The 2022 University of Winnipeg Admission and Scholarships

The interested and eligible students are invited to apply for the ongoing University of Winnipeg Admission and scholarship, for undergraduates and postgraduate students for their studies at the noble University. 

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The University of Winnipeg admission and scholarship is not restricted to students of any particular country.

It is open to both local and international students across the countries of the world. 

Though there are requirements to be certified before you can be admitted and possibly win the scholarship in the school.

Check here to to know if you are eligible to apply for any of these scholarship opportunities for both local and international students in Canada

In this post, you will get detailed information on all that is required for you to gain both admission and scholarship to study at the University of Winnipeg.

But before going into full detail of the needed requirements prerequisite to gain both admission and scholarship in the University, it is also very important you know a brief history of the school.

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About the University of Winnipeg

The University of Winnipeg is located on Treaty One land, in the heart of the Métis homeland, Canada offers a compact, diverse, multicultural academic community committed to access and excellence.

The University is a provincially and privately funded post-secondary institution with undergraduate and select graduate programs, as well as Collegiate and continuing education divisions.

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The University of Winnipeg is one of the oldest Private University in Canada, it was established in 1938 as a result of the emergence of two different colleges, Manitoba college and Wesley college coming together to form Winnipeg University.

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Admission requirements for undergraduate international students

You should note that there are different requirements, from different categories of aspiring students.

The admission requirement for the student from Canada is not the same as the requirement for students coming from other countries.

A student from other countries should be aware that they pass the following test to boost their chances of admission and scholarship in Canada.

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English language requirement test

One of the basic requirement to gain admission to the University of Winnipeg is the English language proficiency test, you must pass the test as one of the requirement to be admitted to the school.

This is because the English language is what is used in almost all the activities of the school, such as lectures, reading, writing and discussions.

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Study visa permit

You should also be aware that, a study visa permit is one of the requirement to start your journey of becoming a student at the University of Winnipeg Canada as an international student.

  • An applicant must pass the academic proficiency test set by the University to determine his acceptance.
  • The University considers both the individual grades you receive within each course you took as well as the combined average of all grades that appear on your transcript.
  • If your school does not calculate a grade point average, one is determined at the University of Winnipeg as a part of the admission review process.
  • The University of Winnipeg requires the submission of specific secondary school credentials in its consideration of international applicants.
  • The University may also require the results of state, national, or trans-national exams.
  • For further information about transfer credit for International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement.
  • To specialize in some disciplines at The University of Winnipeg, you need to have completed specific high school courses. 

Please note that all this information is provided for reference only and is subject to change.


The following are the condition necessary to be eligible to apply for admission to study at the University of Winnipeg;

  • You must have completed your high school or its equivalent secondary school
  • Successful completion of grade 12
  • Have a minimum 65% average that includes English and any other course that may be required
  • Successful completion of the university admission requirements of your province of origin

Important information

Admission Deadline for the international student:

It is very important to note that, early application is very important, to increase your chances of acceptance and possibly gain a scholarship to study at the University of Winnipeg.

It will also give you enough time to process your visa and study permit

  • Fall (September) June 1
  • Winter (January) October 1
  • Spring (May) March 1

Visit the official website here to explore the application deadline option for other students.

How to apply

As of the time of compiling this post, the application procedure has not been made open, Due to Covid 19 pandemic, but you can click on this link for contact on how to apply. 

Tuition fee for undergraduate students

Below is the list of tuition fee for both national and international undergraduate students:

Tuition Fees

Domestic Tuition Fees (*)3 credits6 credits18 credits30 credits
Arts, Education and Kinesiology  Tuition Fees$394.20$788.40$2,365.20$3,942.00
Business Tuition Fees$422.70$845.40$2,536.20$4,227.00
Science Tuition Fees$455.10$910.20$2,730.60$4,551.00
International Tuition Fees 3 credits 6 credits 18 credits 30 credits

(*) – Some exceptions apply (see timetable)

2. Annual Fees (Incidental Fees charged once per academic year)

Facilities Fee$140.00
Fitness Centre Fee (exempt for Fall,Fall/Winter, and Winter 2020/21)$45.00
UWSA Student Levy$67.07
UWSA HEALTH PLANSee Health Plan Information for details (full-time students only)
International Student HealthSee International Health website for details (full-time students only)

3. Term Fees (Incidental Fees charged once per term)

RecPlex Fee$36.00 (up to $108.00 per academic year)
UWSA Transit U-PassSuspended (see UWSA UPass) 

4.  Course Fees – Incidental Fees charged per 3/6 credit hour course

3 credits6 credits18 credits 30 credits
Registration Fee$24.00$48.00$144.00$240.00
Information Technology Fee$21.00$42.00$126.00$210.00
Student Service Fee$24.00$48.00$144.00$240.00
UWSA Fee$15.27$30.54$91.62$152.70
UWSA Building Fund Fee$2.28$4.56$13.68$22.80

5.  Specific Course Fees

3 credits6 credits18 credits30 credits
Lab Fees$37.50$75.00$225.00$375.00
Theatre Levy
(on applicable courses)
Film Tech. Fee (per course)$50$50
Online Fee -(exempt for Fall, Winter tba)
(on applicable courses)
EdSA/UWSA-Education Student Levy
(25c/credit hour EDUC courses only)
$0.75  $1.50$4.50    $7.50

Menno Simons Courses only (CRS & IDS courses):

