2021 Prudential Spirit of Community Award Scholarship.

The 2021 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards honors both middle level and high school students for making meaningful contributions to their communities through voluntary service.

Since 1995, The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, sponsored by Prudential Financial in partnership with NASSP, has honored more than 140,000 young volunteers at the local, state and national level.

The program represents America’s largest youth recognition program based exclusively on volunteer service.

Prudential Financial, Inc. is pleased to announce the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards program.

The Prudential Spirit Scholarship rewards middle and high school students for excellence on a local, regional, and national level.

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Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Scholarships

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Scholarship is the largest youth recognition program in the United States based solely on charitable/volunteer services.

It recognizes young people who have made a difference and has inspired countless others to think about how they could contribute to their communities.

If successful, candidates will receive a prize of up to $5,000.

Level/field of study of prudential spirit of community award scholarship

Prudential Scholarship application is open to both middle and high school students who are interested to apply.

Host Nationality:

Prudential Financial, Inc., a leader in the financial services industry, operates in Asia, the United States, Europe, and Latin America.

In the United States, Prudential’s iconic Rock symbol has stood for strength, stability, competence, and innovation for more than a century.

 Who is Eligible?

The Prudential Scholarship is available to United States legal residents. The Spirit of Community Awards program also recognizes youth volunteers in countries outside the U.S.

Where Prudential has a significant presence: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Ireland, India, China, and Brazil.

Eligibility for the prudential spirit of community award scholarship

 Here are the requirement for one to be eligible for the Scholarship, applicants must:

  • Be in grades 5-12 as of November 6.
  • Be legal residents of any US state or in Washington, D.C.
  • Participated in volunteering in the last 12 months before the application date.
  • Submit a completed application by 6 November to a school or the head of an official designated by the local authority.

Scholarship worth for prudential spirit of community award

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The benefits given to successful candidates of the Prudential Spirit Scholarship is broken down below:

Local winners receive a Certificate of Achievement from their school or organization.

Local winners who qualify (26 working hours for children under the age of 10. 50 hours for 11-15-year-olds and 100 hours for older students) will also receive the President’s Award for the Voluntary Service.

Distinguished finalists will receive an engraved bronze medallion and other state-level runners-up will receive a Certificate of Excellence.

The State Honorees will receive a $1,000 reward, an engraved silver medallion, and a paid travel with a parent or guardian in Washington, DC, for national recognition events.

National winners will receive an additional $5,000 prize, an engraved gold medallion, a Crystal Cup for their schools or candidate organizations.

And a Prudential Foundation grant of $5,000 to a nonprofit charitable organization of their choice.

How to apply for the 2021 prudential spirit community scholarship award?

Applications for the 2021 awards are now open! this link was active at the time the post was posted. You can visit our page for more scholarships and career opportunities.

Usually by November 10,  students must:

  • Complete the application
  • Complete the student/parent agreement
  • Go to the “certification'” tab on the application, then email or print and deliver instructions for your certifier. 

However, Certifiers can be your school principal or the head of a country 4-H organization, Girl Scout council, American Red Cross chapter, YMCA, or a Points of Light Global Network member.

Usually by November 20,  certifiers must:

  • Review all applications for your school or organization
  • Select and certify top candidates for state-level judging

For more update simply visit our page.

How the prudential spirit of community award program works

In the United States, each program year begins in September, when information and application instructions are mailed to all middle-level and high schools in the 50 United States and Washington, D.C.

And to local chapters of five officially designated local organizations: Girl Scouts of the USA, National 4-H Council, American Red Cross, YMCA of the USA, and a Points of Light Global Network member.

Local Honorees are selected at participating schools and organizations in November.

From these winners, an independent judging organization – International Scholarship and Tuition Services – names the top volunteers in each state and Washington, D.C. Results are normally announced in February. 

Ten National Honorees are then chosen by a panel of prominent public figures and announced in early May at a special ceremony.

Best of luck to all inspirational students who apply.

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