6 Protective WhatsApp Updates for User Privacy Setting (Solutions)

These WhatsApp Updates for User Privacy Setting are for users that demand a more civilized means of communication, the best practices ( as obtained in most top Android Apps), and lots more on other features will remind the users of the concept of consent.

One can actually get more from our Business and Technology category, but we have decided to share these updates here.

Have you been added to multiple WhatsApp groups that you never wanted to see? this new update has the privacy setting that will give you control over your account.

If you genuinely care about your online Privacy, these latest WhatsApp updates will save a lot of stress in that most of the annoying group messages will be seen no more.

From who see when last you visited WhatsApp to who can add you on WhatsApp groups. In fact, that is the only new WhatsApp privacy setting that got our interest in this review.

But for the sake of others, we will keep going until you get the entire gist about the latest WhatsApp update this early 2020.

But before going into these 2020 Whatsapp updates, it will be significant you understand what updates means for software and applications (this is what we have with Android apps).

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Maybe I’m trying to write like a computer scientist or just a mere Android user.

The point is, there are specific terminologies that every person on the internet ought to have known, and one of them is application or software updates, versions and releases.

Why do I say this? A lot of persons (even the former me) do make mistakes with the implications of these technical terms.

There are more other settings that you can explore by visiting the “setting” tab on your app but you only need to utilize the feature that truly reflects your needs for the messaging application.

What is Software or Application Updates?

I will not want to go into what a WhatsApp version is all about because it is beyond the scope of this journal. Instead, I’ll stick to the definition of the updates that we enjoy right now.

According to Computer Hope, an update is a new, improved or fixed software that is made to replace some functionality or all of the old versions of the software.

But these changes do not affect the real nature of the said software. In order words, an update can be termed upgrade of the already existing version of the same application.

In the case of WhatsApp, these updates we see from 2020 are here to replace some of the old functions or to improve what has been. 

However, for the sake of clarity, we have to dive into the list of updates made by WhatsApp in 2020. Note also that the content of this blog post is subject to futuristic changes.

This is because WhatsApp (and many other products from the Google Play store) will keep making their updates.

To keep you up to date with the features of the apps, we will keep doing reviews and republishing these contents. 

6 Protective WhatsApp Updates for User Privacy Setting (Solutions)

The list of the recently ( and essential) Privacy Updates that the recent Update has:

1. Last Seen 

2. Profile Photo 

3. About 

4. Status 

5. Groups 

6. Live Location 

The Read Receipt 

This WhatsApp feature was launched in 2014. What it does is that it informs the users when their message has been read by the recipient.

You know some use the blue trick by turning it off ( this is found among a lot of users who don’t want you to know when they go through your messages)

How to make use of the new Privacy Setting on WhatsApp

  1. Select the little icon, from the top right side of the application. And follow the guides that we have on the screen.

2. Now, follow the “setting” tab to configure how best to make use of your WhatsApp.

Have you followed the setting as I just did? Now, you want to make a few changes that will decide how people will see you on WhatsApp with the actions they can take on your account.

I want to jump to the “WhatsApp group setting” because that has been the bridge that prevents a lot of persons from using the app in that they did not have control over who invites and adds them to Groups.

How to Download Whatsapp Latest Version

Instead of getting WhatsApp from friends, do log in to your Google Play store ( using your Android phone), navigate to the WhatsApp icon and follow the update, instead of “Uninstall”.

Your old version of WhatsApp will be made new with the new features above.

The Whatsapp update download does not incur any extra charge. Users only need to be online ( that to have enough data) to download and updates their apps due to some security reasons.

Summary on WhatsApp 2020 Updates for Users

One thing you must know is that the features above are not the only WhatsApp Updates for User Privacy Setting.

Whatsapp is one of the leading instant messaging applications that top the Android list.

And irrespective of the fact that there are many out there, there is no hope for developers in the nearest future; to take away the impact of the Facebook-powered app.

For this reason, the market dominance of the messaging apps will still be enjoyed by the maker for a few more decades before the proliferation of the likes of Telegram (that is if not purchased).

The basis of this journal, however, is to keep you up to date with the WhatsApp updates in 2020 that will keep your privacy doubts questioned.

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