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Walgreens career and current employment opportunity are for hardworking, smart and resilient persons. Walgreens is one of the largest drugstore chains in the whole of the United States and has been in business for decades.

It is America’s foremost drug retailers, offering not just over the counter prescriptions and services but every kind of allied services.

They are passionate about being a force for good in the world and caring for people which is part of their heritage.

Their contribution to local communities goes further than the work done in the pharmacies, products and services provided. Walgreen has over 9500 stores in all 50 states of the US.

Their services are shared to five categories and have its headquarters in Deerfield Illinois, united states. Walgreens career and current employment will be explored in the course of this work.

The basic categories of Walgreens services are;


Over the years Walgreen has used its many years of success as an anchor to expand, innovate and put pharmacy at the forefront of their growth.

A person seeking Walgreens career and current employment can explore this branch if the qualifications are met.

Pharmacy practice at Walgreen embraces an unmatched standard of quality care and encourages pharmacist to take on new clinical roles in the community.

If you are a pharmacist interested in working at Walgreen, they offer unparalleled opportunities to advance your career and impact your patient’s health daily.

This branch consist of other departments such as community pharmacist, pharmacy technician, on-site/ worksite pharmacist, resident pharmacist, central pharmacist, specialty pharmacy and international pharmacy.

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In- Store

The In- store team serves millions of customers every day. These employees are attached with genuine smiles and warming greeting habit that makes Walgreen stores a place to be. The employees are truly the face, heart and soul of Walgreen.

Whether you are in store management or a pharmacy technician, or a beauty consultant, you’ll find that every Walgreen store represents an incredible diverse array of talent working together to create a consistently positive customer experience.

The team is depended upon to deliver excellent customer care and in return exciting growth, advancement and fulfillment opportunities are provided.

This branch is categorized with assistant store manager trainee, beauty advisor, beauty consultant, customer services associate, internships, LOOK boutique, photo specialist, pharmacy, shift lead.

Corporate support office

This entails the talented and driven members who work behind the scene who devise strategies and initiatives to lead Walgreen into new health and beauty categories. From finance to marketing, human resource to IT etc.

This branch contains the following offices E-commerce/IT Engineering, facilities & Real Estate, Finance & Accounting, Global Brands, Human Resource, Internships, Legal, Marketing, Merchandising, Procurement, Operations & Support, Sales, Strategies , Planning & Business Development, Supply Chain.


The distribution aspect of the work is equally very important. Without the work of the distribution centers team, the work won’t be complete. Through the help of the distribution team new technology that simplifies and streamlines every distribution process have been created.

Also, a workspace that adapts to individual unique needs to encourage success thereby broadening the workforce by extending opportunities to people with disabilities in some peculiar locations.

All individuals enjoy the same benefits and career potential. Delivering merchandise from distribution centers is quite tasking but with technology and diverse groups dedicated team members, distribution is accomplished daily. This branch has the following categories; Distribution center location, management, team members, human resources, internships.

Healthcare clinic

This is also another category of the departments of Walgreens and it is however, similar to the pharmacy outfit.

How do I Apply for a Job at Walgreens?

Most people ask the question of how one can get a job at Walgreens. Applications can be done online through the Walgreen career website. Although some people apply in-store, it is better to apply through the Walgreens website.

You can job hunt on the page without creating an account with them but the moment you find a position that you want to apply for, you are expected to create an account.

Walgreen Career Website: https://jobs.walgreens.com/

What is the Minimum Age Requirement for Application at Walgreens?

A person seeking Walgreens career and current employment opportunities must comply with every requirement. To apply for a job at Walgreens, you must be at least 16 years. Most of the positions require a high school diploma or a GED.

What are the Hours of Operation at Walgreens?

The Walgreens outlets are open 24/7 meaning that employees are expected to work as long as the outlets are open. This sometimes includes night shifts depending on the contract agreement.

How Much Does Walgreens pay?

There is no static amount that is been paid at Walgreens. Some of the estimated job descriptions and prices are;

Popular jobs                                                                 Average Salary

Customer Services Representative                   $12.37/hour

Family Nurse Practitioner                                 $128,154/year

Staff Pharmacist                                                 $110.914/year

Pharmacist                                                                   $94,981/year

Shift leader                                                                   $14.76/ hour

Front Desk Agent                                                         $15.30

What are the Benefits of Walking with Walgreens?

The following are benefits of working with Walgreens and exploring their career and current employment opportunities;

Dental insurance

Life Insurance

Health Insurance

401 Plan

Vision Insurance

Is it Hard to get a Job at Walgreens?

seeking opportunities through Walgreens career and current employment is not as hard as it seems.

Walgreens has many entry-level position but they all require at least a few qualifications such as high school degree. Also, the age barrier is 16 years old.

 What are the Entry Level Positions?

To find Walgreens career and current employment, one has to pay attention to their entry positions.

Each of these entry levels require at least a few qualifications. Some of these entry positions and their roles and job descriptions are listed below.

