Who is a Boat Mechanic in the USA?

Who is a Boat Mechanic in the USA?

Who is a boat mechanic in the USA is a frequently asked question because A boat mechanic is required a lot in states that are surrounded by water bodies and especially amongst those that enjoy their time cruising on the sea.

Just in case you were tilting your career ambition towards becoming a boat mechanic, then it is important for you to understand “who is a boat mechanic?” and what is required of him /her.

In this blog post, you will get a good understanding of who a boat mechanic is and the services they offer.

Before diving into the bulky details, let us start off by establishing an understanding of a boat mechanic.

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A boat Mechanic

A boat mechanic is also known as a Marine Mechanic or a Motorboat Mechanic because they are highly skilled mechanics involved in repairs and servicing of marine vessels.

This trade has been long since the days of the Spanish conquistadors and has advanced since the production of steam engines and nuclear-powered engines that supply power to the large ships the military uses these days.

Repairing a marine vessel requires professionalism because a mistake could cost the lives of many at sea.

Being a Boat Mechanic means that you are tasked with the repair and maintenance of all marine engines including outboard motors, inboard motors, and large diesel ship engines because they are delicate and only require professional handling.

A boat mechanic is someone who has extensive knowledge of motorboat engines, can diagnose them if they have problems, and can effectively fix the electrical systems of marine vessels

Who is a Boat Mechanic in the USA?

A boat mechanic in the USA is an individual who does the servicing and repairs of electrical and mechanical equipment of marine vessels.

They seem to be in high demand because only a few professionals are in the industry.

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A Boat Mechanic/ Marine mechanic Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a marine mechanic can vary depending on the task at hand. But here are a few responsibilities of a boat/ marine mechanic. This is to help those with the question such as Who is a Boat Mechanic in the USA?”

A boat/ marine mechanic has to:

  • Travel to the dock where the marine vessel is located
  • Testing the performance of marine engines and electrical systems
  • Effectively carry out services and minor repairs on outboard, inboard, and ship engines
  • Properly Replace broken or worn out engine parts
  • Be able to conduct electrical AC system maintenance
  • Be a very good record keeper. This is done because there is a need for accurate documentation of service records and repairs.

How much does a Boat mechanic earn in the USA?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.bls.gov) in 2018 a boat mechanic makes a median salary of $40,180 with an hourly wage of $20.35.

These statistics were taken based on 22,280 people who are motorboat mechanics.

Knowing these statistics above can give you a knowledge of the monetary gains of being a motorboat mechanic in the USA. With this information you can answer the question within you of “who is a motorboat mechanic in the USA?” and if it is a profession for you.

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List of Services offered by a Boat Mechanic in the USA?

  1. Servicing engine equipment
  2. Fixing the boat steering and hydraulic systems
  3. Repairs of boat motors, engines, and Diesel Engines
  4. Effective repairs of the electrical vessels of a marine vessel
  5. Customer care at a Boat fixing enterprise  
  6. Building maintenance
  7. Preventive maintenance
  8. Customer boat repairs
  9. Oil changes
  10. Tune-ups
  11. Alignment
  12. GPS installation onboard the marine vessel

As a boat mechanic, what is expected of you

Knowing what is expected of you in a field of work is necessary for you to excel in that field because having the knowledge of whats required would make work easier for you. Here are some expectations required of you as a boat mechanic:

  • You must be a certified marine engineer
  • You must have a good customer approach. This is necessary because you will meet different categories of people and a good approach towards them can make them your customers
  • Passion is required of you because it is necessary in order to sustain you in the long run
  • Be a problem solver
  • Respect for your client’s marine vessel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should a boat be serviced?

A: Your boat should be serviced after every 100 hours

Q: Is a boat mechanic a good career?

A: Being a boat mechanic is one that challenges you and rewards your efforts if you have a passion for it.


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