Rare Farm Produce found in Nsukka (an Eastern Land of Nigeria)

Top Farm Produce Found in Nsukka for Agricultural Exports

This journal contains several unique Farm Produce Found in Nsukka for Agricultural Exports; one of the ancients cities in Igbo Land. Nsukka is one of the largest communities in the Northern region of the old Enugu, which is in a State Government carved out of the bigger Anambra. Enugu, as a state, is one of the largest zones in the whole of the southeast, with seventeen Local Government Areas and hundreds of remote and urbanized communities.

Having been a true nature of the community, I want to share with you, some of the rare agro products that the land is blessed with. Readers should consider this post an adventurous journey into discovering the great people of Nsukka with their effective agricultural practices.

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One of my staff called in last night to ask me reasons behind this choice of content; because it created a gap between some of the content in our jurisdiction, but one thing you can’t deny is the fact that the love for one’s heritage can never be overruled by mere discipline.

At least, Jobreaders create content around Agro businesses, and we make courses that train Farmers. On that ground alone, I was already armed with the authority to make this post labelled Top Farm Produce Found in Nsukka for Agricultural Exports.


The Igbo dialect used by the people of Nsukka takes an intense tone and meaning which is a direct derivative of the Igbo Izugbe (the central Igbo); which is more common in classrooms and a few communities in southern Nigeria.

It is a land enriched with productive and industrious men and women who believe in the work of their hands and excellent protection by their Chi (God).

The genuine attachment of the people with their God has always distinguished their struggles for relevance in different horizons, reaffirming them as god-fearing and fearful in their natural manifestation; through their numerous agents of the gods (deities)-before western encroachments.

Although a few communities still tap roots from these forms of belief and worship, many from Nsukka has embraced a new god in their encroached senses; but the subject around these facts are objects to another conversation. 

From the Nkpunano (parts of the core communities that make up Nsukka) to other Igbo Nsukka (Udenu, Igbo-Eze, Igbo Etiti, etc.), farming has always found a way of identifying with the vast majority of men of the land. It is in light of this reason that we made a post on these rare agricultural products that are mostly found in these places.

Some of these farm produces include:

The Unique Ose Nsukka

Even local farmers from remote parts of the community make a fortune from the sales and other businesses around this unique type of pepper. The arable lands from all corners are available for farming, irrespective of the illusive shortcomings painted by media and other channels.Rare Farm Produce found in Nsukka (an Eastern Land of Nigeria)

The use of the property for farming practices does not conflict the rightful ownership; love and commitment to the enlarging community of producers have always influenced the sense of judgment with regards to leasing or giving out lands for farming processes.

However, most markets and users agree that the type of soil is playing a tremendous rule in the flavour and other unique properties of the pepper species; because it has been tried in other farms outside the geographical zones.

Even as the plants try to survive and bear to its fullness, it grows to be different from the regular pepper types in the same class.

Abala Nsukka (Water Yam)

This yam belongs to the Dioscorea family known as the Dioscorea Alata; it is pretty much like the regular yam that every African must be aware of, but there is something special about the type of yam that increased its medical and dietic values for some category of people, age and illness. It appears to form in different colours, depending on the environmental factors that influenced its growth. But in Nsukka, there is a rich purpled, plain white and milk-coloured abala. water Yam Farming in Nigeria

Making water yam porridge is one of those skills that you dare not joke of any Nsukka man, but this claim will be subjected to further evaluation. But personally, it was one of my best meals throughout my stay in the land.

Stories have it that the yam originates from South-East Asia, but that should also be another story for the gods to judge because the date of this historical origin was not mentioned. The yam is rich in Moisture, Protein, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B2. Even though it does not taste great, it’s medicinal, and dietic values still make the consumption very interesting.

Okpape Nsukka 

Okpape (or Okpampa) is a local name given to peanut, which is also primarily referred to as groundnut. From the processes of planning, planting, and harvesting, adventurous farming is always lucrative to children because they start eating from the seeds to the fresh produce. Till now, I am yet to witness any effective farming system like what is obtainable with groundnut farming. 

Top Export-Valued Farm Produce Found in Nsukka 
A groundnut Farm somewhere in Nsukka

The planning, farming and harvesting period does not exceed a maximum of four months, even as it remains one of the most lucrative among that local subsistence and mechanized agriculture in the areas. And based on experience, the investment hardly fails due to the low level of risk involved. This assertion, however, is best predicted by the custodians (local farmers) who understand the land and history of their raining times.

Prospective farmers who will love to settle in Nsukka are hereby advised to go into fact-finding, and consultation before getting any land on lease or purchase for the purposes of any of the farming inventions mentioned in this journal. But the rest is assured that the land is rich for farming and can guarantee huge agricultural exports, on a large scale.

