Valentine Nnanyere

Founder at Jobreaders.org | Teacher, Advertiser, 

Blogger and Digital Marketing Consultant.

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…at some point, I realized that nothing is worth more than being a positive influence on others. At Jobreaders, our primary goal is to help people learn profitable skills with clarity. 

It's Beyond Work For Me!


We offer life-transforming skills with guides and strategies that give life meaning. I share my experiences so we can grow together


I have horned proficiency in designing and hosting professional and business websites, Mobile apps and Business software.

Brand strategy

I take pleasure in helping your business and ideas gain visibility to achieve its goals by leveraging my over 10-years of experience in Digital Marketing. 

Valentine Nnanyere

Blogger | Dev & Consultant

Valentine Nnanyere
Digital Design

Nothing offers me the sense of fulfilment like when I help someone learn or help a business beat great odds to sell 100X More. Let me help you reach your business and career goals with the best insights, tools and high-level commitment. 


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