Note however that the job descriptions are not limited to those written below. This merely gives a general view of what the roles requires:

Pharmacy Intern

This position is open for work with pharmacy Technician and Pharmacist to fill customers’ prescriptions, packages the prescriptions and works with the cash register at the pharmacy to check out customers.

Photo Specialist

This position is open to photography oriented persons. The position entails taking photos of customers, developing it for them and printing it according to customer’s requests.

Customer Service Associate

This position entails direct work and relationship with customers in different ways including providing advice and giving direction as needed.

They also run the cash register and checks customers when they finish shopping and keeps the stores stocked.

Are there Management Career Opportunities under Walgreens?

The Walgreens management is fairly structured. The store managers are hired from within the stores. The employees are usually given management training.

Shift Lead

The shift lead position in Walgreens entails running the store in the Assistant manager’s absence. It also entails working on the ground level with employees, making sure that customers are treated well and they getting what they need.

Assistant Store Manager Trainee

This position entails working closely with the assistant store manager to learn all his duties with the goal of someday becoming an Assistant Store Manager.

Assistant Store Manager

This position entails making sure the store is kept clean and presentable and also ensure store managers policies and orders. He also develops reports on employee behavior and store function for assessment by the store manager.

Store Manager

This position oversees the entire store and implements policies to ensure that the store runs properly and effectively. He also deals with management level complaint from customers.

How has Walgreens responded to Covid-19 Pandemic?

Due to the Covid-19 testing, Walgreens have created some modifications which includes expanding drive-thru testing sites with plans to open them in 49 US states and Puerto Rico to help meet the growing need in communities nationwide.

This step is an intentional step to collaborate with the federal, state and local government health officials to provide access to testing kits to undeserved communities and also to ensure that more businesses reopen in the weeks and months ahead.

Are the Testing Sites Open to the General Public?

Testing will be available at no cost to individuals who meet CDC criteria. The locations are operating 7 days a week, 9am to 5pm by appointment.

All drive-thru testing occurs outdoors and patients do not leave their vehicles throughout the process.

What is the Cost for the Testing?

The testing is at no cost to eligible individuals who meet CDC criteria. This is perhaps one of the benefits of being a true American citizen.

Are there Steps Taken by Walgreens to ensure the Safety of Employees and Customers at the Testing Sites?

The health and safety of our customers’ team members and communities are top priority.

All testing site staff will be provided with the necessary personal protective equipment as recommended by the CDC.

Patients being tested will not be permitted to leave their vehicles or enter the store.

Will the Covid -19 affect Walgreens Operating Hours?

Most Walgreens stores nationwide will resume standard operating hours. The company continues to operate evaluate and adjust certain operations and offerings to meet the needs of its customers during the pandemic.

Is Walgreens offering Additional Products for Purchase at Pharmacy Drive-thru?

Walgreens is offering additional items at the pharmacy drive-thru for convenience. More than 60 front-end products are currently available for purchase at drive thru including household essentials chosen specifically to support the needs of customers and communities during the pandemic. These additional products include:

Cleaning supplies and sanitizers

Cough/cold/ fever and immunity support

Infant formula/adult nutrition

Medical supplies/ first aid

Paper goods

Customers can confirm the availability of products at the pharmacy drive thru window. Deliberate steps are been taken to provide quality services amid the pandemic.

Are Walgreens Stores meeting the Social Distancing Requirements?

Walgreens stores are meeting the social distancing requirement. All stores now have social distancing lines indicated with decals and signage that begins 6 feet away from checkout and pharmacy counters and is marked in 6-foot increment to indicate where customers should stand while waiting.

In addition, we have installed protective plastics shields in our stores chain wide.

These measure help reduce the spread of COVID 19. They have also expanded post mate on-demand delivery services nationwide, expanded drive-thru offering to include select front – end products in addition to prescription waiving delivery fees on eligible prescription and special hours for seniors.

Are Team Members Required to wear Masks Behind the Counter?

Yes. Walgreens is requiring team members to wear covers behind the counter in compliance with CDC, OSHA, and public health officials’ advisories.

Must Customers coming into Walgreens wear Face Cover?

Yes. In compliance with CDC guidelines, customers are requirement to wear face covers before entering the stores except such individual is below 2 years of age. Signage have been fixed in the stores to alert customers and remind them to wear face covers.

Are you limiting the purchase of any products?

Yes. Because of the high demand of some products, some products are limited in purchase for example thermometer, rubbing alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide to one per product category per customer.

Gloves purchase are now limited to four per product category, per customer.

Do you have alternative ways for customers to get through a transaction without touching the keypads?

Customer may opt to purchase items with Apples pay or with credit cards that offer contact less, “tap and pay” technology at the point of sales. Customers can also shop online at Walgreens.com with free delivery on any purchase over $35.

Are Walgreens Photo kiosks still Open?

The Walgreens photo kiosk activities have been reduced. The kiosk have been shut down to ensure social distancing. Minimally, one kiosk is allowed to operate in each store to aid critical passport options and services such as western union.

Walgreens is a great platform providing job opportunities for diverse categories of persons and job descriptions. They do not just use their employees but they also create environments to enhance growth and career advancement for their employees. 

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