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Best Part-Time Jobs for Students in the United States

Are you looking for a job on a part-time basis? The best part-time jobs for students in the United States are here, where you can work and study as a student to make a living without relying on others.

Part-time jobs are nearly as coveted as college acceptance letters for college students. College students, in addition to looking for classes, are just as eager to look for jobs. 

That’s because many students need to find jobs to support themselves or pay for their studies.

But cash isn’t all that is nice for a part-time job. As CNBC Make It recently reported, several studies show that students who hold part-time jobs have better grades. 

And, as recent research from Mount Holyoke College has found, students with decent grades, along with a handful of internships, are more likely to find a job within six months of graduation.

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For a college student, what is the best job? 

It could be a lot like playing a game of Tetris to try to fit a job into your schedule. 

You need a job that works for you, rather than the other way around, between classes and clubs, maybe even Greek living obligations. 

A good college job will provide flexible hours (such as nights and weekends when you’re not in class) and maybe even allow you to do some studying when the job is not too busy.

Oh yeah, perks are also always welcome. Having a job, when Thirsty Thursday rolls around, you will not only be able to rent, purchase books, or have some cash for the bars, but you can also receive free meals or nice employee discounts.

Best Part-Time Jobs for Students in the United States

Caretaker for livestock 

Animals are natural stress relievers, which makes it a perfect job for college students to care for them? Be a dog walker, or get a portion of food, cleaning, and animal care career. 

What you can earn: 11.51 dollars per hour.

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Nanny or babysitter 

Miss your younger brothers and sisters at home? Act with infants! Babysitters operate on nights and weekends nearly entirely, taking care of children while parents are out; nannies watch kids while their parents are at work. In a daycare center, you might get a job, too. 

What you can earn: 11.17 dollars per hour.

A bartender 

In a very fast-paced setting, bartenders work, taking orders, pouring drinks, and making cocktails, often in glasses sized for fishbowls. Once you land this job, just watch how famous you instantly become. 

The age requirements for serving alcohol differ by state, but to be a bartender, you normally need to be 21 or older. 

What you will earn: 10.84 dollars per hour, plus tips.

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Bookkeeper for books 

Small and large companies need help to keep all their facts and figures in order, as well. 

Bookkeepers monitor financial transactions, update accounts and review financial reports for consistency by using spreadsheets and bookkeeping software. 

What you will earn: 19.35 dollars per hour.


You would probably depend on drivers to get a safe ride home after a night of drinking, but you could always try your hand at DD-ing and get a job as a driver. 

A state-issued driver’s license is the minimum, but certain states need a special license if you want to provide professional transport. 

What are you going to do: 14.66 dollars an hour, plus tips.

Trainer health 

Support yourself and others stop winning the dreaded “freshman 15” by supplying your personalized workout plans with coaching and encouragement in the gym. 

Who usually need to get certified as a personal trainer in addition to a solid background in personal. 

What you would make: 19.15 dollars per hour.

Assistant in nursing 

Wh you’re hoping after graduation to land a career in health care, working as an undergraduate in a hospital or senior living center should give you an advantage. 

Usually, nursing assistants report to registered nurses and help with activities such as washing, feeding, and patient transport. 

What you can make: 13.72 dollars per hour.

Server for restaurants 

Waiters and waitresses do more than take orders and prepare meals, they even learn useful skills for the college crowd. 

When you work a shift, you may be able to get a free meal or discounted food. 

What you will earn: 10.45 dollars per hour, plus tips.

Guard of defense 

You could be a bar bouncer, checking IDs, or you could keep an eye on a bank, museum, sports game, or company after-hours. 

What you can make: 13.72 dollars per hour.


Writing jobs can be pay-per-post work, so you can write as much as your schedule requires. 

You may get assignments writing articles about subjects such as fashion, sports, wellness, and fitness for magazines, blogs, and other publications. 

What you’d make: $29.89 per hour


Have you scored high on the SAT? Or are you a math whiz, or do you excel in a different field? 

In grade school, high school, and even your college classmates, you will find plenty of opportunities for tutoring students. 

What you would make: 18.05 dollars per hour.


Many businesses and non-profit organizations need people to make phone calls to sell products, conduct surveys, or ask for donations, even the alumni association of your school, usually in the evenings when you’re out of class. 

What you can make: 12.14 dollars per hour.

A bank teller

Banks like PNC and Bank of America rely on tellers for precision when counting money and performing other financial transactions for clients. 

What you’d make: $14.16 per hour.

Warehouse and Distribution Work

If you don’t mind using some muscle, in warehouses and distribution centers, there are part-time jobs available to load and unload inventory.

The evening hours for these part-time jobs fit into the schedule of a student neatly. 

Expect to obtain minimum wages after some time has passed, with some chance of pay increases.

The work can be monotonous, but if you remain concentrated and keep going, it goes easy.

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Students have various motivations while in high school to find a part-time job. Some of these occupations may not pull in a lot of money, but in other respects, work experiences are important, too. 

Students learn about accountability, money management, individual skills, teamwork, and integrity in just a few hours a day, while also building self-esteem and learning how to excel after high school graduation in the real world.

It can be a solid learning opportunity to have a part-time job if working students can find time for homework, extracurricular school events, and to socialize with friends.

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