Attending doctors and their salary

What is the Role of Attending Doctors and their Salary?

Curious? To know explicitly the role of attending doctors and their salaries? Then, you shouldn’t hesitate to stick through with this special post which was meticulously brought together for you.

Before I proceed with this post, I must have you know that Attending Doctors are also referred to as Attending Physician.

Therefore an attending doctor is someone that has completed residency and practices medicine in well-recognized clinics or hospital.

Attending physicians or doctors is sometimes the rendering physician that is on the list of the patient’s medical record.

But in the case where they are overseeing a resident or another staff member, then they are supervising.

Therefore, you can say that Attending Doctors are responsible for the teaching, supervising, and training of residents, fellows, interns, and medical students.

There are eventually responsible for all category of patient care.

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The Doings of Attending Doctors

  • Attending Doctors primarily assumes care for the patient.
  • And also has the legal and also decent responsibility for aiming at the care of the patient.
  • The Attending Doctors must see their patients every day, so as to review treatment plans.
  • Then as well take a document and supervision of the patient management.
  • When it has to do with the most required skills needed to be an attending doctor, it was discovered that resumes listed 13.9% was included in internal medicine.
  • While another 13.1% of resumes included health care. Another 12.4% of resumes included patient care.
  • Such hard skills are needful to possess most especially when it comes to performing an excellent job.
  • The ability to narrow down the common skills for a person in this position is done by looking through resumes.

What’s the Level of Education/Training you must attain to function as an Attending Doctors

The Attending Doctor or Physician might have obtained a specialty board certification.

Must have also completed an accredited residency program. The teaching Attending’s usually had additional fellowship training.

Who Supervises Attending Doctors

Attending Doctors are supervised in the hospital setting by the head of their departments.

In the case of any affiliation to a medical school, the head of a department in the medical school those the supervision.

Activities of an Attending Doctors 

  • Attending Doctors have a very diverse schedule due to the field of practice.
  • In internal medicine, the day might begin with an educational activity such as a morning report.
  • Then proceed to the hospital wards to conduct bedside teaching accompanied by medical students and residents.
  • They may also be able to see patients in an outpatient site with residents and fellows.
  • There also spend some time doing clinical or basic research and incline to various administrative activities.

Certification of Attending Doctors

In other to become an Attending Doctor or Physician in the U.S. system of health care, you must:

  • You must complete an accredited residency program
  • Must also obtain licensure
  • To also be eligible for obtaining specialty board certification in any respective field.

The eligibility of specialty board certification is usually determined by each of the specialties of medicine.

The specialty board always determines its own level of requirements which is based on competency.

Including the length of residency training and certification examination requirements.

In some states, their minimum number of continuing medical education hours per year to maintain the state licensure.

Therefore all Attending Doctors must be licensed medical personnel.

The legal designation that is given by an individual state is called the Licensure.

However, Licensure in one state is not necessarily transferable to another state.

The Involvement of an Attending Physician in the care of a Patient

Attending Doctor gets assigned to a patient as soon as they are admitted. Also, in the case where the patient has an attending doctor outside the hospital, that physician would remain the patient’s primary physician.

What is the Role of Attending Doctors?

There are so many roles and responsibility of an attending doctor but a few have been mentioned below:

  • It is the role of an Attending Doctor to see each patient every day.
  • To review treatment plans with residents, and document supervision of the patient’s management. 
  • Attending Physician must have a legal and moral responsibility for channeling care towards patients
  • Must ultimately be responsible for all the care of the patient.
  • May also function as a teaching attending physician, by going round bedside with fellows, residents, and students.
  • It’s the responsibility of the Attending Physician to accept all patients assigned under his or her care.
  • To also have additional fellowship training and faculty appointment.

Working as Attending Doctors 

The record has it that between 2018 and 2028, the career is expected to raise up to 7% and to also produce about 55,400 job opportunities across the U.S.

Attending Doctors makes an average of $93.33 per hour, that’s an average of about $194,129 per annum.

Attending Doctors and their Salary

  • Most Attending Doctors in the U.S make an average salary of about $194,129 per annum.
  • Via division, the top 10 % of Attending Doctors makes over $259,000 per annum.
  • While the other 10% under makes up to $145,000 per annum.

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