YMCA Scholarship programs 2020 | Application Details

YMCA Scholarship Programs 2021 – Guide for Application

Thee 2021 YMCA Scholarship program is open for eligible candidates as members of the community who are in need of financial assistance.

You can also contact a local YMCA branch for application information, but in this post, we have enumerated the applications processes.

This post is intended to intimate you on the necessary information to understand your eligibility and requirement for a smooth application process during the YMCA scholarship 2021 and ultimately being awarded. That’s the goal right, read on.

What is YMCA?

YMCA is an acronym for Young Men’s Christian Association, an international government association. Regionally called Y, with its headquarters located in Geneva, Switzerland.

It is posited to be one of the long existed and largest movement in the world with its focus on the youth wing.

Its startup is dated back to June 6, 1844 by sir George Williams and is known to operate in over 120 Countries serving over 58 million individuals approximately.

The movement is deeply concerned in communities they exist, offering ranges of programs varying on the issues faced by youths. Also, they offer scholarships both on federal and local levels.

Does YMCA offer scholarship?

Scholarship programs to colleges are part of the benefits YMCA offer to their host communities and internationally.

Asides scholarship, it also strengthens the community by connecting people to their potential, purpose, and each other.

Its main purpose is empowering young people, bettering their health, and improving well-being across communities.

How can I get my membership in YMCA?

Getting a membership in YMCA is paramount, every benefit is hinged on the platform of membership.

This is a step by step procedure on how to enroll in the membership plans available locally or internationally.

Is the YMCA scholarship general?

As was stated earlier, the YMCA is both on the federal and local levels. It can either be specific to a community or general for international.

One has to check with its locality to see if there are scholarships running for employers of the organization.

Currently, the San Diego country is offering its own scholarship to resident. Simply put, it is peculiar to country of residence and can also be international.

Countries hosting YMCA Scholarship

YMCA is a movement with lots of countries as members. Over 120 are recorded. However, San Diego which is currently offering is noted as the second-largest YMCA member country. A few are;

Scholarship programs are offered based on household needs. The funds awarded to scholarship recipients are provided directly by YMCA donors.

Eligible Country

YMCA scholarship covers locally and internationally. No restrictions to countries when it is international but the local scholarships are quite restricted to residents of the countries hosting it.

The ongoing in San Diego County is limited to employees of YMCA San Diego, California, USA.

How does the YMCA financial assistance work?

Every program has its mode of operation so does YMCA. Financial assistance is available to individual based on their level of family income. Number of persons in their household and most importantly, the availability of funds.

One good thing is the fact that the selection is unbiased. It is fair and plain. A first come, first served basis.

YMCA Scholarship Worth

There is actually no fixed amount awarded to recipients of the scholarship. It is known to work on a reimbursement basis. The funding also vary yearly.

Who is eligible for the YMCA scholarship?

Not just anyone is entitled to being awarded the scholarship funding. It is restricted to its registered members, those employed at YMCA in their locality for a period of one year. 

Also, individuals must follow set out rules by the YMCA association at the national level.

YMCA application procedure

There are various ways to apply for the YMCA scholarship. It could be done online through the application portal or manually, by filling the YMCA scholarship application form and submitting at the center in your locality on completion.

If you are opting in for the online application, here are steps to guide you on the whole process.

  • Creating an account with YMCA where you will provide personal information as required. Also, existing Y members that is, beneficiary of the scholarship programs are to log in with their registered details and then continue. It is necessary to note that no individual should have more than one existing accounts. For confirmation on that effect, individuals can call YMCA on 612-230-9622.
  • Another important requirement needed to apply for the YMCA Scholarship program is membership. All beneficiaries must be members. If you are an intending applicant without membership, do well to select a membership plan and forge on in the process.
  • Craft out your personal story.  This is another core necessity. YMCA scholarship program requires all intending applicant to write out a story relaying how beneficial the scholarship would be to your household. This can also give you an upper hand if you are able to make them see reasons.
  • Another key step is verification which is done either expressly or traditionally. To avoid disqualifications, make sure all that is presented is quite genuine. This is done by uploading required documents ranging from identification card, Calworks notice of approval.
  • Every adult applying for the scholarship must verify their source of income with the program. This is to aid the program in ascertaining how the financial assistance would be of help or the dire need. Nobody just wants to dash out money like that.
  • All information provided must undergo personal verification preceding a submission to reduce mistakes and all. After verifying, submit application.

After all the essential guides listed, proceed to register by tapping the link throught the website.

In conclusion, these are a few things to note to guide you on the application process. Applying for scholarships doesn’t have a restricted number of times. You are eligible until you graduate.

Also, applicants for the program through the online medium must present the branch number when setting up their profile.

Please note, if you will rather submit to a YMCA local Centre around you. You can access the form through the official website.

For more information on the program, visit the YMCA official website

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