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Jobreaders.org is a virtual career that connect people with opportunities. We successfully employed our blogging platform to assist myriads of students, jobseekers and business manager access opportunities such as scholarships, business grants, jobs, and even learn how improve their cashflow with Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and other highly needed tech careers.

Currently, as a virtual platform, we do not offer scholarships, jobs etc. we only provide users with information, provide valid redirection to the official pages.

We train students across different states in Africa; on the use of digital tools for improving career, earning passive income or even making our brand careers in digital fields.

Content Purpose and Policies 

Jobreaders represent our interest in building a community beyond general education and curriculums; helping young people horn their talents and skills; to expose young people to opportunities, new skills and chances of living up to their potentials.

We strive, as much as problem, to provide accurate information. And also redirect users to all sources where possible. We encourage comments and open our contact channels for feedback (suggestions, corrections and enquiries, support and questions)

Privacy and Security 

Jobreaders.org utilizes a secure transfer protocol through the hosting provider and name server from trusted vendors.

Data storied through cookies, email subscriptions and membership registrations, are protected using the most reliable encryption methodologies; either by the hosting providers or the email service vendors. Our mailing and other information services (premium or free versions) are hosted by one of the most reliable companies in the world, Namecheap.

The protective algorithms secured the interests and user data, coupled with the trusted SSL properly installed from our dedicated hosting resources. 

Disclaimer Policy 

This website creates various contents; which are for information purposes. Most tines, needs for dedication may arise, but we are not responsible for the privacy policy of any third-party website or application (referred to as sources)

We are not affiliated with any career portal, recruitment website and neither do we currently assist in any of such services, now.

Our website is connected with Google AdSense, and a number of affiliate marketing platforms. We also create and monetize Masterclasses for well-targeted audience- especially on digital income streams and other careers. These our only monetization options for this project. Jobreaders is, therefore, open for support, advert placement and partnership.

Use of Information Policy 

Insights on health, education, finance and other career are also shared time to time on our blogs.

Users are advised to make use of this information at their own discretion. We expressly state where we partner.