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5 Creative and Simple Ways to Make Money with GetResponse

How to make money with Getesponse has, interestingly, become very popular among internet users and business owners.

In this guide, you are set to learn all proven ways to sign up with Getresponse and start generating serious revenue using the all-in-one marketing platform. 

Getresponse is a marketing software that is designed to make selling supper easy for businesses, it helps sell products and services very fast.

Getresponse helps business owners and marketers generate leads (get emails and other contacts from prospects) to communicate with prospects and customers who are converted to buy products and services.

GetResponse Products – Uses of Getresponse

To sell that get Getresponse is just an email marketing platform is software is limiting other capable and important uses. On the single dashboard you can achieve a whole lot more, and below is the number of products that you can use for your business:

Email Marketing – Design and deliver emails to you’re a particular audience from your list(s).

Marketing Automation – Helps you target a group of people to contact for sales, a continuation of their processes on your sales page, and many more.

Landing Pages – Helps you create conversation-focused pages that help sell anything.

Webinars – Help you generate leads – to capture emails, names, and other contact details of prospects.

Transactional Emails – Help you use automated communication via email to make sales of your products and services.

Autofunnel – Integrate GetResponse Landing Pages, transactional email, and email automation, all in one click.

 CRM – This feature helps you manage all stages of engagement with customers and prospects.

The Autofunnel is one feature of the platform that intrigues me, and as well will be highly important for your business.

This feature lets you integrate their landing page, email automation tools, sales tool, and cart abandonment tools. With this, you can automate emails to reach all your prospects, and literally encouraging them to make purchases through any part of the sales funnel.

Having known the uses of this amazing platform, I will proceed with sharing with you 5 creative ways you can make money with Getresponse.

Proven Ways you Can Make Money with Getresponse

At this point, I want you to take note of some of the simple terms I’m going to be using, and to also use the link I have below, to learn more about Getresponse uses for business owners, bloggers, and anyone who have anything to sell.

Lets’ quickly touch on these various ways you can make money with Getresponse:

Selling of Digital Products

Getresponse provides a feature that helps creators sell organized knowledge (eBooks, online courses, etc.) in addition to other digital products such as software and mobile apps.

Selling in automated forms online is the easiest way to make money online from one’s products and knowledge, however one of the major mistakes professionals, businesses, and other internet users make is trying to sell their products without good sales funnels.

Fortunately, Getresponse has all the sales funnels (email leads, sales page, payment button, etc.) in one dashboard, to help you describe your products, generate leads,s and make sales even while you sleep.

Creating and Hosting of Webinar

Planning and organizing seminars are becoming more and more expensive, owing to the fact that not many people prefer offline meetings. If you are a religious leader, expert (who has the knowledge to sell), blogger, or any service provider, creating and hosting a webinar is a great alternative to the old methods (seminar).

It may be a free seminar that intends to teach people about your new products and services, and it can also be a paid webinar. But Getresponse will help you host a webinar and invite people to your live training or prerecorded online events.

How to Make Money with Getresponse using the eCommerce Methods

Getresponse has all the features that will help you display any product online, and makes automatic sales locally or internationally.

With Getresponse you will create a sales page for any product – be it fashion products, herbs, foodstuffs, electronics, solar equipment, skincare products, etc. even without having your own eCommerce or business website.

The product will have an adequate description, price, and payment page, and you can also share their links to your social media platforms and instant messaging apps (such as WhatsApp).

Getresponse Affiliate Programs

Getreponse has an affiliate feature that simply helps you invite other businesses owners and potential users of the software, as well as earn money doing so.

There are two affiliate marketing options for you with Getresponse.

getresponse commissions

To make money with Getresponse affiliate program, you can choose from any of the options above. The affiliate feature has basically two types of affiliate programs. One is the $100 bounty program that helps you make $100 on every referral you get.

Secondly, the 33% Getresponse affiliate recurring program helps you earn 33% commission on all payments made by a subscriber.

While some prefer the bounty program that offers $100 for each referral, many prefer the recursive program.

With the recurring program, the affiliate keeps earning from all the users they refer to the platform. So, you can make a choice before proceeding with any of the affiliate programs.

Note: understanding Getresponse pricing will help you accurately calculate how much you stand to earn from this affiliate package:

  •  Basic — unlimited number of emails to up to 1,000 subscribers
  •  Plus — $49 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers
  •  Professional — $99 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers
  •  Enterprise– starting at $1,199 per month for lists exceeding 100,000

Summary of GetResponse Affiliate Program

Types of products: Email marketing services

How to Create Getresponse Account:

Commission structure: Up to $135 affiliate bounty program or 33% recurring

Cookie length:  120 days. What this means is that you will get paid once your referrals buy within this time.

Payment Methods: Paypal

Local Dropshipping

This is another way to make money using Getresponse. However, for this online business secret, you need to have a product. In this case, it may not be your own product.

For example, you can make research on selling products such as:

Travel and Emigration

  • IELTS Courses Online
  • Online Courses for Special Visa types etc.

Health Products

  • Weight Loss Products (drugs, team, wears etc.)
  • Sex Enhancing Products for couples etc.


  • Local Fabrics
  • Imported cloths
  • Shoes and watches etc.

Note: These are just instances of high-selling products.

There are many other technical ways to figure out products that people are buying online. And this is just the perfect series that will help you start creating a sustainable stream of income by taking simple actions onsite.

How to Make Money with Getresponse doing Local Dropshipping

As it was explained from the beginning, you do not need to own the products (be it local or imported). Here are what you need to do:

  1. Figure out a product that many people need (we have a practical guide that will help you)
  2. Locate who owns these products around you.
  3. Create sales pages with getresponse on these products, and start running social media advertisement to reach the right buyers.
  4. Then supply on demand. You can even design your supply to be from the seller. In this case you don’t need to worry about how buyers will get their products.
  5. Set your price – adding your interest.

It is very simple, and you can conduct this research in just one day. The video below will explain 2 simple ways to figure out a product that people are buying, and how to locate wholesalers that can supply you at a highly discounted rate.


At this point, I am certain that you now know all the uses of the platform. Also, you know the various ways you can make money using Getresponse.

However, for all the methods explained above, you need to first create a Getresponse account. We have series of tutorials that will guide you – this is very important.

Start by signing up here.

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