How Jobreaders Affiliate Marketing Business Works

With an affiliate marketing business model in place, no one should have to struggle to earn enough money to live a comfortable life. With the methods you will be learning in this course, you will be earning thousand every week with just your Mobile Phone or Laptop.

Most content creators understand this critical aspect of how people perceive money and have begun charging exorbitant prices for valuable content.

Anyway, that is a topic for another project, but if you want to make money with affiliate marketing, you must establish a standard and be able to learn the following:

  1. Right affiliate product/platforms to choose from  
  2. Ideal platform for every affiliate business
  3. The target audience (those who are most likely to pay for the products/services)
  4. The right content you need to create in other to drive massive traffic and get many users to sign up, buy or subscribe – depending on the type of affiliate marketing, terms and conditions and what the brands do not want you to do.
  5. How you can get paid directly into your account (local or international) and in which currency.

To be honest, there is a lot of “how and why” questions that you must correctly answer by following the links in this material as well as adhering to the methods we share.

As some of our job titles imply, we tested these platforms before recommending them to you – you can sign up today and begin building your own virtual office. 

To begin, I’d love you to understand a few basics about Affiliate Marketing. 

From there, we look at how to make some crucial decisions and start hitting the market very hard.  Let’s also assume you have a genuine desire to earn real money online by doing some work. Enough with contemplation, planning, and procrastination. Let’s go in and crush it.

In this section, you will learn what affiliate marketing is all about, how it works, and who can participate in it.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is an internet business model that is designed to make selling much easier and also reward third parties for promoting brands, products, and services online.

In this business model we have three parties:

The Merchant: The creator who needs to sell something (software, website, or eCommerce product creators). In this case now, Jobreaders (an eLearning Website) is the merchant. This is because we have created the books, webinars and online courses that you are about to promote for your own commission.

 The Affiliate: An affiliate marketer does not have a product or service. He only copied a tracked link of affiliate products and services. You are likely to be the affiliate here because your only role is to pick links to share with your audience.

Now here is the relationship: When the affiliate marketer (which is more likely to be you) copies links to these affiliate products (online courses, eBooks, masterclasses and webinar) and shares them in groups, through ads, WhatsApp etc. you will automatically be paid commission on each product someone buys.

Let me rephrase: Affiliate marketing is an advertising model where a marketer (third party) creates publicity that generates leads or awareness for a product or service.  

The publicity created generates leads and traffic to the company’s products and services, and the affiliate marketer earns the agreed commission.

Simply put, affiliate marketing is a business model where companies pay marketers commissions based on the sales or traffic generated from their advert for a particular product.

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