US Cancels Order Denying Visa for Students Foreign Students

The United States has frowned at its controversial move to revoke foreign student Visas whose courses are moving to eLearning due to the pandemic. This was gathering during a briefing last week and was made known by a Federal judge.

Two US Universities, Harvard and MIT, earned the supports of various other citadels of learning to push notable legal force against the decision of the President to revoke these Visas.

It could be recalled that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had earlier announced the decision on July 6.

But in a lawsuit filed by these Universities, they had asked the court to block the order that students must leave the country if their classes are only to be held online or transfer to other schools that adopt traditional lecturing systems.

Largely, this was perceived as a persuasive action by the President on schools that delay his decision for students to get back to their classrooms by applying cautious approaches that only suggest eLearning.

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Harvard and MIT with other universities, in the lawsuit, stated that the policy will harm students in various ways pointing at the personal and financial threats.

Through the Institution for International Studies, it was gathered that three were over one million international students in the United States for the 2018/2019 academic year.

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