Mechanical Engineering with Industrial ExperienceMEng (5 years)MEng5 yearsH301
  • Mechanical Engineering with ManagementBEng (3 years)BEng3 yearsH3N1
  • Mechanical Engineering with ManagementMEng (4 years)MEng4 yearsH3ND
  • Mechatronic EngineeringBEng (3 years)BEng3 yearsHH36
  • Mechatronic EngineeringMEng (4 years)MEng4 yearsHHH6
  • Mechatronic Engineering with Industrial ExperienceBEng (4 years)BEng4 yearsHH63
  • Mechatronic Engineering with Industrial ExperienceMEng (5 years)MEng5 yearsHHP3
  • Medical BiochemistryBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsC724
  • Medical BiochemistryMSci (4 years)MSci4 years6K47
  • Medical Biochemistry with Industrial/Professional ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC741
  • Medical PhysiologyBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsB120
  • Medical PhysiologyMSci (4 years)MSci4 years3A48
  • Medical Physiology with a Modern LanguageBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsB122
  • Medical Physiology with EntrepreneurshipBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsB127
  • Medical Physiology with Industrial/Professional ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsB121
  • MedicineMBChB (5 years)MBChB5 yearsA106
  • Medicine (6 years including foundation year)MBChB (6 years)MBChB6 yearsA104
  • Mental Health NursingBNurs (3 years)BNurs3 yearsB762
  • MicrobiologyBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsC500
  • MicrobiologyMSci (4 years)MSci4 years7A22
  • Microbiology with a Modern LanguageBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC502
  • Microbiology with EntrepreneurshipBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC507
  • Microbiology with Industrial/Professional ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC501
  • Middle Eastern StudiesBA (3 years)BA3 yearsT601
  • MidwiferyBMidwif (3 years)BMidwif3 yearsB720
  • Modern History and PoliticsBA (3 years)BA3 yearsVL12
  • Modern History with EconomicsBA (3 years)BA3 yearsV136
  • Modern Language and Business & Management (Arabic)BABASee full entryTN61
  • Modern Language and Business & Management (Chinese)BA (4 years)BA4 yearsNT11
  • Modern Language and Business & Management (French)BA (4 years)BA4 yearsNR11
  • Modern Language and Business & Management (German)BA (4 years)BA4 yearsNR12
  • Modern Language and Business & Management (Italian)BA (4 years)BA4 yearsNR13
  • Modern Language and Business & Management (Japanese)BA (4 years)BA4 yearsTN92
  • Modern Language and Business & Management (Portuguese)BA (4 years)BA4 yearsNR15
  • Modern Language and Business & Management (Russian)BA (4 years)BA4 yearsNR17
  • Modern Language and Business & Management (Spanish)BA (4 years)BA4 yearsNR14
  • Molecular BiologyBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsC720
  • Molecular BiologyMSci (4 years)MSci4 years2W74
  • Molecular Biology with a Modern LanguageBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC722
  • Molecular Biology with EntrepreneurshipBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC727
  • Molecular Biology with Industrial/Professional ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC702
  • MusicMusB (3 years)MusB3 yearsW302
  • Music and DramaBA (3 years)BA3 yearsWW34
  • NeuroscienceBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsB140
  • NeuroscienceMSci (4 years)MSci4 years3L47
  • Neuroscience with a Modern LanguageBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsB144
  • Neuroscience with EntrepreneurshipBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsB147
  • Neuroscience with Industrial/Professional ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsB143
  • Nursing (Adult)BNurs (3 years)BNurs3 yearsB740
  • Nursing (Children’s)BNurs (3 years)BNurs3 yearsB730
  • Nursing (Mental Health)BNurs (3 years)BNurs3 yearsB762
  • OptometryBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsB510
  • PharmacologyBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsB210
  • PharmacologyMSci (4 years)MSci4 years2K46
  • Pharmacology with a Modern LanguageBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsB212
  • Pharmacology with EntrepreneurshipBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsB217
  • Pharmacology with Industrial/Professional ExperienceBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsB211
  • PharmacyMPharm (4 years)MPharm4 yearsB230
  • Pharmacy with a Foundation YearMPharmMPharmSee full entryB231
  • PhilosophyBA (3 years)BA3 yearsV500
  • Philosophy and CriminologyBASS (3 years)BASS3 yearsVL53
  • Philosophy and Data AnalyticsBASS (3 years)BASS3 yearsP567
  • Philosophy and PoliticsBASS (3 years)BASS3 yearsVL52
  • Philosophy and ReligionBA (3 years)BA3 yearsVV35
  • PhysicsBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsF300
  • PhysicsMPhys (4 years)MPhys4 yearsF305
  • Physics with an Integrated Foundation YearBSc/MPhysBSc/MPhysSee full entryF009
  • Physics with AstrophysicsBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsF3F5
  • Physics with AstrophysicsMPhys (4 years)MPhys4 yearsF3FA
  • Physics with Study in EuropeMPhys (4 years)MPhys4 yearsF301
  • Physics with Theoretical PhysicsBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsF345
  • Physics with Theoretical PhysicsMPhys (4 years)MPhys4 yearsF346
  • PlanningMPlan (4 years)MPlan4 yearsK401
  • Planning and Real EstateBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsK430
  • Planning and Real Estate with Professional PlacementBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsK431
  • Planning and Real Estate with Professional PlacementMPRE (5 years)MPRE5 years1G24
  • Planning with Professional PlacementMPlan (5 years)MPlan5 yearsK403
  • Politics, Philosophy and EconomicsBA (3 years)BA3 yearsLV25
  • Politics and ArabicBA (4 years)BA4 yearsLT26
  • Politics and ChineseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsLT21
  • Politics and CriminologyBASS (3 years)BASS3 yearsLM29
