Urban Asanas Fitness Club – Leading Fitness Club in the United State

Urban Asanas Fitness Club – Leading Fitness Club in the United State

The Urban Asanas Fitness Club is the Leading Fitness Club in the United State. Hence, if you’re looking out to get the best fitness Centre, you do not need to look further since the Urban Asanas Fitness club is the first of its kind in the neighborhood of Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Just like every fitness club, the Urban Asanas fitness club offers you, physical fitness classes. They keep yoga fun and accessible to all.

In this post, we have been able to give you the list of yoga exercises carried out in the Urban Asanas Fitness Centre,

What does the Urban Asanas Fitness club do?

The Urban Asanas Fitness club offers a variety of different yoga exercises that will keep you physically fit and mentally sound. They have the best fitness equipment as well as instructors that will help you get the best services. They offer the benefits of yoga-health, spirituality, light, and still maintaining the diversity and strength of the people they serve.

Their services focus mainly on movement through music, heart, and collaboration.

The studio, also offers multiple donation-based classes every week, free yoga mat rentals and also, discounted rates for senior and high school students.

They also offer Breath and Beat, an event series that includes live DJs spinning to the flow of Vinyasa style classes.

A brief history of Urban Asanas fitness club

Jyll Hubbard-Salk who is the founder of the Urban Asanas fitness club decided to open the fitness club in her neighborhood of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. She opened the space for people of all classes and backgrounds to come together and practice yoga.

Since 2002, Urban Asanas has been actively involved in diverse and growing the community, it offers many styles of yoga and workshops to practitioners at all levels.

In 2017, Jyll moved the studio to the corner of the same block on Nostrand Avenue at the sterling place and expanded into a large, beautiful fitness Centre featuring bamboo floors and lots of natural light.

Where is the Urban Asana Fitness club located?

Urban Asanas Fitness club, a holistic wellness space, located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

What are the ranges of classes offered at the Urban Asanas fitness club?

The classes offered at Urban Asanas fitness club ranges from high-intensity power with a focus on alignment and building strength to 60 minutes vinyasa flow, led or independent Ashtanga classes, and restorative Yin classes.

The doors of the Urban Asanas fitness club are open to both new and seasoned yogi.

Do I need to register for classes in advance at the Urban Asanas fitness club before I can participate?

The Urban Asanas fitness classes welcome drop-ins hence, there is no need for pre-registration before classes.

Participants are expected to arrive at the training center 5-10 minutes before classes begin. This is to enable them to chat, sign in, and settle before classes commence.

Although most of their workshops and special events require pre-registration.

Is there a need for participants to bring their own mats to the fitness center?

Urban Asanas fitness club always encourages her students to invest in their own mat if they are playing to cultivate a practice. Notwithstanding, the fitness club has made provision for a very clean manduka mats for participants who do not have their own mat.

Provisions are also made for any props necessary to assist participants in their practice, bolsters, sandbags, blocks, and straps.

Does Urban Asanas offer private classes for interesting participants?

The fitness club has been able to offer private sessions at the studio.

They have also given room for teachers to travel for private events, parties, and office workshops.

What are some of the class descriptions at the Urban Asanas fitness center?

There are various class description at the Urban Asanas fitness club. These includes,

The urban unwind- Restorative open level:

the urban unwind-restorative open level is a class that is designed to ease participants into a surrender of long delicious, at times supported posture that will help relieve the effects of chronic stress.

This class provides a completely supportive environment for total relaxation, it also facilitates the deep release of connective tissue and calms the nervous system as well. Class days are;

Monday 9:30 am

Tuesday 9:00 pm

Thursday 9: 00 pm

The urban power – Vinyasa level 1:

the urban power- Vinyasa level 1, is a flow that links the body movements with breath.

This class does not differ much from Urban Basics.  The class starts with 40 minutes of deep stretching followed by 40 minutes of power, closing with 10 minutes of cool down and meditation.

The urban power- Vinyasa level 1is appropriate for students of all levels who have some experience with yoga. Modification is offered to beginners while more challenging poses are given to advanced students.

Class days are;

Sunday 7:00 pm

Tuesday 9:30 am

Thursday 9:30 am

Saturday 5:00 pm

Urban power – Vinyasa/Hatha level ii:

in this class, lesser time is spent on warm more time is spent on getting deep into power. Expect to sweat. The class is appropriate for students of all levels who have some experienced with yoga. Modifications are given to beginners as well as more challenging poses for advanced students.

Class days and time are;

Monday 7:00 pm

Tuesday 7:00 pm

Wednesday 7:00 pm

Thursday 7:00 pm

Saturday 9:30 am

Soul Sunday-Restorative open level:

if you do have a SOUL, then this class is definitely for you. It offers you everything that Urban Unwind gives you the bonus of soul music to move you through the end or beginning of your week with soulful ease. The classes for this fitness training is Sunday10:00 am.

Urban Beats-Vinyasa/Hatha level ii:

this class is carried out with the bonus of live beat by DJ Emjay. Participants can jump-start their weekend with a high energy flow that covers hip hop and house music from old-school to current. The class day is Friday 7:00 pm.

Urban meditation-open level:

this class is open to all levels. It helps explore, sample discuss, and share an array of methods, modalities philosophies, and practices of meditation.

This class helps address the challenges that spiritual city-dwellers often finds when one meditates in an urban environment.

The class helps to enhance the student’s way of practicing meditation and also deepens their understanding of what meditation is and can be.

The classes are on Wednesday from 9:30 am and 6:00 pm.


The Urban Asanas fitness club offers you the opportunity to improve yourself in all areas of fitness training ranging from physically to mentally.

It also allows you the opportunity to meet all men of different calibers and stages of life while you carry out your training classes.

With her numerous yoga classes and qualified staff, Urban Asanas offers you fun to the fullest at an affordable rate.

Visit the official website for more details: https://www.urbanasanas.com

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