Peanut Farming in Nigeria

Groundnut, as it is called, is one of the most addictive commodities in many parts of Africa (aside from its industrial values for the production of oil and other foods).

It has excellent export values for investors who are willing to source for contacts and routes to the hungry markets. This aspect of the global market has not been adequately explored my most farmers in the land, who only produce to sell to the nearby market with just a fraction of the real market cost.

This post does not have the intention of bragging about the natural blessing of the land, but an eye-opener for farmers and investors who may consider the welcoming communities for reasonable businesses. 

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The African Oil bean has a botanical name called Pentaclethra macrophylla, and it is one of the wildest trees found in the hills and valleys of the ancient land. It is also seen in most homes but not always due to the hazardous methods of self-harvesting. It is a native plant that is not just found in the tropical areas in Africa. Ukpaka is the popular Igbo terminology, and its export value is also highly rated.

Oil Bean from Nsukka known as Ukpaka or Ugba

The tremendous health and medicinal benefits of Upkaka is one of the factors that push the value higher than average in the export senses. It is a common tree in most tropical areas of Africa, and Nsukka has the lead. One other reason why the demand from manufacturers and other institutions in the western world may not even be dependent on the fact that it is rich in content, but because it is only found in Africa.

In our subsequent publication, you will be learning these benefits and the best ways to export them. It made it in this list of Top Farm Produce Found in Nsukka for Agricultural Exports, because of my obsession with the business. But it is a fact I will keep for a time to come.


The farm products mentioned and labeled suitable items for international agricultural export are not the only available in Nsukka. We made a publication based on our limited resources, and if anyone finds a thing missing, we suggest that the comment section is used to call our attention to the inclusion. We are interested in farm produce that can come on a large scale, from the areas and all the contents are subject to personal consideration. 


The products and byproducts of cassava have significant decisive economic importance and used for various food purposes. The popularly consumed products such as Gari, Starch, Akpu, and other forms of Fufu are extracts from the mother cassava. In Nsukka, barely every household owns a cassava farm, because up to 60% of their meals refer to it. 

It is one of the farms produce with rare agricultural export significance in different extractions and uses.

Top Farm Produce Found in Nsukka for Agricultural Exports
A Cassava Farm

The farming processes are cherished with simplicity being one of the easily cultivated and planted in the whole of the east. Planning, cultivation, planting, and weeding happen to be the most pronounced demand for cassava farmers anywhere in the world. Simplicity, on the other hand, does not loosely translate to being too secure in your senses.

But readiness to farm begins with a mental conception of reality and possibilities. This language is one of my hymns in the congregation of today’s youths. We are faced with the quest to conquer failure that laziness promotes among our kids.

Everyone strives and aspires for greatness, but a few are ready to pay the price. As an emotional writer, I may not love to dig deeper into my present feelings toward people that neglect multimillion career opportunities to chess titles and fame in our national realities. But let’s proceed with these great farm products from Nsukka that has robust agricultural export values

Cassava, when harvested, can be processed into various food types and industrial needs. It is also known that bread is a product of a considerable percentage of cassava extract. It is one of the most industrially demanded food sources for the making of most synthetic appetizing foods and beverages due to its rich in carbohydrate.

Mmanu Nsukka (Palm Oil)

Based on our thorough analysis, Nsukka is one of the largest producers of palm oil in the whole of eastern Nigeria, making a list in one of the top makers in the whole of West Africa.

The agricultural export value of oil is clear to everyone due to the story and current trends. Countries like Malaysia only have palm oil as their national cake, yet rank top among the developed nations in the world, with ever boosted GDP. 

The challenge facing Nigeria is not attributed to the government alone, but on the unpreparedness of the masses to take advantage of these forms of opportunities. And it may not sound resounding because it has not come from your favourite channel. 

Palm Tree
A single Palm Tree

Oil is needed for everything, and every home requires some natural oil for one or more meal types. Industries consider palm oil as the most friendly for manufacturing, and countries yearn for more supply of these palm oils. Now, the question is which countries, how? And we have designed this category to addressing these needs for the sake of promoting agro-business and related investment schemes.  


This post, top farm produce found in Nsukka for Agricultural exports, first came in as a thaught to promote the hardworking people of his locality. But as he moved on with the factual findings and resources for the publication, he got immersed with the information that aligned to our objective in the Agro Investment Category. 

That idea touched the push for his contributions as a custodian of the land (and a farmer) that changes out intentions for the publication as “changing the narrative.” We believe that beyond these creative promotions, different classes may be provoked to make the decision that will embrace agriculture in the land. 

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