2023 University of Toronto Acceptance Rate | Tuition & Scholarships

Aspiring students reading this guideline regarding the 2023/2024 University of Toronto acceptance rate, its tuition and scholarships are bound for success with official information designed for students, guardians and other sponsors.

The University of Toronto is a public research university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This school is located at Queen’s Park and was founded in 1827 with King’s College as its original name.

In the Upper region of Canada, the University of Toronto is viewed as one of the oldest citadel of learning. As of 2019, this school has taken over 61,690 students from domestic and international backgrounds and still remains one of the largest student destinations in Canada.

For both domestic and international students who are vying for various degrees at the University of Toronto, learning about its acceptance rate, tuition and available financial aid will provide better grounds for more informed decisions.

Why the University of Toronto?

In 1827, the University of Toronto was founded as one of the world’s top research-intensive universities, driven to invent and innovate.

It is a global leader in research and teaching and has a significant footprint, both in Canada and around the world.

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With about 21, 556 faculties and staff members, the U of T offers over 980 programs of study to both undergraduate and graduate students in its three campuses.

Furthermore, the ideas, innovations, and actions of more than 560,000 graduates continue to have a positive impact on the world.

The University of Toronto Acceptance Rate 2023

The University of Toronto’s Acceptance Rate explains how many students are accepted annually, with respect to the number of both graduate and postgraduate applications. As of 2019, the school has 61,690 as the total number of enrolments with tuition fees ranging from 6,590 CAD to about 45,690 CAD for international students.

Various academic ranking information suggests the acceptance rate, when compared with other top universities in Canada, is around 43% with international students making 53% of the entire list.

On the other hand, the estimated annual incoming rate is 334 students and 36% make up female students.

Is University of Toronto hard to get into?

In Canada, the University of Toronto is considered one of the hardest schools to get into, with an acceptance rate of about 43%. The average GPA accepted by this school is 3.6 and this implies that to be on the competitive list, students should aim for 3.8, 4.0 and even more.

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University of Toronto Scholarships 2023/2024

Yearly the University of Toronto offer scholarships for both domestic and international students. Most of the scholarships for international students at Toronto University are automatically awarded to eligible students upon their admission.

In other terms, it is part of the entire admission process at the University of Toronto.

Top on the list of these scholarships are:

  • University of Toronto Scholars Program
  • President’s Scholars of Excellence Program

For most of these scholarships, no additional preparation or examination will be required as they are merit-based.

Here is a list of scholarships for international students at the University of Toronto:

  1. Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship
  2. Notice About Fraudulent Perason Scholarship Offer
  3. International Scholar Awards
  4. International Merit Admission Award
  5. In-Course Scholarships

Kindly Note: Aside from the regular University of Toronto Admission Scholarships, this school annually offers over 5,900 in-course scholarships.

To check out your eligibility for any of these scholarships, kindly visit the scholarship description page for the current official information.

Aspiring Students Also Ask

Based on what students are asking regarding the University of Toronto Acceptance rate, its admission processes and available financial aids, we are putting down their answers to further help you get what you are looking for:

Is the University of Toronto a good school?

Yes, the University of Toronto is not just one of the best in Canada but the 34th in the world. In fact, with the current records of several international and local rankings, this school is one of the leading institutions in the world.

Is the SAT required for admission at the University of Toronto?

In addition to having achieved a high grade point average throughout the University, the US applicants must present good scores in SAT I (Reasoning) or ACT examinations.

Scores below 500 in any part of the SAT Reasoning or Subject Tests are not acceptable by the University of Toronto.

While many of our programs require higher scores, students normally present scores of at least 1,150 on the SAT I and 26 on the ACT. A minimum of 1,300 is required for admission to most programs in Engineering.

What Is The University of Toronto Acceptance Rate?

The University of Toronto admits about 90,000 students irrespective of how competitive the admission process may be. The University of Toronto has an average acceptance rate of 43%.

This is primarily because the university accepts many domestic as well as international students throughout its campuses, making the school’s admission/acceptance more competitive – with 91,286 students admitted to tits 3 campuses.

What Are The Admission Requirements At The University of Toronto?

If you want to become a U of T student, you must first and foremost, apply to the school before the application deadline.

