University of Manchester Acceptance Rate

University of Manchester is a renowned institution in England, do you have interest in studying there, read this article to know its acceptance rate.

University of Manchester is one of the topmost university in the United Kingdom.

From research, the university is posited to be equipped with world facilities to aid research for better learning opportunities.

It is ranked in the list of 30 universities by the QS World University Rankings 2021.

Approximately 40,000 students are enrolled per academic session. Getting accepted may really seem difficult.

This post seeks to breakdown their acceptance rate and admission requirement to aid in an easy and successful application.

Brief description of University of Manchester

It is a public university that is researched inclined. It is situated in Manchester, England. Its founding, dates back to the 19th century.

It is also known as a red brick university and was established after a merger of the University of Manchester Institute of science and technology with Victoria University of Manchester.

It is one of the highest populated varsity amidst other British varsities.

University of Manchester is also a member of the Russell group known as the Worldwide Universities Association.

Their accrued research prowess ranked the school as 5th in the United Kingdom for research power and excellence.

Additionally, they have blazed trails technology, scientific wise, produced over 20 Nobel Laureates. Some of these discoveries include contraceptive pills and the first working computer.

The Varsity is organized into three faculties which are; biological sciences/medicine, engineering and humanities.

The faculties mentioned, when summated offers over 300-degree programs for both undergraduate, and postgraduate studies.

It charges an application fee of $25.

Here, it has an overall acceptance rate of 59%. It is known to utilize a 4-1-4 academic calendar. The stipulated fee is $33,624.

It has a student-faculty ratio of 12:1.

Also, 56.5% of its classes is not occupied with more than 20 students.

Is University of Manchester highly sought after?

Undoubtedly yes. With its high repute, prospective students seek to be enrolled. As at 2014, over 55,000 applications were made.

What is the admission requirements for University of Manchester?

Manchester University offers different programs. So, I will be explaining the different requirements for the undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Undergraduate requirement

It is worthy to note that in England, the period of time for an undergraduate degree is three years rather than four.

This is due to the fact that general classes aren’t taught.

The requirements are quite simple. It is dependent on a standardized test scores and high school grades.

Although, requirements vary with program.

If you are transferring from another institution, a minimum GPA of 3.0 or above is what is obtainable.

Also, once previous studies in former institution must be able to match up with the curriculum of University of Manchester.

Application is submitted through the UCAS known as the UK’s centralized application portal.

In addition, UCAS gives you a leverage of not more than five applications to UK varsities. Responses are usually given at the span of two weeks

Postgraduate requirement

Postgraduate degrees span for a year in the UK. The requirements varies by program but the general requirement are an undergraduate degree and GPA of 3.0 as minimum.

For post graduate programs, direct applications are accepted and submitted only.

Most applications for postgraduates don’t have an application fee. You should expect a response within two weeks.

Visit the school website to learn more about the admission requirement for your program of choice.

Does University of Manchester gives scholarship?

Yes! The University of Manchester offers scholarships to interested students both internationally and domestically. In case you are in need, do well to check this out. University of Manchester Scholarships.

Is it hard to get into the University of Manchester?

The required GPA to gain enrollment in the university is 3.41. You should have a good academic standing from high school.

A’s, B’s and a few C’s are needs to be seen in your result. One with a low GPA has the privilege to substitute with more advanced courses like AP or IB classes.

What is the acceptance rate of Manchester University?

The University of Manchester acceptance rate is 59%. They are quite selective of prospective students but it isn’t difficult to gain admission.

Just possess the necessary requirements and you merit it. This is general but let’s look into top programs and degrees closely.

The University of Manchester Acceptance Rate for PhD Courses 

Manchester University’s acceptance rate for PhD courses is 53%.

Simple criteria have been laid out for applicant making it quite easy for them.

Also, the university tries to accommodate more students.

One needs to be very serious in order to be eligible and ultimately get selected.

Being a prestigious university, lots of student hope seeks enrollment.

The University of Manchester Acceptance Rate for Bachelors Courses 

University of Manchester is a dream school for any prospective student hoping to school in the United Kingdom.

It is a good start for your career. A really firm foundation.

You must be able to meet up the average score for test like SAT exam which is 1300 and 27 in ACT exam. This can guarantee you securing a slot in selected candidates.

The University of Manchester Acceptance Rate for the School of Medicine

A degree in MBBS and BDS in Manchester University is really a milestone.

The acceptance rate is really low. It is about 12.3%.

One just has to possess good scores and meet the requirement to actually stand a chance as it is highly competitive.

In addition, earning a degree in this field gives you the leverage of applying for provisional registration under the general medical council.

The University of Manchester Acceptance Rate for the MSc in Finance and Business Economics

This is also one of the highly competitive programs in the University of Manchester. The competition is always tough.

The acceptance rate is as low as 10%. One must be highly meticulous in the application and must have good results as an edge over other applicants.

The acceptance rate is subject to change. it isn’t constant.

To gain admission, you must endeavor to meet the eligibility criteria. All the best.

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