  3 credits 6 credits 18 credits 30 credits
Menno Simons Student Service Fee$42.15$84.30$252.90$421.50
Menno Simons Ancillary Fee$42.00$84.00$252.00$420.00

Co-op Work Term Fee

Practicum Fees in Education:

EDUC 2512, 2514  (1 cr.) (Yr. 2) Learning Theory Practicum (incl.WEC)$68.00
EDUC 3811, 3814  (2 cr.)  (Yr. 3) Teaching/Learning K-8 Practicum (incl. WEC)$101.00
EDUC-4770,4771,4774,4775 (3 cr.) (Yr. 4) Practicum Blocks I and II Elementary and Senior Years$169.50
EDUC-4772,4773, 4776, 4777 (3 cr.) (Yr.5)   Practicum Blocks III and IV Elementary and Senior Years$169.50
EDUC-4778 (3 cr.) Practicum Block – Red River College$204.00
EDUC-4779 (3 cr.) Supplemental Practicum$169.50
EDUC-5427 (3 cr.)
Supervised School Counselling Practicum

Minnesota Reciprocity Agreement – please visit our Future Student website for detailed information

Special Students – regular University fees as above

Senior Citizens– No fees
Canadian citizens or permanent residents who are resident in Manitoba, who are 65 and over, may register for undergrad degree credit courses of interest to them.

Audit courses – One half the regular tuition fee plus all incidentals

PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition) Challenge for Credit
(One half the regular Tuition, Registration and Student Life Fees) 

  3 credits 6 credits 18 credits 30 credits
PLAR – Domestic$221.00$442.20
PLAR – International$759.00$1,518.00

Department Links

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The University of Winnipeg Scholarship for undergraduate international students

There are scholarship opportunities available for undergraduate international students at the University of Winnipeg. 

The scholarship program is organized by the University to the Students that are entering the University for the First time.

But like every other scholarship, there is a requirement necessary for students to be awarded the scholarship.


  • A student must meet the following requirement to qualify:
  • Have a minimum 80% admission average or equivalent
  • Be an international student
  • Entering the first year of any program
  • Demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities
  • Submit a complete admission application by the scholarship deadline date

Application procedure

  • A completed application form
  • One 250-500 word personal statement
  • A curriculum vitae
  • Two references who can speak to your extra-curricular/volunteer activities
  • Please send your complete application, including supporting documents, in one PDF document to [email protected]
  • Admission requirement for graduate students

Value of the scholarship

The University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarships for World Leaders for Graduate Students are valued at $5,000

Application Deadline

The deadline for the application of The President’s Scholarship, University of Winnipeg: 1ST June.

Visit the scholarship website here to apply

Master’s Degree

You are aware that there are two levels of graduate studies; a Master’s degree and a Doctoral degree (PhD)

Firstly, we will be discussing master degree admission requirements to study at the University of Winnipeg.

Here are the admission requirements:

  • English proficiency is one of the basic criteria, you must demonstrate and pass the English language proficiency test.
  • You must complete and pass your four years of undergraduate studies, in a recognized University or college, and obtain a minimum of b average (3.0) in the last credit hours or its equivalent.
  • Some departments may have higher standards and additional criteria. These may include confirmation from a prospective supervisor; admissions tests such as the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT); and a statement of research interests or experience in the field.

How to apply

  • You are to complete and submit an online application form designated for the graduate study website.
  • Payment of application fee
  • You should submit two letters of recommendation from an individual with familiar academic work.
  • Submit two official transcripts, your academic work, from your previous latest institution.
  • Submit an academic writing sample, preferably a recent peer-reviewed publication or an essay from a recent course.
  • Statement of Interests (max 500 words) explaining your interest in our graduate program, how your research interest or professional goals fit with our program, and who you would like to advise and supervise your graduate thesis or practicum.
  • Statement of other achievements (for example résumé or CV)
  • Bursaries and Scholarships.

Scholarship for Graduate students

The University of Winnipeg, in collaboration with the province of Manitoba, agreed to organize a scholarship programme to assist research-based studies students financially in their academic.

The scholarship is not restricted to the only indigenous student but, to both national and international students.

But you should note that the scholarship is awarded based on the student’s academic excellence and to students that registered as a full-time graduate in the master’s program.

If you want to study at the University of Victoria Canada see: The University of Victoria Admission and scholarship for Undergraduates and Postgraduates


  • Open for all students of full-time master’s program of the Winnipeg University
  • You must have a minimum GPA of 3.75 in the last 60 credits hours of study.
  • Be in a pre-master’s program and/or entering the first or second year of a full-time of an eligible master’s program as of May or September of the current year or January of the upcoming year.

Value of the scholarship

$ 15,000, for 12 months, subject to renewal.

Application procedures

  • A complete application form.
  • Are received electronically via email in no more than two PDF documents (one for forms, one form transcripts)
  • Are typed; handwritten applications are no longer accepted.
  • All the required forms are completed, with all the required fields completed.
  • Include the checklist and the GPA calculation by the department are indicated, where GPA applies to eligibility criteria for the award.
  • The assessment from the referee and/or Program Chair or Coordinator has been included.
  • All required transcripts or marks statements are included. Note: Awards requiring official transcripts will indicate this requirement and marks statements, such as printouts from Web Advisor, will not be accepted.

Visit the scholarship website here for more details.

Visit the school official website here

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