Besides, you have to meet the general university admission requirements, present specific subject prerequisites, as well as submit a personal profile or statement of interest.

The application process may vary for local and international students. However, there are specific documents prospective students must submit while applying.

Below are some of the general U of T admission requirements:

  • Supplementary Application Form (SAF) 
  • Transcript of High School records 
  • Essay
  • Statement of Interest
  • English proficiency test scores
  • Two letters of recommendation

Best Universities in Toronto for International Students

Here is a list of the top 5 schools ( universities and colleges) in Toronto for international students.

  • 1. University of Toronto
  • 2. Toronto School of Management (TSoM)
  • 3. OCAD University, Toronto
  • 4. York University, Toronto
  • 5. Toronto Metropolitan University
  • 6. Seneca Polytechnic College

How Is Student Life At The University of Toronto?

At the University of Toronto, exceptional students become extraordinary people by developing their minds, body, and spirit. there are various things U of T students can be passionate about.

For example, student clubs that reflect the diverse community, a tradition of civic involvement, and a varsity athletics program that has won every major Canadian university sporting championship over the past century, from football’s Vanier Cup to women’s ice hockey.

Generally, life at U of T is eclectic. You will find unparalleled academic options, as well as a multitude of different social, cultural, recreational, and wellness initiatives.

Each campus has a team dedicated to providing the best support, opportunities, and resources for students to reach their full potential. 

U Of T Admission Requirements for Canadian Students

As a Canadian high school graduate, conditional offers of admission will be made based on all of your Grade 11 finals and any available Grade 12 finals/midterms (in progress), with emphasis on courses specific to the program to which you have applied.

U Of T Admission Requirements for International Students

With international students from 157 countries and regions, the University of Toronto accepts students from various educational backgrounds including:

  • US Patterned Education Systems
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • British Patterned System
  • General Certificate of Education (GCE)
  • Caribbean – CXE, CAPE,
  • French Baccalaureate (FB) and many more

General admission requirements for international students:
  • Completed application form
  • Payment of a non-refundable application fee of 180 CAD
  • All academic transcripts from high school/ senior secondary levels
  • Completed senior-level or grade 12-level course
  • English Language Requirements- TOEFL/ IELTS/ Cambridge C1 or C2/ CAEL, etc.
  • Self-reported grades form
  • Standardized test scores

The University of Toronto Tuition Fees 2023

U of T finalizes tuition fees for each academic year in the spring. In addition to tuition fees, students are also required to pay Incidental, Ancillary, and System Access Fees.

The incidental fee is charged for student societies, campus-based services, athletics and recreation facilities. However, student health and dental plans while the ancillary fee contributes to field-trip costs, special equipment provided for coursework, and administrative costs.

The amount mentioned below is the fee finalized for full-time undergraduate courses, for the year 2019-20:

  Course                                                                                               Cost per year (in CAD)

  Bachelor of Applied Science & Engineering                                    61,000

  Bachelor of Arts, Architectural & Visual Studies                            56,000

  Bachelor of Arts & Science                                      55,000 – 57,000 (Varies with College)

 Physical Education/Health or Kinesiology                       38,000

  Juris Doctor (Law)                                                                                       54,000

  Bachelor in Music                                                                                        39,000

  Bachelor of Science in Nursing                                                                 57,000

  Following are the fees (including tuition, incident, and ancillary fees) charged for various graduate programs offered by the University of Toronto:

  Course                                                                                               Cost per Year (in CAD)

  MBA                                                                                                             62,000

  M.Ed.                                                                                                            38,000

  M.Engineering                                                                                             61,500

  M.Finance                                                                                                     47,000

  M.Sc. Applied Computing                                                                          36,000

University of Toronto Acceptance Rate Summary

Being ranked No.1 and the best university among other Universities and colleges in Canada, the University of Toronto is one of the top student choices for a study in Canada opportunity. This, in turn, has made admission into the University of Toronto a competitive one.

The final verdict is that the U of T acceptance rate may be very competitive with respect to the number of students and intake capacity. However, there could also be other criteria and grounds upon which this school can offer you a graduate or postgraduate admission.

For this obvious reason, do not disregard the acceptance rate, and do not focus only on the published admission criteria. Students who feel they deserve admission into any of the listed schools here can go ahead with their applications in that the school will be the last judge.


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