  • Politics and Data AnalyticsBASS (3 years)BASS3 yearsP467
  • Politics and FrenchBA (4 years)BA4 yearsLR21
  • Politics and GermanBA (4 years)BA4 yearsLR22
  • Politics and International RelationsBSocSc (3 years)BSocSc3 yearsL200
  • Politics and ItalianBA (4 years)BA4 yearsLR23
  • Politics and JapaneseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsLT22
  • Politics and Modern HistoryBA (3 years)BA3 yearsVL12
  • Politics and PortugueseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsLR25
  • Politics and RussianBA (4 years)BA4 yearsLR27
  • Politics and Social AnthropologyBASS (3 years)BASS3 yearsLL26
  • Politics and SociologyBASS (3 years)BASS3 yearsLL23
  • Politics and SpanishBA (4 years)BA4 yearsLR24
  • Portuguese and FrenchBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRR15
  • Portuguese and GermanBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRR25
  • Portuguese and HistoryBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRV51
  • Portuguese and LinguisticsBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQR15
  • Portuguese and PoliticsBA (4 years)BA4 yearsLR25
  • Portuguese and SpanishBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRRK5
  • PsychologyBScBScSee full entryC800
  • Public Health (Distance/Blended Learning)BSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsB901
  • Public Health (on campus)BSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsB902
  • Religions, Theology and EthicsBA (3 years)BA3 yearsV375
  • Russian and ChineseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRT71
  • Russian and English LanguageBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQR37
  • Russian and FrenchBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRR17
  • Russian and GermanBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRR27
  • Russian and HistoryBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRV71
  • Russian and JapaneseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRT72
  • Russian and LinguisticsBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQR17
  • Russian and PoliticsBA (4 years)BA4 yearsLR27
  • Russian and SpanishBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRR74
  • Russian StudiesBA (4 years)BA4 yearsR700
  • Social AnthropologyBSocSc (3 or 4 years)BSocSc3 or 4 yearsL600
  • Social Anthropology and CriminologyBASS (3 years)BASS3 yearsLM69
  • Social Anthropology and Data AnalyticsBASS (3 years)BASS3 yearsS456
  • Social Anthropology and LinguisticsBA (3 years)BA3 yearsQL16
  • Social Anthropology and PhilosophyBASS (3 years)BASS3 yearsLV65
  • Social Anthropology and SociologyBASS (3 years)BASS3 yearsLL63
  • SociologyBSocSc (3 years)BSocSc3 yearsL300
  • Sociology and ArabicBA (4 years)BA4 yearsTL31
  • Sociology and ChineseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsTL32
  • Sociology and CriminologyBASS (3 years)BASS3 yearsLM39
  • Sociology and Data AnalyticsBASS (3 years)BASS3 years52L8
  • Sociology and FrenchBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRL31
  • Sociology and GermanBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRL32
  • Sociology and HistoryBA (3 years)BA3 yearsVL13
  • Sociology and Italian (4 years)BA4 yearsRL33
  • Sociology and Japanese (4 years)BA4 yearsTL33
  • Sociology and LinguisticsBA (3 years)BA3 yearsQL13
  • Sociology and PhilosophyBASS (3 years)BASS3 yearsLV35
  • Sociology and PortugueseBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRL35
  • Sociology and RussianBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRL34
  • Sociology and Spanish (4 years)BA4 yearsRL36
  • Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American studies (4 years)BA4 yearsRR45
  • Spanish and Chinese (4 years)BA4 yearsRT41
  • Spanish and English language (4 years)BA4 yearsQR34
  • Spanish and FrenchBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRR14
  • Spanish and GermanBA (4 years)BA4 yearsRR24
  • Spanish and HistoryBA (4 years)BA4 yearsVR14
  • Spanish and Italian (4 years)BA4 yearsRR34
  • Spanish and Japanese (4 years)BA4 yearsRT42
  • Spanish and Latin (4 years)BA4 yearsQR64
  • Spanish and LinguisticsBA (4 years)BA4 yearsQR14
  • Spanish and PoliticsBA (4 years)BA4 yearsLR24
  • Spanish and Portuguese (4 years)BA4 yearsRRK5
  • Spanish and Russian (4 years)BA4 yearsRR74
  • Speech and Language TherapyBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsB620
  • ZoologyBSc (3 years)BSc3 yearsC300
  • ZoologyMSci (4 years)MSci4 years3F49
  • Zoology with a Modern LanguageBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC303
  • Zoology with EntrepreneurshipBSc (4 years)BSc4 yearsC307
  • Zoology with Industrial/Professional ExperienceBSc (4 years).

For the list of master’s courses and research areas available at the University of Manchester, kindly visit this study page for updated information.

How much does University of Manchester cost?

Answer: from 2017 through 2022/2023, full-time students at the University of Manchester pay £9,250 as tuition while masters, postgraduate research higher studies vary from around £4,596 to about £10,500.

What CGPA do you need for Manchester University?

Across popular study levels, Manchester University accepts a minimum GPA of 3.0. To remain more competitive, aspiring students could also aim for 3.3 and above. Students who qualify for ‘advanced standing’ gain admission ( to begin the course in 2nd year).

However, these aspiring students must demonstrate that the previous studies they took have all been covered in Manchester

How much does University of Manchester cost for international students?

The tuition for citizens from outside the EU/EEW ranges from 12,500 GBP to 46,200 GBP. Even though the cost may vary from student to study course and level, aspiring students should consider an average of 19,400 GBP per year as an international student and the University of Manchester.

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