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Google Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial Scholarship 2024  | Apply

The Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial Scholarship program stands as a testament to the legacy of the late YouTube Engineer, Venkat Panchapaksan. Every year, students aspiring to pursue eligible courses in selected regions are encouraged to apply for this scholarship, offering a fully funded study in specific academic fields.

At, we are dedicated to publicizing career opportunities and sharing valuable skills to contribute to global progress. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of applying for the current Venkat Panchapaksan Scholarship program—a Google-powered fully funded scholarship tenable in the United States.

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Objectives of the Scholarship

Before diving into the application process, let’s explore a brief timeline of the award program. Clear objectives can significantly enhance your application’s competitiveness. If you are considering applying, understanding the goals of the scholarship is crucial.

If you’re someone who believes in creating a more sustainable world and is passionate about computer science and engineering, you might be interested in applying for the Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial Scholarship.

This scholarship offers selected students a financial award of 750 USD towards tuition and education-related expenses. Additionally, recipients will have the unique opportunity to visit the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California, USA.

Beyond the financial support, selected students also have the chance to submit a proposal for a local community project in computer science. Successful proposals could receive funding of up to 225 USD to help grow computer science initiatives in their area.

For more details and to apply, be sure to check the eligibility criteria and application process on the official scholarship platform. It’s a great opportunity for those who are not only passionate about their field but also want to make a positive impact in their communities.

Who is Qualified for Venkat Panchapaksan Scholarship Awards?

To be considered for the Venkat Panchapaksan Scholarship, covering all study costs in selected fields, candidates need to meet specific eligibility criteria. The following groups of people are eligible for the Venkat Panchapakesan Google scholarship award:

  • Students who are ever-optimistic, believing in making the world a more sustainable place.
  • Candidates passionate about the field of computer science and engineering.
  • Prospects already using computer science to develop solutions for challenges or opportunities in their surroundings.

Qualified individuals are officially invited to apply for the current Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial Scholarship, offering a financial award of $2,500 for tuition and other study-related costs.

Note: Application procedures and requirements may change, so eligible candidates should visit the Google Scholarship Page for the current deadline and full application procedures. This scholarship is open to students from India, and candidates from other regions can explore alternative programs on the central scholarship page.

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Students who win this award will be receiving the sum of $2,500 for tuition and other cost of study in the country. 

Terms & Conditions

  1. Google and its partners ( organizers) award this scholarship based on the overall strength of the candidates’ application.
  1. Upon selection, notifications will be sent to the applicants, and they will not dispute the same at any point in time as the selection is full and final.
  1. The Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial Scholarship award of $2,500 USD must be spent on tuition, fees, books, supplies and equipment required for the student’s classes at their primary university.
  1. Tax liability, if any, in relation to this scholarship award will have to be borne by the scholarship recipient.
  1. Scholarship recipients must be enrolled as full-time students for the academic years of the scholarship. Enrollment will be verified after the winners are selected, and all scholarship payments will be made directly to the student to be used towards tuition and education-related expenses.
  1. We will withhold the award for any scholar who no longer meets the eligibility requirements and revoke the award for any scholar who does not maintain the eligibility requirements.
  1. Any employee of Google Inc. including its affiliates and subsidiaries is not eligible to apply for Google scholarships.
  1. Persons who are (1) residents of embargoed countries, (2) ordinarily resident in embargoed countries, or (3) otherwise prohibited by applicable export controls and sanctions programs may not apply for this scholars.

How to Apply for Google Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial Scholarship

Applying for the How to Apply for Google Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial Scholarship takes these simple processes:

a) Step One: Candidate ascertains eligibility

b) Step Two: The candidate fills out the online forms, submitting the required documents.

c) Candidate submits a 300-word essay about the topic. 

NB: The application procedures and requirements may change from time to time, and all depend on the demands of the organizer. Eligible candidates should visit the Google scholarship Page for the current deadline and full application procedures. 

Also, only students from India are invited to apply for this scholarship. Candidates from other regions outside India can also visit this central scholarship page for other ongoing programs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Your Guide to Winning the Scholarship

Curated based on students’ queries, the following are essential FAQs about the Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial Scholarship:

  1. How much does Venkat Scholarship Pay?
    • The Vankat scholarship covers 100% of candidates’ university study, supporting those making the world more sustainable through technology.
  2. How do I write a Venkat Scholarship essay?
    • Applicants must submit a 300-400 word essay, adhering to the specified question and word limit.
  3. When do I submit the recommendation letter for the Venkat Scholarship?
    • Recommendation letters are not required during the application; they are needed only if selected.
  4. Who is Venkat Panchapakesan?
    • Venkat Panchapakesan was a Google VP and Engineer who led engineering for YouTube, contributing significantly during his more than ten years at Yahoo.
  5. What is Generation Google Scholarship, and How Much Does it Pay?
    • The Generation Google Scholarship sponsors 100% throughout the university degree program in computer science, with successful candidates receiving $10,000 USD (for those studying in the US) or $5,000 CAD (for those studying in Canada) for the 2022-2023 school year.

For more information and to apply, visit the official scholarship website. Stay informed about global scholarships and career opportunities by visiting JobReaders or subscribing to our free email newsletter.

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