Best Online Websites to buy Cars in Nigeria (affordable Cars for Sale)

Are you searching for Best Online Websites to buy Cars in Nigeria or just affordable and Safe Cars for Sale? You are in the right place; even if you plan to buy a car online sometime soon. 

The most important thing is planning your choice of cars. And along with factors like your budget, reliability of the courses, clarity of interest, and so on.

But if buying cars online is one of your items of consideration, it means you are in the right place.

Now, you must have been searching for best sites to buy cars online, as a Nigerian, visitor or an immigrant who now needs cars.

Your search queries, plus nature, has brought you to a piece of insight that will guide your shopping experiences. You can also go through our review on Jiji cars and its reliability for buyers.

Can we buy Cars Online?

Yes, you can buy cars online. But there are just a few things we recommend you get used to, before purchasing any used cars or new brand from the website mentioned.

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One of the core attributes of a buyer is the ability to negotiate, to decipher the worth of products ( cars in this case), and readiness to hit the jackpot without many thoughts.

Here at Jobreaders, we don’t sell cars ( as at the time of making this post) and don’t even nurse the intention to sell cars online. But having been online for a while, we know a couple of brands. These brands that have always been there when cars are needed.

In Nigeria, there are now several car selling websites online. Still, only a few made it to this list, owing to what we refer to as the merit of the market. This merit and journalistic favour do not mean that other websites that sell cars are not reliable.

But to improve the quality of contents we publish, we ensure that it protects the interest of our readers too; because they are the people buying the cars online. So, as for your question, one can buy cars online from any of these reliable and best online websites to buy cars in Nigeria.

How do I get used Cars for Sale?

These car selling sites in Nigeria do not only deal on used vehicles. But if used cars are what spike up your fantasy, reach your budget, they also sell.

Searching for affordable and safe cars for sale in Nigeria, one should not be worried about how they can be seen. This article has a list of over five websites that have gained market trust in the sales of used cars.

However, you should know that not all cheap cars for sale are in their best conditions. It is because of some of these challenges that we encourage thorough checking before purchasing.

But has anyone helped you answer this question; how reliable are Jiji Cars? Here is Blogger’s View for Buyers? You can go through the details for your next search for used and imported cars that can match your ideal car this era.

Top Websites to buy Cars in Nigeria

Here is the list of top 5 Websites that buy and sell cars online in Nigeria. The list of online car dealer below did not respect any hierarchical order:

  1. Carmudi
  2. Jiji
  3. Olx
  4. Car45
  5. Carxus and
  6. Cheki

Buying cars online, from any of these websites, face different opportunities, experiences and challenges. Although, in most cases, the same seller or buyers spread across the sites.


This cal selling website in Nigeria has always been considered as one of the largest online car dealers in Nigeria.

Recently, the company had a direct partnership with Jumia. For this reason, it was renamed after the giant online store.

So Carmudi is now seen as Jumia Car and also strengthened like never before. The location has never been a challenge o their delivery.


Jiji is another platform that has a category for cars in Nigeria; connecting buyers and seller from anywhere in the country.

Through this platform, location and distance were reduced to just a single phone call.

Jiji also has a conversation tool ( chat) that enables prospects to connect through instant communication.

With almost 40,000 cars available in their store, one can search through the myriads of both affordable and luxurious vehicles for sale through the website.

And of course, we tagged Jiji as one of the best online websites to buy cars in Nigeria; if you can go through the thorough review.

Car 45

Car45 is also a full online car firm in that one can sell or buy from the website. Many car sellers in Nigeria leverage the platform to dish out their cars to thousands of customers across the Stated.

Now, if your question is still “where to buy cars online in Nigeria”, this is one prominent option for any income earner in Nigeria.

But you should know that this list of Best websites to buy cars in Nigeria, did not follow any order of importance. We randomly place the listening because the reliability of the sites does not have a direct measurement.

Now, if you want to sell a car in Car 45, the first thing to submit the details of your vehicle. The platforms give you a quote, and upon your satisfaction, you can proceed with taking your cars to them.

Of course, this method of verification of car conditions is one of the factors that placed it in the list of buyers’ favourite.

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Cheki Cars

I feel that Cheki has one of the largest networks of car dealers, before these other online car platforms irrespective of the intensified competitions in the industry.

The processes you might pass through selling or buying of cars online will be considered fair; in relative to the rest.

But I will give this credit to the marketing team, plus the web administrative panels.

One thing so sure about the so-called best websites to buy cars in Nigeria, or to sell, is that they ready to face the odds through technological evolvement.


Olx is not just a car selling sites in Nigeria, but a full car market that connects several buyers with sellers of different kinds of vehicles.

It was known for selling used cars in Nigeria, but the game has changed in every sense of the business.

However, trading on these online platforms, it is paramount that you carefully study the terms and conditions and adhere to the rules and regulations of each online car markets.

Observing some laid down rules in the online marketplaces will always protect buyers or seller from falling for the traps of fraudsters.


The first time I heard about this website, I almost thought of a website that sells Lexus car, but that was more hilarious.

Carxus is one of the online pages that deal on vehicle beyond cars. Buyers and seller utilize the platforms for more significant kinds of stuff.

The likes of Motorcycles (Keke and the likes), boats, lorries etc., are also sold at Carxus.

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